Spider-Man: Revenge of the Green Goblin #3

 Posted: Aug 2010
 Staff: Keith Moore (E-Mail)


Just when you think it can’t get any weirder…

Norman Osborn has once again laid siege upon Peter Parker’s life. Through a combination of hallucinogenic toothepaste and subliminal message-laced music CD’s (I know I know, its an odd combo) Norman has beguiled Peter into becoming the next Green Goblin! Norman has also dissolved his relations with the Scrier Cabal and formed a new following for himself, the Order of the Goblin. The Order of the Goblin is responsible for killing Dr. Albert Bendix, the man that brought Osborn back from the brink of complete insanity.

Norman has also been active on the romantic side of things, striking up a relationship with his Swedish nurse Kolina. Unfortunately for Norman (and Kolina too!), he nearly killed her with a pumpkin bomb when she snuck up on him in his Goblin lair.

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Story 'Surrender to the Dark!'

The third and final issue of the Revenge of the Green Goblin mini series begins with another Goblin-induced delusion experienced by Peter, but this time he is not alone. His roommate, Randy Robertson, is experiencing them as well, which puzzles Peter. Peter’s dream/delusion involves the Green Goblin tossing Spider-Man’s deceased body into the water below the Brooklyn Bridge. When the Goblin removes his mask, we find Peter Parker underneath! Peter screams in terror and soon wakes from the dream…or was it really a dream? It does not take Peter much time to realize the common denominator for he and Randy is their shared toothpaste, d'oh!

Returning to the Osborn estate, we see that the pumpkin bomb blast that Kolina experienced did not kill her and when she returns to consciousness she is greeted by Norman at her bedside. Interestingly, it’s Norman’s tear drops that wake Kolina as they drip onto her hand, the big guy is really showing some emotion here. Seeing Kolina laying prostrate on the bed provokes an intense emotional response from Norman as he recalls his deceased wife in the exact same position in her casket. Norman confesses to being the villainous Green Goblin and later he shares more of his history as the Green Goblin with Kolina as well.

Meanwhile, the body of Dr. Bendix is found dead and dressed in a Spider-Man costume, however, the authorities are convinced that this is not the real Spider-Man. Joe Robertson is on the scene and he’s the one that actually identifies Bendix’s body and speculates that he is not the real Spider-Man. An eyewitness (a homeless man) had identified the Green Goblin as the person who dumped the body into the river. Peter arrives on the crime scene for the Daily Bugle, and begins to notice a correlation between his delusions and the murder of Dr. Bendix. He immediately suspects something much bigger is going on because this crime scene has become far too coincidental for his liking.

Back at the Osborn mansion, Norman continues to try and patch things up with Kolina. Kolina’s demeanor toward Osborn has changed greatly as she is now very suspicious toward him and feels more like his prisoner than his nurse. The ensuing conversation between Norman and Kolina regarding his past causes Norman to lose control of his temper and he lashes out at her. Kolina tries to convince Norman that his problems began when the Goblin formula exploded and created the Green Goblin, but Norman disagrees. He claims his life began with that accident and Menken quietly informs Osborn that he must kill Kolina because she knows too much. Norman almost complies, but stops because he once again sees his deceased wife Emily in Kolina. Menken then pulls a gun on Kolina, in an effort to "help" Norman but this causes Norman to attack Menken. Osborn strangles Donald mercilessly while Kolina tries to stop him, as Menken is being choked he utters, "But I'm y'r heir…" Norman begins to calm down when Kolina places another dermal patch (with his medication) on him. Osborn commands his underlings to take Donald and Kolina to his Adirondack estate. When they leave, Norman comments to himself that Menken could never be his heir because his heir must be strong and brave, and Menken is neither.

In the final page of the story, Norman watches as a subliminally directed Peter Parker makes his way to one of Norman’s Goblin hideouts to don the Goblin costume. As Norman rejoices in his success he confirms the motive behind his plot, to make Peter Parker refute Spider-Man and become his son and Goblin Heir! It appears as though Norman has succeeded.

The story continues in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2 #25.

General Comments

So we have to add Kolina to the list of people aware of Norman’s alter ego the Green Goblin. The list is getting pretty long now considering the entire Order of the Goblin got on the boat as well in this arc. I found it odd that Menken wants Kolina dead because 'she knows too much', but he's fine with the rest of the Order of the Goblin knowing as much as they do. I think that provides a lot of insight into Menken's character because it's very likely he considers Kolina more of a threat than the members of the Order. It would only make sense that Menken want to kill her, Norman has intense feelings for her probably making Menken a bit jealous. Gosh, its gonna be really awkward back at the Adirondack estate with both Kolina and Donald staying there now considering he just tried to kill her! It’ll be interesting to see if the character Kolina is ever seen again in the Spiderverse. Its probably unlikely, but, hey, I can dream can’t I?

Hat’s off to Joe Robertson and his uncanny memory. The cops pulled the Spider-Man mask off of Dr. Bendix and Joe recognized him immediately. He recognized him faster than I did and I had just read the previous issue! ;)

Overall Rating

5 webs...with the momentum of this arc building and the novelty of its premise, I find it hard to go below 5 webs...great work Stern et al...

 Posted: Aug 2010
 Staff: Keith Moore (E-Mail)