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Name: Keith Moore (E-Mail)
Status: On the loose
Current Position: Staff Reviewer
Occupation: Chemist
Year of Birth: 1980
City: Philadelpia, Go Birds!

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Articles: Osborn, Amberson, Doctor Angst, Doctor Folsome, Menken, Donald, Dr. Albert Bendix, Osborn, Emily, The Extremist, Freak, Gabriel Stacy, Stacy, George, Grant, Glory, Green Goblin I (Norman Osborn), Green Goblin II (Harry Osborn), Kolina Frederickson, Kravinoff, Ana, Kravinoff, Sasha, Lizard, Menace, Maxwell, Morris, Mr. Negative, Winters, Norah, Professor Mendel Stromm, Proto-Goblin, Crowne, Randall, Raptor, The Rebel Scrier, Sundown, Watson, Philip, web-backpack, web-balls, web-barrier, web-bat, web-bolas, web-boxing gloves, web-bubble, web-building support, web-cocoon, web-column, web-cushion, web-dummy, web-electrified cage, web-flameproof umbrella, web-forearm pads, web-gas mask, web-glider, web-hammock, web-heart, web-helmet, web-imprint lifter, web-mask, web-paddle, web-parachute, web-raft, web-safety net, web-shield, web-skis, web-smoke bomb, web-swamp shoes, web-trampoline, web-umbrella, web-underwear, web-wall, web-water ball

Review Credits

Dark Reign One-Shots: Dark Reign List Avengers, Dark Reign List Amazing [Pt 1], Dark Reign Goblin Legacy

Marvel Team-Up: #142, #48, #61, #63, #67, #93, #94

New Avengers (Vol. 1) Annual: #3

Osborn: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5

Spider-Gwen: #1, #2, #3

Spider-Island: Secret Wars: #1 [Pt 1], #2 [Pt 1], #3 [Pt 1], #4 [Pt 1], #5 [Pt 1]

Spider-Man (Vol. 1): #16, #34

Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 4): #25, #26, #27, #28, #32

Amazing Spider-Man: Extra: #3 [Pt 2]

Spider-Man One-Shots: SM/Dr. Strange Way to Dusty Death, Soul of The Hunter

Spider-Man: Revenge of the Green Goblin: #1, #2, #3

Sensational Spider-Man (Vol. 1): #33.1, #33.2

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Spider-Verse (Vol. 2): #1, #2, #3, #4, #5

Superior Spider-Man: #31 [Pt 1]

Superior Spider-Man Annual: #2

Web Warriors: #1 [Pt 1], #2, #3, #4, #5

What if: Infinity: What If? Infinity Dark Reign #1


I've been a fan of this site for a long time, its a tremendous resource for Spider-Man's fan base. And I'm very grateful that I've been given the opportunity to contribute here at Spiderfan.

I've been a Spider-Man fan since I was about 5 years old, from my first encounter with his Secret Wars action figure from '85. But it wasn't until the early 90s that I started reading Spidey comics religiously. And it didn't take long before I found Norman Osborn/Green Goblin and it's been that villain that has captured my imagination ever since.

When I'm not reading Spidey comics, I'm doing chemistry. I work in drug discovery for a pharmaceutical company. I'm not sure if I'll ever make something in the lab that will grant me superior intelligence/strength like the Goblin formula, but nothings impossible! ;)


I've been reading/collecting all the major Spider-titles since 1990, I rarely strayed from following the Spiderverse. But then came Dark Reign, and my strict Spiderverse reading came to an end as i tracked Norman throughout Dark Reign. Now with Dark Reign over, i've returned back to solely Spiderverse titles yet again (hopefully Norman returns to being the chief Spider-villain and no longer an entire Marvel Universe villain).

Why Spider-Man

The villains the villains the villains...First and foremost the Green Goblin/Norman Osborn....Harry as the Green Goblin/Doc Ock/The Lizard all rank high as well for me personally. Don't get me wrong, I think Peter Parker is a great character...but his list of nemesis is top notch within all of comicdom imo (including Batman! ;)). And with great villains you get great stories. The major hiccups brought on by BND have taken away some of my appreciation for the Spiderverse. But the beauty of Spidey's long history is the shear volume of past Spidey stories you can read, which is what i've been doing recently...


This is a tough one for me, my generic answer would be any quality Green Goblin story...

Here's a few that definitely stand out to me, in no particular order...

  1. PPSpiderMan #75, return of Norman Osborn, interestingly the tpb of the Revelations arc has extra scenes which feature some classic panels in the epilogue of that story
  2. Death in the Family
  3. Revenge of the Goblin/Goblin Heir arc
  4. Harry's first crack at being the Green Goblin in ASM 136
  5. Spidey's ID crisis/Goblins at the Gate during one Norman's earlier Dark Reigns...
  6. The entire run by Ellis on the Thunderbolts
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