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Gritty feeling to his handshake




Variable (6'1")


Variable (450 lbs)


Sandman can form his body into hammers and other crushing weapons, and can suffocate opponents with his body.


Sandman can turn his body into a sandlike material which he can manipulate the shape and density of at will.

Strength Level:



United States of America

Created By:

Stan Lee, Steve Ditko

Current Occupation:


Dual Identity:

Known to the F.B.I.


Didn't graduate from High School

Former Aliases:

William Baker, Sylvester Mann

Former Bases:

The Island Prison

Former Groups:

The Sinister Six, Frightful Four, Avengers (Alternate Avenger Status)

Former Occupation:

Professional Criminal

Known Allies:

Spider-Man, Captain America, The Avengers, Crime-Master, The Big Man, Silver Sable, Silver Sable's Wild Pack, the Sinister Six, the Frightful Four,

Known Confidants:

Spiderman, Captain America

Known Relatives:

Mother (Mrs. Baker, MTU #1), Father (Floyd Baker)

Legal Status:

Criminal Record in the U.S.

Major Enemies:

Spider-Man, The Sinister Six, Fantastic Four

Marital Status:


Place of Birth:

Queens, New York

Real Name:

Flint Marko

Usual Bases:



”Sandman: Year One”

In William Baker's own words, "My childhood sucked, but let's not make it even worse than it was." The only child of an alcoholic mother who cleaned houses for a living and a father that ran out on the family, William had skill as an artist. Sand art, naturally. His teacher, Miss Flint, was proud of her star pupil, but his talents made him the target of the school bullies. His mother blamed herself when William would come home battered and bruised, wishing that she hadn't drank so much and forced her husband to leave them. At least his father could have taught little William to defend himself. The son promised his mother, "I AM a man. And I can defend myself. You'll see. They'll ALL see."

William swore that Vic and his fellow bullies would never hurt him again. The next time they came after him, he was the one to leave them hurt and bleeding. That day, he learned that guys feared and respected power and girls were attracted to it. When he was a good boy, he was beat up. When he was a rebel, he was respected. He liked the feeling. A lot.

His former bullies decided to make him one of them, and he became their leader. William took "Flint" as a nickname in high school, because it sounded tough and because it reminded him of his teacher, who he had a childhood crush on. He swore that he would never be the kid that he had been before. He became a high school football player, which is where his trouble really began. Vic came to him one night and begged Flint to start throwing some of the football games, so he could pay off his gambling debts to the mafia. Flint agreed, which brought him into conflict with the coach.

The coach confronted Flint, who promptly beat him up. He and Vic robbed a convenience store to get money to run out of town but were caught by the police and sent to prison. In prison, Flint met his father, a fellow prisoner named Floyd Baker. Floyd claimed that he liked Flint's bravery and wished that his wimp of a son had some of his guts. That way, he never would have run out on the family. Floyd introduced himself and Flint hastily came up with the name that he would use for the rest of his criminal career: Flint Marko.

Vic and Marcy, Flint's girlfriend, were always waiting for him when he got out of prison. They continued working for the mob as enforcers and inevitably would end up back in jail. The only up side to being back behind bars was seeing his father, who still didn't know he was talking to his own son. Then one day, Floyd was free and Flint was in jail. Wanting to be with his father, Flint escaped from prison and made it all the way to Georgia. Vowing never to be captured alive, he managed to stay one step ahead of the pursuing lawmen. But as the police dragnet drew ever tighter, he hid in the one place where no one would imagine a man would hide: An Atomic Devices Testing Center.

Realizing it was the only place where he could have a measure of safety, he remained on the lonely, forbidden area beach. Until the fateful day that a Nuclear test explosion caught him unawares. By some incredible accident, the molecules of his body merged at that radioactive instant with the molecules of the sand under his feet. In doing so his body took on the qualities of the sand itself. He became the Sandman, who is virtually indestructible.

Making his way back to New York, Flint went directly to Marcy's apartment to tell her that their problems were over, that he could now steal whatever he wanted, but found her with Vic. He nearly killed them for betraying him, but he decided that they were beneath him, that a man of his power needed a worthy enemy. He got his wish in Spider-Man. (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Annual #1)

”Nothing Can Stop the Sandman”

Spider-Man caught sight of a man on the roof of a bank and quickly realized he was facing the rumored Sandman, “wanted from Maine to Mexico.” The fight was brief as Spidey fled after his mask was torn. Sandman opened a bank door by turning his finger into a key. At home, Peter watched a news report that showed Sandman escaping from police as their bullets passed through him. The police chased him relentlessly, giving him more trouble than he expected. He decided to hide in a nearby school, which of course was Peter’s high school. He ducked into a classroom, hoping it was empty and found a class in session. Principal Davis was there, who instantly recognized the Sandman. Marko realized he’d never graduated high school and demanded a diploma. Marko was about to hit Davis when Spidey arrived and knocked Sandman on his butt. Spider-Man forced the fight out of the classroom, eventually leading Sandman to a janitor’s closet, where he was trapped inside a vacuum cleaner. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #4)

”Shadow of the Green Goblin”

While unloading his life story to a bartender, Flint realized that the guy wasn’t listening. In frustration he smashed the bar and put the bartender into the hospital. Sandman was soon robbing a bank, eager to get away from New York and start over. Spider-Man showed up and Sandman bragged that nothing could hurt him. Ben Parker had died only weeks earlier and Spidey was happy to test Marko’s durability. He attacked Sandman so relentlessly that he became a sandstorm to dodge his punches. They were both soon exhausted and the stolen money had blown away anyway. They oddly related to each other, wondering what they had become. Marko said he had even considered quitting crime. Sandman admitted that he was too beat to keep fighting but planned to rob another bank the next day. If Spider-Man was interested in continuing, he’d know where to find him. Spider-Man was in no condition to argue and reluctantly let him go. Sandman was soon captured by the Human Torch at the Statue of Liberty anyway. (Spider-Man: Shadow of the Green Goblin #2)

”The Sandman Strikes”

The Human Torch, pretending to be Spider-Man, taunted him on TV. Sandman couldn’t let go of the insults and met him at the Empire State Building, where he was beaten. (Strange Tales #115)

”The Sinister Six”

This talent brought him to the attention of Dr Octopus, who made him an original member of the Sinister Six (Mysterio, Electro, Kraven the Hunter and Vulture.) Sandman wasn’t thrilled about working in a team and thought he could take on Spider-Man alone but still went along with Ock’s plan. He and Electro kidnapped Betty Brant and May Parker before taking them to Octavius’s lair. Sandman was sent to the beach, as to Ock’s plan to stage fights the catered to his allies strengths. Sandman set himself up for failure by having a dramatic entrance, which allowed Spidey to surprise him. Spidey grabbed the card telling him where to meet the next criminal but it was a trick. An iron cage closed around them and Spidey couldn’t move in the close quarters. The plan backfired when Sandman ran out of oxygen after beating at Spider-Man so much. (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1)

”The End of Spider-Man!”

Spider-Man convenient ran into Sandman on the street after having his confidence ruined by running from the Green Goblin. He told Sandman that he wasn’t looking for a fight but he had a fight anyway. Sandman was further convinced of Spidey’s cowardice and chased him across the rooftops. Spidey hid under some trash in an alley and Sandman moved right past him. Peter changed out of his costume just in time for Sandman to come back and ask if he’d seen Spider-Man. Sweating badly, Peter told him he must have gone the other way. Sandman got away but Peter’s confidence was restored after getting a pep talk from his aunt. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #18)

”Spidey Strikes Back!”

Human Torch was captured by Montana of the Enforcers with an asbestos covered lasso. Ox yanked Torch to the ground and he was beaten by Fancy Dan. Johnny was knocked out after Sandman smothered him in sand. A thug ran up to Sandman, telling him that Spider-Man had just defeated a gang carrying out a bank robbery. Sandman told him to shut up, as the Enforcers only agreed to work because Spider-Man had been awol. Montana overheard the conversation and Sandman admitted that Spider-Man was back in action but they were soon confident that the four of them could defeat him. After all, they had just beaten the Human Torch.

Peter happened to cross paths with Fancy Dan and changed to Spider-Man, following him to a building. It turns out to be a hiding place for a mob of criminals who all pounce at Spider-Man on sight. The police arrived and chased away the thugs, including the Enforcers. They fled to another building, warning Sandman about Spider-Man. Meanwhile, Spider-Man interrogated a thug named Louie, who told him where the bad guys were hiding, as well as their hostage. Spidey realized that Louie confessed too quickly, so he was walking into a trap.

Sandman was indeed informed that Spider-Man was on his way and got ready. When he found Sandman, he was quickly surrounded by the Enforcers and other crooks. He beat the hoodlums quickly and enjoyed smacking Ox around, as he didn’t have to hold back. Sandman pursued him nonstop, eventually tiring the webhead. He decided that it was time to free the Torch, who complained that he had taken his sweet time. The Enforcers were rounded up and Sandman fled the building as Torch and Spidey bickered. He was captured by two officers because he was too exhausted by the fight. He would rather surrender than face the freaks again. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #19)

”The Frightful Four”

Sandman escaped from prison with Paste Pot Pete and stole a plane. They encountered the Wizard, who had been recently been defeated by the Human Torch. They decided to work together against the Fantastic Four but needed a female member. Wizard had heard of Madame Medusa and soon they were plotting. Mister Fantastic was engaged to Invisible Girl and the newly named Frightful Four attacked after their engagement party ended. Human Torch had left to hang out with friends but the rest of the Fantastic Four were captured. After their defeat, Wizard placed antigravity devices in them, letting them float into the air. Alicia warned the Human Torch, who saved his teammates before they suffocated. The good guys came back and beat the Frightful Four but Wizard blew up his own ship, providing a distraction to help them escape. (Fantastic Four (vol. 1) #36)

”And Machine Man Makes 3”

Sandman was being kept at Ryker’s Island in a plastic bubble designed by Reed Richards when a prison break occurred. Baron Brimstone appeared after getting his teleportation belt and offered him a chance at revenge. They teleported away in a puff of smoke to the baron’s mansion in Upper Westchester. He explained to Sandman that he used technology to appear to be a sorcerer but only had limited magical training. Brimstone wanted revenge against Machine Man, who had recently interrupted one of his schemes.

They teleported to the Delmar Insurance office of Pamela Quinn, whom Machine Man had previously rescued. Sandman quickly spotted her and she was told to hide by Aaron Stack. Sandman swatted Stack through a wall, where he had privacy to change to Machine Man. Spider-Man had heard about Sandman’s prison escape and followed his spider sense to the Delmar office. He tackled Sandman from one side as Machine Man attacked from the other. Sandman had just enough time to grab Pamela before Brimstone panicked and teleported them away. Brimstone wasn’t happy that Sandman had ordered him to teleport them away and he planned to do away with him. Sandman was plotting the same.

Spider-Man had managed to leave a spider tracer on Pamela’s dress, but was left alone with Machine Man. Neither were familiar with each other and were suspicious. After the obligatory fight, they worked together. Spider-Man had lost contact with the spider tracer but Machine Man found the signal after scanning a duplicate tracer. Machine Man flew them to Brimstone’s hideout and during the first, Sandman turned into a steam roller. The heroes dodged and he crashed through a wall. Brimstone briefly fought Spider-Man in an alternate dimension, until they were knocked back to their reality.

Machine Man detached his upper body and used it like a fan to scatter Sandman. Marko hardened himself and Spidey took the opportunity to blind him with webbing. As Marko tried to pull the webbing away, Machine Man hit him with electricity from an outlet. They turned to Brimstone, who repaired his device and teleported away in smoke. (Marvel Team Up (vol. 1) #99)

”Here’s Mud in Your Eye”

Flint met a woman that he was very attracted to named Sadie in a cheap bar one night, but she was already being pursued by Morrie Bench, aka Hydro-Man. She tried to keep her new boyfriends cooperative but they ended up fighting each other and merging into a mud monster. (Amazing Spider-Man #217)

”Eye of the Beholder”

It was stopped after it climbed the Empire State Building and got struck by lightening. (Amazing Spider-Man #218)

”The Sinister Syndicate”

The mercenary Silver Sable had been attempting to capture the Jack O’Lantern (Macendale) and believed that she could find him at an abandoned amusement park. It was an obvious trap and that’s why she brought along Spider-Man. Sure enough, the Sinister Syndicate (Beetle, Hydro-Man, Boomerang, Rhino and Speed Demon) was waiting for them.

Marko had given up being the Sandman and lived as a border of the Cassada family under the alias Sylvester Mann. As he went for a walk, he enjoyed the peace of living a crime free life. However he was drawn to the abandoned amusement park after seeing a distant explosion. (Amazing Spider-Man #280)

”Fifth Reich”

(Amazing Spider-Man #301)

”1000 Words”

Spider-Man was seemingly caught stealing jewelry from a wealthy hermit named Winston Walker. Photos were captured by Nick Katzenberg, which were eagerly bought by Jameson. Costumed people of all types reacted to the photos, with Prowler and Rocket Racer attacking Spidey at once. Silver Sable and Sandman showed up at the same time and soon Spidey was trying to stop Sandman from hurting the others while explaining the situation. Both Sandman and Spider-Man were working for Silver Sable, which was all Prowler needed to know Spidey had gone bad. Sable fled to pursue her mission but was stopped by the Puma, who felt dishonored having helped someone that appeared to be a thief. Sandman tried to protect Sable but was reduced to a sand pile by Will o’ the Wisp.

Spider-Man stopped the melee by crashing a building between himself and the others. He tossed a canister of financial records to Puma, who recognized that Winston Walker laundered money for the Maggia. Sandman told them that they all must feel pretty stupid. They all apologized for the confusion and went their separate ways. (Web of Spider-Man (vol. 1) #50)

”Righteous Sand”

Baker was enjoying signing autographs for kids after they realized he was an Avenger. Mrs. Cassada was less thrilled and asked him to leave, believing that her boarders wouldn’t be safe with a superhero around. He was understanding but was angry with the media gathered outside of the Cassada house. He worried how he’d make money and find a place to stay. A man stopped him on the street, telling him he saw a group of men in camouflage loading guns into a truck. He agreed to look into after being reminded that he was an Avenger. Sandman listened in and hoped that turning the crooks in would get him in good standing with the Avengers. He told a kid selling stolen watches to call the Avengers and tell them to meet him at the Brooklyn train yard. (How would a kid know how to call the Avengers?)

Sandman told guards at the train yard about the impending hijacking but the crooks began to attack. He ducked under one of the tanks and turned it over but was hit by a water cannon. He still made his way into the tank and took over. He pondered using the tank against the other crooks but knew he couldn’t even drive stick. Helicopters took off with a tanker and was too out of range for Spider-Man to web. The Avengers arrived and rescued the tanker. Later Captain America started to tell Sandman to be more careful in the future but Sandman misunderstood. He resented that he didn’t know all of Cap’s rules and resigned. Resentfully, Sandman considered going back to crime. (Amazing Spider-Man #348)

”The Return of the Sinister Six”

Sandman was returning to the home of the Cassadas when he was approached by Doc Ock. He wanted Sandman to rejoin the Sinister Six and he initially refused. He changed his mind when he learned of the mail bomb that Octavius had sent to the house, which would explode if opened. It had been addressed to him but next time could be sent to someone else. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #334)

Octavius had replaced the deceased Sergei Kravinoff with the Hobgoblin (Jason Macendale), completing the Sinister Six. He informed them that they were going to commandeer a space shuttle and the satellite it was carrying and have it discharge a poisonous gas. Humanity could perish or make them their masters. Sandman was uncomfortable with mass murder and Ock reassured him that no government would refuse their demands. He also reminded him of the Cassadas. Later, Vulture flew Sandman to the coast guard compound at Governor’s Island in the opening assault for the satellite. Sandman commandeered a tank and managed to capture Spider-Man with a net. Sandman escaped with the vehicle. (Amazing Spider-Man #337)

Ock was pleased with the progress his plan made but was angry at Sandman’s whining about millions of deaths. Even Electro was concerned about his moral objections. Soon they were attacking the space shuttle on Long Island. Spider-Man arrived but was overwhelmed by Sandman and Doctor Octopus. He was surprised that Marko had rejoined the Six but was immediately grabbed by Octavius. Sandman stepped in to defend him, which didn’t surprise Ock, who used a gun to turn Sandman into glass. He fled and ordered the others to break him. While Spider-Man dealt with the others, Ock escaped. (Amazing Spider-Man #338)

Ock told Spidey that if he wanted to save Sandman he’d need to use the ray gun he’d used to change him to glass, which he then threw into Long Island Sound. Spidey retrieved the gun and changed Sandman back, then told the police that he’d helped Spider-Man against the Six. Ock’s plan had been a ruse and he fooled the other members into thinking he would share the world with them. They swore they’d have revenge. (Amazing Spider-Man #339)

”Revenge of the Sinister Six”

Baker went to check on the Cassadas after they had been threatened by Doctor Octopus, who wanted Sandman to rejoin the Sinister Six. The house exploded as he watched and as he cradled a bloody body, he swore he’d make Octavius pay. He reluctantly joined the other four members, all of whom wanted payback at Octavius. He reminded them that he’d gone straight and they were criminals. He was going to the hospital and would return and as he walked away, he heard Vulture say it all worked out well.

As he sat next to Mrs. Cassada’s hospital bed, he thought that he didn’t trust the rest of the Six and needed backup. He hung out on the roof of the Daily Bugle and waited for Spider-Man to arrive. He brought Spidey up to speed and Spider-Man was soon observing the Six approach Ock at his hideout. Ock was unconcerned, as he knew they were coming. (Spider-Man (vol. 1) #18)

Sandman attacked Doc, swearing he’d pay for what he did. Ock had no idea what he was talking about and Sandman realized it had been the others that set the explosion. Ock was tired of his talking and used his ray gun to turn Sandman to glass. He asked the others if they wanted to be heroes and no one spoke. They were surprised by Spider-Man and Hulk, both of whom were defeated. (Spider-Man (vol. 1) #19)

The Six were armed with new high tech weapons and Hobgoblin asked what to do with the glass statue. Ock shattered it. (Spider-Man (vol. 1) #22)

After the Six were subdued by Spider-Man, Hulk, Ghost Rider, the Fantastic Four, Solo, Dethlok and Sleepwalker, only Ock was left standing. (The alien Gog had been defeated by Solo.) Sandman showed up in the form of broken glass and cut up Dock Ock. Spider-Man didn’t approve and told him he’d have to do better if he wanted to be a hero. (Spider-Man (vol. 1) #23)

”Blasts From the Past”

While allied to Sable, Baker fought Ben Reilly. Sable was testing Reilly, who had been acting differently than how she remembered Spider-Man. Baker even offered to get a beer with Spidey after the fight was done. (Amazing Spider-Man #407)

”Signs of the Times”

Hydro-Man kidnapped a bus load of people and held them hostage in a water tower. He informed the media to warn Spider-Man to save them and was surprised when Sandman showed up. Marko mocked him for being so stupid as to think no one else would show up if they knew Spider-Man would be there. Many other people showed up, bounty hunters looking to cash in on Norman Osborn’s price on Spidey. (His grandson, Normie Osborn, had been kidnapped by a Green Goblin posing as Norman.) Sand and Hydro fought as bounty hunters took shots at Spider-Man. Once he got inside the water tower, the hostages feared him as a murderer. Spidey managed to save them and Sandman escaped to go back to Silver Sable. (Sensational Spider-Man (vol. 1) #26)

”Another Return of the Sinister Six”

Still, Marko's evil ways lurked deep inside him. The Wizard, with a device he had previously used against the Fantastic Four to a similar effect, made Flint's dark side resurface so he could have his former ally back. (Peter Parker: Spider-Man (vol. 2) #12)

Again as Marko, he reformed the Sinister Six, with Alyosha Kravinoff and Daniel Berkhart taking the place of the dead original Kraven and Mysterio. Only this time the sixth member, Doc Ock, wasn't the leader - he was the target. The group was joined by Venom. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 2) #12)

Mysterio offered Venom a place in the group, which Sandman took as stepping on his toes as leader. Since Mysterio invited Venom, Mysterio lost his cut of the profits. Venom promised to stay out of the way and would let them do what they wanted with Dr. Octopus and Senator Ward but Spider-Man was all his. When they finally caught up to their targets, Sandman announced they would kill Ock, take the senator and couldn’t care less about Spider-Man. Venom felt betrayed and Sandman smashed him into a wall. (Peter Parker: Spider-Man (vol. 2) #12)


Venom had been hunting down the Sinister Six for humiliating him and tracked Sandman to the Daily Bugle. He wasn’t sure that he could handle Venom alone so he cut the lights at the newspaper and hid in the ventilation until Spider-Man arrived. Spider-Man didn’t want to get involved but the two criminals were already fighting it out. Sandman suggested that Venom go after the Vulture as he would be an easier target. Venom would do so but first wanted a piece of him, then bit out a chunk of his side. Sandman began to fall apart and fled out a window as Venom turned to Spider-Man. (Peter Parker: Spider-Man (vol. 2) #16)

”Days of Our Lives”

His body was still falling apart and and he was tired of trying to heal in his hideout. Giving in, he wrote a will/final letter to his mother. He also tried to rebuild himself by going to a construction site and eating some concrete, to no success. He swore once last revenge against Spider-Man. When he finally found him, he complained during the fight that he had tried to make his life work but he always failed. He lost control of his body and disintegrated before being washed into a storm drain. (Peter Parker: Spider-Man (vol. 2) #22)


Eventually, several aspects of Sandman's mind reformed, his good side, his dark side, his feminine side and his inner child. After tracking down the evil side all over the city, Spidey watched as the 4 Sandpeople (sorry George Lucas) merged together, and fell apart again. After Spider-Man left, a single Sandman emerged, and apparently evil won over the inner battle for control. (Peter Parker: Spider-Man (vol. 2) #56-#57)


Eddie Brock was dying of cancer and was auctioning off the Venom symbiote for charity. Sandman ran into Hydro-Man at the auction, whom had brought Sadie, the woman they’d fought over years ago. Hydro-Man said her fur coat had been Tigra (Greer Nelson), who had been hunted by Alyosha Kravinoff. He also planned to give her a leather handbag made from the Lizard. Sandman laughed that Tigra was alive and well in Los Angeles. Sadie was humiliated and wanted Hydro-Man to buy the symbiote for her. Instead, the creature was purchased by Don Fortunato, and bonded to his son, Angelo Fortunato. (Marvel Knights Spider-Man (vol. 1) #6)

”The Last Stand”

Spider-Man and Black Cat had been forced to break Norman Osborn out of prison and the Sinister Twelve (Boomerang, Lizard, Vulture, Tombstone, Hydro-Man, the Green Goblin, Electro, Chameleon, Hammerhead, Mac (Venom) Gargan), Shocker) were waiting for them. (Marvel Knights Spider-Man (vol. 1) #10)

Goblin left to deal with Mary Jane and Black Cat was quickly defeated by Electro. Spider-Man was prepared to go down fighting against the eleven murderers but was saved by the arrival of Captain America, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, Daredevil and Giant Man. (Marvel Knights Spider-Man (vol. 1) #11)

”Sand Blasted”

Marko broke into Riker’s Island and disguised himself as a guard. He had come to break out Floyd Baker, who he claimed was innocent. The guards hit him with a hose, making him lose his form and retreat down a shower drain and into the harbor. Sandman arrived at Peter Parker’s apartment, which he knew about after Peter unmasked on live TV at Iron Man’s behest. Peter’s webs passed right through him and Sandman told him not to make it more difficult. Marko admitted to needing his help freeing Floyd Baker. He had snuck into D.A.’s office to see his file and learned the whole thing was wrong. Floyd was Marko’s father, which didn’t impress Peter. Sandman told him that he helped people all the time and Peter showed him a picture of his aunt and Ben Parker. People like Floyd killed his uncle and Marko grabbed the photo. Ben Parker was the guy that Floyd had allegedly killed only weeks ago. (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (vol. 1) #17)

Peter and a disguised Marko spoke to a cop at the 13th precinct and got information on Floyd’s case. The cop smugly said they had ways of making suspects talk and Sandman crashed him against a wall. The cop defiantly told them that Floyd’s execution date had been sped up. More cops arrived and Sandman smashed a hole in the wall but wanted to kill the loudmouth cop before they escaped. Spider-Man talked him out of it and they left.

Spider-Man warned him not to try anything like that again and Sandman said they were in a rush. He didn’t have time to listen to Spider-Man’s sermon. Spidey still didn’t care about Sandman’s father and was asked what Ben would have done. They went to Ben’s grave to make sure he was dead and they discussed how being a criminal meant a total loss of privacy. Spidey noticed a burn mark at the grave and then was distracted by his spider sense. They went to a nearby van where they found a teenager messing with the helmet of Spider-Man 2211. He’d taken it off his body after he’d been shot by an old man. The kid confirmed that Ben had been the shooter and Spidey Putin the helmet. It showed him the last thing that Spider-Man 2211 saw and Ben was standing over him. Peter asked if the old man was still alive and the helmet offered his location. (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (vol. 1) #18)

The teenager, Dennis, drove them to the location where “Ben” was hiding. Meanwhile the prison warden informed Floyd that his execution would take place that night. A judge had granted a special order after learning that his son and Spider-Man were trying to free him. Floyd hadn’t seen his son since he was a boy and the warden told him that William was the Sandman.

The helmet led the vigilantes to Midtown high school, were Peter worked as a teacher. Dennis stayed outside as the others searched the building. They found the school principal waiting with a shotgun and the helmet confirmed he was the killer. Sandman demanded answers and the principal changed from his own Sandman to Spider-Man 2211. Spidey deduced that if there was a future Spider-Man and future Hobgoblin, there could be a future Chameleon. An alternate Ben Parker came across the future Chameleon and was shot. Then Ben was found by Floyd Baker. The Chameleon showed its true form of a pink humanoid lizard. Dennis arrived with the helmet, Spidey threw it at Chameleon and it administered “poetic justice.” As Floyd was nearly executed, the electricity killed the monster. Spider-Man and Sandman arrived at the prison and Floyd called his son a screw up. (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (vol. 1) #19)

”Keemia’s Castle”

Evidence linked to three murders had been missing from a police laboratory. Peter suspected Sandman when sand was found in the locker of the missing evidence. A lawyer, a mother and concert promoter had all been killed over the weekend and no fingerprints were found. Spider-Man investigated the apartment of the murdered mother and found she had been a supervillain groupie. One of her pen pals was Flint Marko. He was confronted by the dead woman’s grandmother who explained that her great-granddaughter, Keemia Alvarado, had supposedly walked away with a talking snowman. Meanwhile one of Ms. Alvarado had placed a restraining order against one of her pen pals. Her lawyer was the same that had been killed. Spider-Man went to talk with Betty Brant for information about the dead concert promoter. He had planned to open Governor’s Island to the city for a concert series. His death would end that potential deal.

Spidey made a trip to the abandoned Governor’s Island and found a mass of snowmen on the grounds. Footprints in the snow led him to Sandman, who didn’t seem to know anything about the death of the concert promoter. Marko did explain that Keemia meant everything to him and Spidey said killing her mother was a strange way to show affection. Spider-Man beat him by mixing hydroflouric acid with his webbing, which would briefly dissolve him. It didn’t last, as he was faced with a group of Sandmen. (Amazing Spider-Man #615)

Spider-Man took a beating and woke up chained to a dungeon-like sand room. Keemia scolded him for trespassing in her kingdom and called herself Keemia Marko. Spider-Man said he was taking her to her grandmother and Keemia said she was a princess and she had responsibilities to her kingdom. He promised that Keemia could trust him, since he and her dad were old friends. She didn’t trust him and he swore that superheroes couldn’t lie. Sandman was asleep and he subconsciously let Spider-Man go when she told him to. Spidey grabbed her and tried to run but her screams woke him up. The Sandmen chased them to an empty building where Spidey let her go. During the fight Sandman said he wrote to Keemia from prison and bought her gifts until she called him her father. Everything in his life had escaped him but he wouldn’t let her go. Sandman was defeated when he was blown away by a giant fan. In the end, Keemia was taken into children’s services because her mother was dead and father was unknown. Her great-grandmother was deemed unfit after admitting she let her play outside alone so she could watch tv. Meanwhile, Keemia knew that her daddy would bring her back to her kingdom. (Amazing Spider-Man #616)

”Origin of the Species”

Marko was still enraged over the loss of Keemia and joined Doc Ock and others in Ock's next scheme against the web slinger. Lily Hollister had just given birth to the newest son of Norman Osborn, when the infant was attacked by the super thugs and criminals gathered by Ock. Spidey rescued the newborn, but was dogged across New York by the myriad of enemies (Shocker, Tombstone, Electro, Vulture, Mysterio, Freak, Chameleon, Rhino, Doc Ock) as he tried to protect the child. (Amazing Spider-Man #644)

When the baby was believed to be dead, Sandman hid at an abandoned pier over the river. Spider-Man had become hyper focused on catching everyone involved in the kidnapping. He hid with Shocker and the Enforcers, who were unconcerned. They were concerned when Spidey crumbled the pier and dumped them into the water. Sandman got blasted by Shocker while struggling to hold himself together. (Amazing Spider-Man #645)

”The Sinister Six in Tomorrow, the World!”

Flint rejoined the Sinister Six, after Dr Octopus promised to help him get whatever he wanted if he joined the team. In order to get Keemia back, Flint traveled with the Six to take on the Intelligencia, a group of super criminals consisting of M.O.D.O.K., Wizard, Klaw, Red Ghost and the Mad Thinker. The Intelligencia planned to use a magnetic device to blast certain places on earth into space, which was a threat to Doc Ock's latest master plan. Sandman took on the Wizard, a painful moment for both of them, as they were both members of the Frightful Four. Wizard offered to help Marko get Keemia back, until Ock blasted him into the stratosphere. (Amazing Spider-Man #676)

”Ends of the Earth”

After Doctor Octopus demonstrated his ability to either increase or minimize the effects of global warming to blackmail the planet, the Sinister Six (Doc Ock, Sandman, Rhino, Electro, Chameleon and Mysterio) out heists around the world. Rhino and Sandman attacked a Hulkbuster base in New Mexico, which had been the base of The Leader, an enemy of the Hulk. Ock took it over after they defeated the Intelligencia and had Sandman grab the experiment that Leader left behind.

The Avengers came for the Six on the Mediterranean coast and Sandman took on Captain America. Sandman didn’t fall for his ploy to appeal to Sandman’s better nature or for his plan to lead him into the water. Instead, Cap was frozen in the water by a cryogenic pellet that Ock had created. Spider-Man was soon alone against the six of them. (Amazing Spider-Man #683)

Spider-Man escaped with help from Silver Sable and Ock didn’t want to waste time searching for him. He addressed the G8 summit demanding that he save the world and in return his allies would have their records expunged and made billionaires. Sandman was thrilled to hear the demands, thinking that no one could deny him adopting Keemia. When Ock told the G8 he wanted to place hundreds of missiles to launch his satellites, no one trusted him.

Spider-Man, Silver Sable and Black Widow made their way to the Sahara and a former A.I.M. base. Sandman was waiting and was huge after incorporating the desert sand. Spider-Man had devised that there must be a “queen bee” sand particle that controlled all of the others that made up his body. Once he isolated it Sandman managed to hide it and only revealed it again after Spider-Man made him think of Keemia. The particle was webbed and separated from the body, containing Sandman. (Amazing Spider-Man #684)

On “the Swan,” Sable’s stealth jet, Spidey went about interrogating Sandman. Giving him only enough silicon to form his head, Sand could only refuse to give more information. Sable poured some acid onto him, threatening to let it eventually find his “soul particle.” Sandman knew Sable was ruthless enough to do it and begged Spidey to stop her. He refused to chance Doctor Octopus taking over the planet. Sandman relented. (Amazing Spider-Man #685)

”Sinister Twist”

Sandman was soon under the control of Spider-Man (Octavius) at his hidden lair. He stayed a prisoner as Octavius collected the other members of the former Sinister Six. Eventually, Flint was forced to take a mind control chip and join the Superior Six (Electro, Vulture, Mysterion, Chameleon, Spider-Man) under Spider-Man's command. The group was re-organized as a group of former criminals seeking redemption by becoming heroes. Their first target was The Wrecking Crew, who was attempting to steal equipment from the new mega-corporation of Liz Allan's, Alchemax. (Superior Spider-Man Team Up #5)

The Superior Six soon arrived to battle Whirlwind, but this was a trap for the rest of the Masters of Evil (Titania, Absorbing Man, Mister Hyde, Thunderball, Blackout and others) to ambush them. Meanwhile, Spider-Man realized that this was a distraction from the theft of the quantum particle engine, that he left at Parker Industries. He was correct and the device was stolen by Lightmaster. The Six dealt with the Masters of Evil with the help of Sun Girl, a teenager that looked up to Spider-Man. She was, also, the daughter of Lightmaster, who was stunned to see his daughter helping his enemies. Spider-Man ordered Sun Girl to shoot the engine to destroy it, but instead it was activated and somehow made Sandman into a giant. (Superior Spider-Man Team Up #6)

Part of Sandman was huge enough to terrorize the Manhattan skyline and part of his consciousness stayed as a rock prison that held Spider-Man. Spider-Man tried to reason with him, but Flint mocked him and reminded him that he had controlled their minds. He was freed by Sun Girl and after the rest of the Six were beaten but was outmatched by the enormous Sandman, who again reminded Spider-Man that he had violated them with his mind control and that Doctor Octopus had been right: the whole world should have burned. Part of him had believed in Spider-Man but that part of him was dead now. He was then blasted through the head by Sun Girl. (Superior Spider-Man Team Up #7)

”Cracked Hourglass”

Marko’s memories of being the Sandman rushed back to him before he woke up on a park bench. He ran to a chemist for medication but memories that weren’t his returned. A furious Spider-Man told him that the Osborns and the Sinister Syndicate were done and he needed to leave New York forever. He tried to fight but Spider-Man beat him and it felt like it was the end for him. He woke again with people asking if he needed help. By the time Spider-Man heard about what was happening, paramedics had taken Sandman to the hospital.

Marko’s false memory returned and he thought of his life with a creature called Kal-Wahr. They were in love and waiting for the death of the sun and the end of earth. He came to his senses in a hospital bed and saw Spider-Man standing over him. He explained that his condition had worsened over the past week and had trouble holding his body together. He had gone to the Wizard and Mad Thinker for help but their opinion was that he was hopeless. He’d also been having flashbacks to his own life and the life of someone else. Someone from the future. He accepted that he was going to die. Spider-Man took him to the beach and Sandman explained how he played in the sand for hours as a kid while his mother drank. Spider-Man offered to take his mask off but Sandman didn’t care who he was. He then blew away in the wind. (Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider-Man #308)

An invisible battle played out with this world’s Flint Marko battling for control with a Sandman from an alternate future. The future demanded to take control of Marko’s body, offering him an opportunity to stay alive. His human body had died and Sandman returned as as being of pure sand. The two personalities fought for control and the future version recognized Spider-Man but not as “his” Spider-Man. Sandman claimed to have nearly died at the end of the universe but had drifted aimlessly for billions of years. Time travel to his own past was impossible but Spider-Man’s dimension jumping had made the situation possible.

Spider-Man called the Human Torch for help, saying he needed Reed’s help to close the dimensional doorway. Flint was failing against the interloper and told Spidey to take control of his sand body.

”Sinister Adaptoid”

Sandman was taken by the Living Brain, along with the rest of the Sinister Six. The Brain used them to create the Sinister Adaptoid to take on Spider-Man. The hero fled the creature, finding the Six restrained in another room. He reluctantly set them free to help against the Adaptoid. They all defeated the creature but they immediately turned on him. Sandman wasn’t sure what to make of Spider-Man, since last thing he knew, he had been a beach. He remained uncertain during the fight, earning the scorn of Octavius. They defeated Spider-Man and Ock was about to kill him when Kraven’s clone stopped him. He offered Spider-Man the chance to escape, if he killed the Brain. Spidey refused and the Brain was surprised by the decision. It sent the Sinister Six away in a UFO. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 6) #6)

Peter ran into Sandman while visiting Anna Watson at Ravencroft Asylum. Peter introduced himself as a friend of a friend and asked if William had been captured again. Baker replied that he turned himself in, as he was trying to turn his life around. He’d started to feel confused about life and bad things happened when he got confused. William asked how Peter knew so much about him and he replied that since William was putting his life together, he was friends with Spider-Man. Just hearing that name brought out Sandman’s anger but he was quickly subdued by a sonic inhibitor harness. The nurse ordered Peter and MJ to leave but before they did, William told Peter that “they” would be coming for Spider-Man. He’d know who he meant. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 6) #45)

He and Anna completed their garden therapy and after he returned to his room, the asylum’s electricity went out. Electro had come for him, to drag him if necessary to the Sinister Six. William insisted that he was trying to reform, which irritated Electro. Electro was beaten by Spider-Man, Jackpot (Mary Jane), Anna, Hippo, Human Fly and Whirlwind.

Anna was granted early release after helping to defeat Electro and William was having more gardening therapy. The nurse asked if he had felt like being Flint Marko and he said he hadn’t felt Marko’s presence. Still, he hadn’t beaten Marko, he just didn’t feel his presence. He then disintegrated and seemingly escaped the asylum. Later, he broke Electro out of his prison transport and arrived at the Six’s hideout. He told Ock that he’d had to take matters into his own hands as Electro had been no help. Ock began to explain his plan. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 6) #46)

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