Baron Brimstone

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Red beard and one big red "Cyclops" eyebrow across his forehead.




5' 10"


180 lbs


Talented enough to build a teleport machine, possibly use magic and look pretty good in a cape.


The Micro-Electronic Teleport Harness, devices that create force-fields, energy bolts and illusions... that is, if his m


Each appearance less impressive than the last.


Possible mystic powers that can create a force-field, fire mystic bolts, and jump him to another dimension... that is, i

Strength Level:

Normal human. Unless he really is a Master of the Mystic Arts as he claims.


The Sol-Mac, glass balls that release gas.



Created By:

Steve Ditko, Tom DeFalco

Current Occupation:

Smooshed into a silhouette of goo by the Fantastic Four.

Dual Identity:

Known to authorities.



Former Aliases:

Baron Walther Theodoric (if this isn't his real name).

Former Bases:

New York City.

Former Groups:

The Satan Squad. Part of the vaudeville team of Brimstone and Sandman.

Former Occupation:

Rich guy with a yacht.

Known Allies:

Hammer Harrison and Snake Marston (The Satan Squad), the Sandman

Known Confidants:

Tinky Weissman.

Legal Status:

A ward of the state.

Major Enemies:

Machine Man, Spider-Man, the Wasp, Paladin, the Fantastic Four.

Marital Status:


Place of Birth:


Real Name:

Baron Walther Theodoric (though this may be an alias).

Usual Bases:

New York City, Utopia Cay.


Baron Brimstone first appears at Chem-Solar Corporation where he steals the "highly amplified, solar-fueled microwave transmitter" known as the Sol-Mac which he plans to mass produce and sell for millions of dollars (once he has stolen all the necessary components to build them, of course). He demonstrates apparent mystic powers and has a force field that protects him from Security Guard bullets. (The Baron claims to be a Master of the Mystic Arts but it is never clear just how much magic the Baron knows.) He is also capable of teleporting from place to place but this turns out to be a power derived from a device he wears on his back under his cape.

In an attempt to further his schemes, he puts together "the Satan Squad", composed of Hammer Harrison (a former strong-man who wears big blocks of concrete on his fists), Snake Marston ("the world's greatest contortionist") and assorted hoodlums. He is opposed by Duke Dawson, a crook who doesn't like the Baron horning in on his territory. Duke is, unfortunately, quickly snuffed out by Snake Marston. In the attack on the Chem-Solar Corporation, Machine Man opposes Baron Brimstone. The Baron defeats him by turning the Sol-Mac machine on the Living Robot, as the microwaves scramble MM's internal system. Machine Man successfully fights back by coating his innards with gold. He sends the Baron and his Squad off to jail. (Machine Man (vol. 1) #16)

“And Machine Man Makes 3”

Brimstone broke out of prison by hypnotizing a guard to take him to his teleportation belt. He then teleported to the Sandman’s cell, an unbreakable bubble created by Mister Fantastic. Brimstone wanted revenge on Machine Man and knew he’d previously saved Pamela Quinn, so Sandman agreed to kidnap her. They teleported to the Delmar Insurance office that employed Pamela and Aaron Stack, aka Machine Man. Machine Man arrived after Sandman knocked Stack through a wall, just as Spider-Man arrived. (Spidey had been looking for Sandman after hearing about his escape.) Brimstone panicked and began to teleport himself, Sandman and Pamela away but not before Spidey landed a tracer on Pam.

When the heroes finally caught up to them at Brimstone’s Upper Westchester mansion, he battled Spider-Man in an alternate dimension. Brimstone threw energy bolts at him as well as conjured demons. Spidey eventually evaded the demons and made his way to the sorcerer and damaged his teleportation device. They ended up back at the mansion, and their sudden arrival distracted Sandman. Spidey and Machine Man defeated Sandman but Brimstone escaped via his repaired teleportation belt. (Marvel Team Up (vol. 1) #99)


The Baron goes underground for a while after that. He is next seen at the Island Resort of Utopia Cay, going by the name of Baron Walther Theodoric and hanging out with heiress Tinky Weissman, who is an old friend of Janet Van Dyne a.k.a., the Wasp. Janet is on vacation at the resort and she hooks up with a man calling himself Paul Denning. They are both invited to a party on the Baron's yacht but Paul begs off so Jan assumes her Wasp guise and snoops into his hotel room. There she finds a gun case and pictures of the Baron and she jumps to the conclusion that Paul is a hitman hired to kill the Baron.

She races out to the yacht in time to hitch a ride with the teleporting Baron Brimstone and his mob, who are using the party as an alibi while they go to the cashier's office of the casino and pick up some ready cash. Unfortunately for the Baron, Paul Denning, who is actually the mercenary known as Paladin, is hiding in the bank vault. Paladin and the Wasp put the Baron's teleporting "micro-electronic harness" out of commission and that's pretty much the end of that. (Avengers #251)

”Dark Congress”

Except for one panel in the Fantastic Four where the Baron is reduced to being thumped along with a number of other villains in such a casual manner that we aren't even told how it is done. Suffice it to say, the Baron has been reduced to has-been status and may very well be stuck in the joint for the rest of his days. (Fantastic Four #336)


Years later, Brimstone was involved in trafficking cursed weapons in Miami. His enterprise was uncovered by the newest rotation of Heroes for Hire: Paladin, Ghost Rider, Satana, Misty Knight, and Silver Sable. He was defeated by Sable, who tricked him into holding a cursed gun, which possessed him. The gun was empty and the curse kept him from letting go of it. He was dragged through a portal to Hell to answer to the demon responsible for the arms deals. (Heroes for Hire (vol. 3) #2)

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Aug 1980 App: Machine Man #16
Nov 1980 App: Marvel Team-Up #99
Jan 1985 App: Avengers (Vol. 1) #251
Jan 1990 App: Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #336

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