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185 pounds








Tolerating Peter as a roommate twice

Strength Level:

Average most of the time, superhuman during Spider-Island





Created By:

Stan Lee; John Romita, Sr

Current Aliases:


Current Groups:


Current Occupation:

Good question

Dual Identity:



Masters degree in social work

Former Aliases:


Former Bases:


Former Groups:

F.E.A.S.T. (Food, Emergency Aid, Shelter and Training)

Former Occupation:

Social worker

Known Allies:


Known Confidants:

Joe “Robbie” Robertson (father), Martha Robertson (mother), Glory Grant (ex-girlfriend), Janice Lincoln (fiancé), Peter Parker (friend), Amanda Batavides (ex-wife)

Known Relatives:

Joe Robertson, Martha Robertson, Patrick Robertson (older brother, died at six months old)

Legal Status:


Major Enemies:

Tombstone, Kingpin, Phil Urich, Jason Macendale, Alistaire Smythe

Marital Status:

Divorced (Mandy Batavides) and engaged (Janice Lincoln)

Place of Birth:


Real Name:

Randolph Robertson

Usual Bases:



”Crisis on Campus!”

As typical of the Parker Luck, Peter got off on the wrong foot with Randy Robertson after Robbie Robertson told his son that Peter was the Big Man on Campus at Empire State University. Randy and his friend, Josh, were going to protest the conversion of a low rent student dorm into a private housing facility for visiting alumni. Peter felt pushed by Josh to take part in the protest and he over reacted to the pressure. Peter left, to calls from the crowd that he was a coward.

Keep in mind, this story was published in 1969. Here is the dialog between Randy and another African American student right before the protest.

  • Unnamed Student: "Hey, doesn't Robertson's father work for the Daily Bugle? Who wants the son of an Uncle Tom marchin here with us?"
  • Randy: "You say that again and I'll...!"
  • Josh: "Look, cool it, y'hear? We got a job to do. Randy's a soul brother--and don't forget it!"

Anyway, the students think that the only way to get their dorm back is to make the news, which they do, thanks to Robbie and J. Jonah Jameson at the Daily Bugle. The ex-dormitory is being used to house the Tablet of Time, which gives Josh the idea to steal it to use it as a bargaining chip to make the dean listen to them. Peter, who is working with the Tablet, says its a bad idea and Randy agrees. Wilson Fisk shows up to steal the Tablet for himself, thinking that the police will blame the students for the artifact's disappearance. He planned to gas the protesters to sleep and be gone by the time they woke up. He and Spider-Man fight it out and Randy tries to tackle Fisk, who bats him away. Spidey goes to check on Randy and Kingpin blasts the wall with his laser cane, sending rubble falling onto the students. Spidey manages to protect Robertson, who ends up in police custody with the other protest leaders. (Amazing Spider-Man #68)

”Mission: Crush the Kingpin!”

The police question Randy in the interrogation room, with Jameson outside calling them anarchists. Captain George Stacy isn't so sure about that. The police want to know why, if the students were not working with Kingpin, they chose the same time to be at the exhibit hall. Randy resents the implication. Robbie is at his son's side, asking how he got involved in the protest. Randy blurts out "Don't you see? Cant you even understand? I have to be tougher--I have to be more militant--because of you! You've become part of the establishment--the white man's establishment! I've got to live that down!"

Eventually, the dean agrees to let the students have their dorm and grants the protesters amnesty, as they had nothing to do with the theft of the tablet. Afterward, Robbie has a talk with his son, telling him that maybe it's not a bad thing to be militant in such a difficult world. Robbie warns him that without an education, he's an unarmed soldier. Randy asks about the other black men that have degrees and got nowhere. Robbie says that he can't promise anything. At that moment, JJJ barges in, enraged that Robbie allowed news articles that made Spider-Man look good. Robbie stood up to his boss, which impressed Randy. Randy is impressed that his father stood up to "a racist like him" and Robbie says that Jonah is no racist, just a blowhard. (Amazing Spider-Man #69)

Randy still held Peter is high regard, despite his refusal to take part in the protest. He defended Peter from another student when Peter walked past them without hearing them call to him.

”Unmasked At Last!”

Randy next showed up at Gwen Stacy's birthday party, but left before Peter arrived. This was a good thing, as he was suffering from the flu and delirious. The flu weakened his spider powers and made him confess to being Spider-Man in front of Harry Osborn, Captain Stacy, Gwen and Mary Jane Watson. When Peter came to his senses, he had Hobie Brown show up and pretend to be Spider-Man, which apparently fooled everyone. (Amazing Spider-Man #87)

”The Arms of Doctor Octopus!”

Randy started to cool on Peter, after he invited him to a protest about air pollution. Peter declined (he wanted to go looking for Doctor Octopus) and Randy wasn’t impressed. He said Peter couldn’t make the excuse that he had a date because Gwen was going to be there. Maybe everyone was right and Peter Parker only cared about Peter Parker. (Amazing Spider-Man #89)

”...And Now, The Goblin!”

Randy showed up several issues later to go to an off Broadway show featuring Mary Jane. He arrived shortly after Spider-Man rescued a stoned African American teen from falling off a roof top. He complains about how drugs have been hurting the black community and makes comments that don't go over very well with Norman Osborn. Norman says it isn't his problem or responsibility, which Randy takes offense to. They eventually settle down and enjoy the show, until Norman starts to recognize a closet in the theater and later becomes the Green Goblin. (Amazing Spider-Man #96)

”The Spider Slayer!”

After Spider-Man returns from the Savage Land (and battling Kraven the Hunter and the monstrous Gog), he see's Randy at another protest at the Bugle. The protesters want the Bugle to focus more on minority rights and helping the common man and less time covering "the adventures of Ka-Zar and some costumed weirdo." Jameson shows up shortly and gets into an argument with one of the protesters and shoves him into the wall. The crowd turns on Jonah and only Randy tries to calm them down but to no use. Spidey pulls JJJ from the crowd and webs him to a fire escape above the crowd, much to their amusement. Potential bad blood between Randy and Jonah was averted when Jameson led a protest of his own against police cameras posted around the city, on the grounds they violated privacy. They even marched side by side. (Amazing Spider-Man #105)

”You Never Make a Sound”

While studying social work at Pittsburgh State University, he married a white Jewish woman named Mandy Batavides. Randy hadn’t told his family that he had gotten married and was bringing her home to meet them for Christmas. All they knew was that he was bringing a friend. (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man (vol. 1) #112)

”Things Fall Apart”

When Joe came to pick up Randy at JFK airport, he was stunned to see that he had married a white woman. (Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man (vol. 1) #115)


While traveling by train to Pennsylvania to see Robbie, they were attacked by the Grizzly. He had been defeated by Spider-Man and demanded a rematch but was laughed at by Peter after finally remembering him. Grizzly tossed Peter from the train and went after his traveling partners: Randy, Cynthia Bernhammer, Joy Mercado and Martha Robertson. Spider-Man defeated him by letting him think his back was broken. All Grizzly wanted was to prove that he could defeat Spider-Man. (Web of Spider-Man (vol. 1) #58)


After Robbie returned home from prison, his friends threw a welcome home party for him. The party was interrupted by the Hobgoblin (Jason Macendale), who had been hired by Hammerhead to kill Robbie. The Robertsons were saved by the timely arrival of Spider-Man and the Puma. (Spectacular Spider-Man (vol. 1) #161)

”Night of the Hunters”

While visiting the Bugle, Peter ran into Joe and Randy. He was asking Joe for money, who refused to give it. Joe said that Randy always said it was “the last time” and then nothing changed. Both he and Martha agreed to draw the line. Joe saw Peter and asked if he was ok after Mary Jane’s plane had crashed. He wasn’t but said hello to Randy. He hadn’t seen him since he and Mandy moved to California. Randy said that Amanda learned that California had good divorce laws. His father had been right, as always. Peter started to leave when Joe tried to give him some cash, which Peter refused. Randy was insulted that Joe would give money to Peter but not his own son. (Peter Parker: Spider-Man (vol. 2) #17)

”The Curse of Spider-Man?”

Peter and Flash were at the Bugle, where Peter was trying to sell pictures. Flash made a joke behind Peter’s back and Randy replied by making fun of his nickname. After Flash left, Randy suggested that they become roommates. (Peter’s things had been thrown out of the penthouse for nonpayment.) Peter agreed but had the leave because the Green Goblin was attacking Liz Allan. (Peter Parker: Spider-Man (vol. 2) #18)

”Slayers to the Left of Me”

Spider-Man had been captured by Alistaire Smythe and one of his spider slayer robots scanned his mind. It found what it was looking for: information on all of Peter’s loved ones. A large robot was tasked with killing Jonah Jameson and smaller ones were sent after other friends. Peter found one at the apartment that he shared with Randy, who was throwing a party. Peter blew off Glory and Jill Stacy (cousin of Gwen) and found a robot in the bathroom. He smashed it and flushed it down the toilet. He then ran out to find the other spider slayer robots. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 2) #21)

”Darkness Calling”

As Peter's room mate, Randy became a target of the Green Goblin. Osborn had drugged Peter's toothpaste with a mind altering drug, forcing him to act as the Goblin. While under the influence of the drug, Peter (dressed as the Goblin) attacked Randy and Glory while they were on a date. Only Peter's inexperience with the glider saved the couple from serious injury. They soon after ended their relationship. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 2) #25)

”Back in Black”

Peter had unmasked on live TV after the passing of the Superhuman Registration Act, causing May Parker to be shot by a sniper. He became angry and violent, bringing condemnation from Jameson. Peter was somewhat supported by Joe, who was fired by Jonah. Randy was furious when he learned that his father had been fired. He suggested that Joe claim the firing was racially motivated and Joe refused. Randy said it was unfair that his father be fired because of Peter unmasking. (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (vol. 1) #22)

When Jonah arrived at the Robertson house with a bottle of wine, he heard the same joke about firing Joe twice from Martha and Randy. He said “you people” needed better writers, which Randy took offense to. Jonah told him not to parse words, he was better at it. He asked for a moment with Joe and Randy left, saying if Jonah caused more trouble, there were plenty of doors at the house for him to walk into. (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (vol. 1) #23)

”I Hate a Mystery”

Peter picked up May and her new husband, J. Jonah Jameson, Sr., from the airport in Randy’s car. His driving terrified May and Jonah, making May ask him to drop her off at the F.E.A.S.T center. (Amazing Spider-Man #618)

”Revenge of the Spider Slayer”

Randy had less luck avoiding danger when he became a rival with Phil Urich for the affections of Norah Winters. Urich was also the Hobgoblin and saw an opportunity to take out his competition during an attack on the Bugle from Alistair Smythe's spider slayers. He knocked out a support beam which toppled onto Randy, badly hurting him. He recovered and quickly went back to being Norah's boyfriend and camera man. (Amazing Spider-Man #654)


That didnt last for long, after the Jackal and the Queen introduced spiders into Manhattan, which gave spider powers to anyone they bit. Randy was one of the bitten, which proved useful when Hobgoblin came to kill him once and for all. Norah didn't try and help Randy during the fight (a satchel of pumpkin bombs lay at her feet, which she hadn't noticed) as she was too busy getting pictures of the fight. Randy finally fought off the Hobgoblin and broke up with Norah for being too focused on getting the story to save him. He later showed up at the Bugle, where he progressed to stage two of the mutation: changing into a man spider. He, along with the rest of New York, was cured by the efforts of the scientists at Horizon Labs, Spider-Man, Mister Fantastic and Anti-Venom.

”Feast or Famine”

At the apartment he shared with Peter and Fred Myers (Boomerang), Randy’s cellphone alerted him to a break in at the F.E.A.S.T. center. He told Peter that May was planning on staying at the center, which made him hurry off. Fred said that robbing a homeless shelter was a terrible target and Randy said he was heading there to help. He told Fred to help, who declined. Randy said F.E.A.S.T. was running on nothing, so if it failed he’d have to move in with his parents. If that happened, Fred would have to find another roommate that could tolerate him. Fred went along, only because he refused to improve for anyone. (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (vol. 2) #7)

”Behind the Scenes”

Randy took up a job rebuilding the F.E.A.S.T. Center. The shelter was being helped by Peter, May Parker, and Fred. Randy left the three of them alone at the shelter, as he was on his way to see “To Kill a Mockingbird” with his new girlfriend, whom none of them had met. After he was gone, F.E.A.S.T. was attacked by the Syndicate (White Rabbit, Scorpia, Beetle, Carolyn Trainer, and the new Electro.) (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 4) #26)

Spider-Man and May escaped but Boomerang was kidnapped by the Syndicate. Spidey had left a spider tracer on Boomerang weeks prior and went back to their apartment to get a long range receiver, and found Randy with his mystery girlfriend: the Beetle. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 4) #27)

Inside the apartment, Randy was annoyed that she had stood him up at “To Kill a Mockingbird.” She apologized and said it was work. He had tried to text her but his phone seemed to not work. She told him that he had been skeptical of dating a criminal, to which she replied she was a lawyer. She also reminded him that he had agreed to date her if she didn’t harm innocent bystanders. His phone received a text telling him that the shelter had been attacked. She replied that his phone was supposed to be jammed for a few more minutes but confessed that she had blown up his job and kidnapped his roommate. He called her a psychopath and she replied that he was always complaining about him anyway. (Randy corrected her, saying it was Peter he complained about.) He demanded that she let Fred go, and she reminded him that he had tried to kill her when she was part of his gang. He told her Fred had changed and she said it was just business. He told her she knew how important F.E.A.S.T. was to him and she destroyed it anyway. He said the super villain apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and she told him to watch his mouth. She had a repulser ray but wouldn’t use it because she was a nice person.

At the shelter, Randy was trying to get things stabilized when he was met by a group hired by a “Mr. Stone.” May told him that they had arrived suddenly and promised to repair the place and rebuild it. She told him that a high powered lawyer had threatened to sue the city on their behalf. The lawyer’s name was Janice Lincoln and wanted to meet with them for brunch. She asked if he was available and after seeing Beetle looked down at them from a rooftop, he agreed. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 4) #28)

”Let’s Try Something New!”

Randy visited his father at work and Robbie asked his son how he had been so busy that they had to schedule a lunch. Randy hadn’t told him he was dating the Beetle, daughter of Tombstone. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 4) #61)

”A World Without Love”

Peter had disappeared for a while, leaving many people wondering where he had gone. Randy was forced to pay the rent on the apartment even though he had moved out. He was waiting at what was now Peter’s apartment, irritated with him. He got over it, telling Peter he was going to propose to Janice. Peter said that was great and went inside, despite Randy being nervous about asking permission to marry the daughter of a gangster. He saw that Peter had left the apartment in a mess and said that was why he didn’t visit with Gog.

At a restaurant, he was nervously chatting with Tombstone, who didn’t say much. The gangster replied that in his day, you took what you wanted and then found out if you were strong enough to keep it. He suggested that Randy did what he wanted and then find out. Then he laughed and said Janice would do what she wanted. He then decided to tell Randy about the time Joe stabbed him with a pitchfork. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 6) #1)

On a vacation (strongly recommended by Tombstone after his mansion was destroyed by Richard Fisk and Digger) in Upstate New York, Randy tried to stammer out a marriage proposal to Janice when she beat him to the punch. He tried to call his dad to give the good news but Joe wasn’t answering. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 6) #3)

They drove back to the city just in time for Randy to get a call from Peter. In a panic, Spider-Man told him that Tombstone had his father in Harlem. Randy demanded to Janice that they see her dad and she only briefly refused. At the mansion, Janice told Randy to not be an idiot but he ran into the building anyway. He found his dad with Tombstone, peacefully drinking coffee. Joe said that Tombstone had told him about their soon to be marriage. Janice was right behind Randy, also surprised to see a peaceful situation. Tombstone told Janice that he let the “proper authorities” (Spider-Man, fooled by Tombstone) deal with Fisk. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 6) #4)

”Judgment Day”

The Avengers and X-Men accidentally awoke a sleeping Celestial creature called Progenitor. The creature declared that it was going to judge humanity as a collective and as individuals for 24 hours. If it was displeased, there would be no tomorrow. Progenitor appeared to Peter as Gwen Stacy, who silently watched his every move. When asked, Randy didn’t see her watching. He asked Peter to help him pick a tuxedo for his wedding and Peter was stunned that he wanted to do it while humanity was being judged. Randy said Janice didn’t believe in that sort of thing but did believe in killing him if his tux didn’t match her dress. He reminded Peter that he had promised to help and he reluctantly agreed. Gwen seemed pleased. At the shop, the tailor said he didn’t know what the Progenitor’s values were, so he carried on his day. Randy agreed and asked Peter how he was spending his day. Peter said he’d visit his aunt and Gwen silently smiled. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 6) #10)

Randy’s bachelor party was disappointing, as only Peter showed up. Also, he was only drinking water. Peter claimed that no one else arrived because he had forgotten to send the invitations. Randy left Peter, angry that he had put him in charge of the party. Peter always left early and showed up late. Randy had hoped Peter would step up but he had been wrong. Randy came back later and found Peter to say he had talked to one of the no show guests, who said Peter had given plenty of notice. No one was coming to the bachelor party or wedding because he was marrying a super villain. He thanked Peter for trying to take the blame.

At the wedding, as soon as Tombstone handed Janice to Randy, an assassin named Shotgun rode into the outdoor ceremony via motorcycle and shot the gang leader. Spider-Man stopped Shotgun from finishing Tombstone but he still escaped. Afterward, Randy left with his parents as Janice watched her father being loaded into an ambulance. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 6) #31)

”Spider-Man’s First Hunt”

At a hospital in Harlem, Randy was visiting Janice and her father. She wasn’t happy to see him, feeling that he had been ignoring her while petitioning the mayor about fighting crime. Randy replied that he’d always gotten involved if something bad happened. She said he was coming after her family but was interrupted by an alarm. In Tombstone’s room, doctors panicked after seeing someone had turned off the ventilator. As the staff scrambled, Randy saw Spider-Man in the black costume swinging away, cackling. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 6) #34

”Gang War”

At a meeting of mob bosses, Janice arrived to take her father’s seat. Hammerhead told her that if she wanted to be at the table, then she had to kill the guy that was trying to get superheroes legalized. (All superpowers vigilantes were outlawed after former Mayor Wilson Fisk passed Fisk’s Law.) That person, of course, was Randy. She told them to give her 24 hours.

Randy was talking with current Mayor Luke Cage about the difficulty in repealing Fisk’s Law. Randy was about to meet with opponents of the law and Cage wanted him to tell them to keep the faith. After the call ended, Randy was approached by the Beetle and he assumed she was trying to intimidate him. He told her he was done with being intimidated after their wedding. She threw him against a wall but she couldn’t kill him. She started to tell him to leave the state when four men arrived and shot at them. Randy was badly injured and rushed to a hospital. Janice, unhurt, was alongside him as doctors rolled him into the ER. Robbie was already there, as he had been visiting Tombstone. He told her to stay away from his son and she ran away.

Randy was later on life support, Robbie silently sitting with him. Spider-Man arrived to console Robbie and he was told to leave. As he was about to go, explosions erupted around the city as the latest gang war had begun. (Amazing Spider-Man Gang War First Strike #1)

Madame Mask was eventually defeated and Tombstone stood as unchallenged leader of New York’s gangs. Peter went to visit Randy in the hospital, telling the comatose man that Fisk’s Law had been repealed. People had taken to the streets to have the law taken off the books and Randy had been the inspiration. Peter would rather just have him back. Randy opened his eyes and said he couldn’t act anymore, Peter was being too sad. He’d been woken up after Spider-Man had left that morning. The webhead must have been more inspiring than Peter was being. Peter explained that Spider-Man had teamed with Tombstone against the other gangs and won, despite a double cross. Randy asked about Janice and Peter didn’t have an answer. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 6) #44)

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