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Rather gawky




5' 7"


140 lbs


Uncanny ability to look like a total geek at any time.


When Phil dons the brain-sizzling Goblin mask, he gains superhuman strength and speed. The suit also shields him from damage. Installed in the mask is a device that gives Phil his "Lunatic Laugh", which can disable people from the sonic force. He has electrical finger-blasters that shoot energy beams and bright flashes.

(Costume)The costume possessed by Phil was once Harry Osborn's "next generation" of Green Goblin. The most intricate piece of the Goblin's costume is the mask, which including remote cameras, scanners, and 'glider-cam' vision abilites, houses the maniacal-laugh device.

(Mask) The mask is the source of Phil's power. Whenever he puts it on, it delivers a massive electrical charge through his body, boosting his natural abilities. Arm and leg power-bracers enhance his power even more. The Goblin also has mini- jets installed in the boots, which he can use whenever his glider is out of action. The boot-jets act a lot like roller-blades, and let him fly without extra equipment.

(Glider) The Goblin's real power lies in his assortment of weapons and equipment. The most prominent piece of Goblin equipment is his Bat Glider. A long, bat-shaped platform propelled by jets, the glider allows him to fly through the city, and hover in mid-air. Phil recently rigged a video- game joystick to give him remote control of the glider. It also has a camera installed in the nose, giving the Goblin enhanced reconaissance abilities.


Phil's main limitation is his inexperience with the entire 'hero' thing. The suit and equipment gives him the ability to walk the walk, but it's taken him some time to learn the talk. Another main limitation for Phil is the reputation that has preceded the Green Goblin, but those images of chaos and evil have been tainted by the Goblin's latest exploits.


Phil possesses no natural-born superhuman powers. All of his abilities are given to him through the suit.

Strength Level:

Presently unknown. The Goblin suit gives Phil augmented strength, enough to lift heavy objects and trash city property.


Plenty of those too...

(Bag Of Tricks) It looks like a regular leather hip bag, but the real advantage is not the thing itself, but the Goblin- Goodies inside!

(Pumpkin Bombs) The Green Goblin's trademark weapons are his pumpkin bombs. Small orange spheres resembling Jack O' Lanterns, the pumpkin bombs hold explosives, smoke, concussion and flashbomb charges. He often uses them as an intimidation weapon, laughing and hurling the smoking bombs.

(Glove Blasters)Installed in the tip of the index-finger of each of the Goblin's gloves are high-powered, electrical blasters. These powerful devices give the Goblin his most basic and straightforward attack. He can also use the electrical energy produced from the gloves to create a blinding flash, incapacitating his foes for several seconds.

(Gas Ghosts) Small gelatin ghost-like shapes, this devices releases a noxious gas that causes nausea and coughing. Phil accidentally learned how these work by chucking one on the floor in his apartment.

(Razor Bat Blades) These sharp weapons are long, bat-shaped blades that can be thrown, often in three's. Phil uses these more to short-out armored suits (as in issue #9), or to cut wires. He rarely uses them to slice up people. After all, he's a good guy!


Natural Born U.S. Citizen

Created By:

Tom DeFalco, Scott McDaniel

Current Groups:

the Loners

Current Occupation:

College student

Dual Identity:



High School Graduate, College student at ESU

Former Groups:

He talked to the New Warriors once, but never joined.

Former Occupation:

Journalism Intern at the Daily Bugle

Known Allies:

Daredevil, Scarlet Spider

Known Confidants:

"Fast" Freddy Glazer, Lynn Walsh, Meredith Campbell, Ben Urich

Known Relatives:

Uncle Ben Urich, reporter for the Daily Bugle, Arnold & Mindy Urich (parents, GG #1), Kenneth Urich (older brother, GG #1), Doris Urich (aunt, wife of Ben Urich

Legal Status:


Major Enemies:

Hobgoblin, Angel Face, Steel Slammer, "Netshape", the Rhino

Marital Status:


Place of Birth:


Real Name:

Phillip Urich

Usual Bases:

Phil's New York loft apartment


"The Green Goblin"

Phil Urich was a college drop out that worked as a part time intern for his uncle, Ben Urich, at the Daily Bugle. He also ran with a bad crowd. He didn't take part in their thuggish past times, but he did tend to trust them too much with sensitive information. Ben Urich was investigating the Osborn family for his tell all book, "Dynasty of Evil" when Phil uncovered a warehouse that could have info proving that Norman Osborn and Harry Osborn lived double lives as the Green Goblin. Unfortunately, Phil also told his "friends" about the warehouse.

While Ricko "the Sicko" was searching the warehouse for the Goblin gear, Ben Urich showed up and was caught by the crooks. Phil, who had been called by his friend "Fast" Freddy to say that Ricko was at the warehouse, arrived just in time to see Ben get caught. Phil hid, and accidentally stumbled into the secret headquarters of Harry Osborn. He backed up into a large canister full of icky green fluid, and got covered in the highly dangerous Mendel Stromm Formula. Knowing his uncle was in trouble, Phil quickly donned the costume and succeeded in scaring off the criminals. Once he had flown back to his apartment, and realized the extent of his actions, he decided it would be cool to keep the Goblin-gear. (Green Goblin #1)

At first, Phil became the Green Goblin for kicks, but as time went on, he became confused about what his real purpose was. He had a run-in with the Rhino, who was paying off a football star for throwing important games. The police showed up in an anti gambling sting and Phil quickly found himself a target of both the Rhino and the police. He easily defeated the Rhino with his greater speed and agility, dropping the grey Goliath head first into the docks. Alexsi was knocked unconscious, his horn jammed into the wood. (Green Goblin #2)

Working late one night, Phil just missed running into Peter Parker (dressed as the Scarlet Spider) researching Ben Urich's notes on Professor Miles Warren. He followed the Scarlet Spider to Warren's former home in New Jersey, which was now home to a clone of Warren and the Gwen Stacy clone. Goblin followed them as Spider went after them in a high speed car chase. The car crashed at the George Washington bridge, and Goblin tried to save the Gwen clone by carrying her off to one of the bridge's spires. Both Scarlet Spider and the Warren clone panicked when realizing that another Green Goblin had seemingly kidnapped another Gwen Stacy. Warren tried to scare Goblin away by shooting at him but instead caused the Gwen clone to stumble off of the spire. Despite the flashback to the death of the real Gwen, Scarlet Spider managed to swing down and save her from hitting the river. Goblin escaped and flew back to his loft, telling himself he had a lot to learn about being a hero. (Web of Spider-Man #126)

He also teamed-up with the Scarlet Spider to stop the players in "The Great Game" (in which super powered types are hired to fight other super powered types while their sponsors gamble on the outcome), even though he lusted after the malicious lady mercenary, Joystick. (Amazing Scarlet Spider #2) Joystick was assigned to the Scarlet Spider, but being a romantic idiot, Phil went in his place. Scarlet Spider and the Green Goblin managed to save Joystick's life from El Toro Negro, a contestant that she had defeated previously. Phil let Joystick go while Spider dealt with El Toro, much to Scarlet's dismay. The Goblin left him with the quip, "The laughs, man...I'm strictly looking for jollies!" (Green Goblin #3)

While Phil was basically the Goblin for the laughs, he also had a conscience. The new Goblin intervened on the Hobgoblin while heisting the New York subway "money train". Jason Macendale's ex-wife's new husband was a wealthy accountant for the New York transit authority and was going to hold a press conference in the subway. He considered it a perfect way to humiliate his ex and her new husband. Hobgoblin thoroughly thrashed the new and untested Green Goblin. Phil barely escaped, until he realized that his cute co-worker, Lynn Walsh, was still at the scene. He forced himself to go back and was quickly humiliated. Hobgoblin told the Green Goblin that this defeat would cost him, only to be saved by the timely arrival of The Thing. (Green Goblin #4)

Phil became haunted by all the past Goblin incarnations, from Norman Osborn to Ned Leeds to Demogoblin. "Death comes to all who assume the mantle of the Goblin!" they warned him, but he didn't listen.

It wasn't until the mafia-connected Judge Tomb put a contract on his Uncle's life that Phil actually gained a sense of duty toward his new found identity. With the help of Daredevil, Green Goblin stopped the assassin Purge, gave the not-so-honorable judge a serious warning (he threw Purge's arm-mounted cannon through Tomb's study window), and began acting like a hero. (Green Goblin #5)

Subsequently, the Goblin gained a sort of cult following among the younger generation of New Yorker's. Many saw him as a renegade hero, a lone-wolf playing by his own rules. GG has gone up against some new foes, including the armored Steel Slammer. (Green Goblin #7)

However, all the popularity and press Phil gained as the Green Goblin got him more attention than he desired. The widow Liz Osborn engaged the Daily Bugle, hoping to get Ben Urich's Green Goblin file to find out who had stolen her husband's villain identity. After Phil saved Liz and her son, Normie Osborn, from Angel Face and her band of electronic thieves, the widow Osborn gave the new Goblin her blessing! (Green Goblin #8)

Phil soon fought Netshape, a virtual reality crook (Green Goblin #9), and Arcade, who had been hired by Gaunt to kill the usurper Green Goblin. Arcade failed but much information was gathered about Urich, which was useful for Gaunt's employer, Norman Osborn. (Green Goblin #10)

The Green Goblin's latest re-incarnation was, sadly, destined not to last. During the 'Onslaught' story-line, Phil went head-to-head with a Sentinel. His victory was Pyrrhic, since the battle damaged his Green Goblin mask (the source of his power) beyond repair. (Green Goblin #12) After a short, unsuccessful attempt to carry on with out super-powers (he tried to use a green ski mask and his bicycle to make up for the Goblin mask and glider) Phil decided to quit while he was ahead. He lost the Goblin gear and never got to date Lynn Walsh, but he did go back to college and start dating his other office cutie, Meredith "Merry" Campbell. (Green Goblin #13)


Phil returned to the Goblin identity in the Runaways series. The equipment was still trashed but he began hearing voices, telling him to do things. He attacked the Runaways, which turned out badly for him. This was after he helped form the team called the Loners, who were dedicated to helping young teenagers with powers to not fight crime. It wasn't an "evil" goal, just something that meant to keep bored, troubled teens from making dangerous decisions. The team was also attended by Mattie Franklin.


Phil's sanity continued to deteriorate. Working a manual labor job at the Bugle, he overheard that his new crush, Norah Winters, was working on a story involving Norman Osborn, the original Green Goblin. Hoping to get on her good side, Phil tried to raid a Goblin hideout for weapons to show her. Unfortunately, he was interrupted by the long lost Hobgoblin, who didn't like the idea of someone else stealing Osborn's tools. Phil actually managed to defeat the Hobgoblin with the lunatic laugh, then cut off his head with a plasma sword. Taking Hobby's costume and the new Goblin technology that Norman had created, Phil became the new Hobgoblin.

Hobgoblin had been working for Wilson Fisk, who wanted to posses a new material called reverbium, similar to vibranium. Phil took over the job, and broke into Horizon Industries. Naturally, because everything in a comic book is inter-related, Horizon Industries was also the new place of employment for Peter Parker. Expecting to face Roderick Kingsley, Spidey was surprised to be beaten so quickly by an unexpected lunatic laugh. (Amazing Spider-Man #649) About to add Spidey's head to his collection of severed noggins, Hobgoblin was defeated by Bella Fishbach, who patched in a Lady Gaga song into the loud speaker, drowning out the sonic weapon. Hobgoblin escaped with the reverbium, and agreed to work for the Kingpin. He also showed his video of the Hobgoblin stealing the reverbium from Horizon Labs to Nora Winters, who went out celebrating with her boyfriend, Randy Robertson. He planned a new move to win Norah's attention: setting Spider-Man and the Black Cat up against the Kingpin. (Amazing Spider-Man #650)

The fight took place in the laboratory in Kingpin's office building that held the reverbium. Hobgoblin's sonic laugh triggered a massive response from the metal, shaking the building to the ground. Kingpin's right hand man, Montana, was seemingly killed in the collapse and Hobgoblin was elevated as his replacement. Later, Hobby's equipment was sent to the Tinkerer for repairs. (Amazing Spider-Man #651)

Phil continued to cause trouble at the Bugle. As Alistaire Smythe's Spider-Slayers attempted to kill JJJ and his loved ones, Robbie Robertson was attacked at the Daily Bugle. Urich took advantage of the chaos to topple a support beam on top of Randy. (Amazing Spider-Man #654) Still attempting to get Nora's attention, he heard Nora tell Spider-Girl (aka Anya Sofia Corazon) during an interview that a person would have to be pretty tough to beat the new spider vigilante. Phil decided to pick a fight with Spider-Girl as the Hobgoblin. Spider-Girl managed to block out his sonic laugh with chewing gum in her ears. (Yes, that's right.) Hobgoblin fled when Spider-Man arrived at the scene. (Spider-Girl vol. 2 #6)

Hobby next showed up as an enforcer for the Kingpin, putting a hurting on a Greek immigrant named George Panayiotou. George was a restaurant owner, who refused to sell his land to Kingpin, who wanted to tear down the building to build a sports bar. Luckily for Mr Panayiotou, his new bar tender was Hercules, who managed to defeat the Hobgoblin, who confessed to Fisk's scheme. Fisk came to get Hobgoblin, and made an agreement with Hercules: Herc ends the Cult of Ares and Fisk spares the Panayiotou restaurant. The Cult had polarized New York, which made it harder for Kingpin to control. (Hercules #2)

Hobgoblin finally got what he wanted: breaking up Randy and Norah. Randy and Norah were covering the events of Spider-Island when Hobgoblin attacked Randy. He chose a bad time, as New Yorkers everywhere were developing spider powers similar to Spider-Man's. Randy and Phil fought to a draw, while Norah took pictures. She was so preoccupied by doing her job, she didn't notice the bag of pumpkin bombs at her feet. Randy had noticed and was furious that she hadn't used them to help him. After Phil took off, Randy dumped Norah. Phil came back shortly, pretending to have just gotten her message about needing a photographer at the scene. Norah and Phil then became a couple. (Spider-Island: Deadly Foes #1)

Later, Hobgoblin got a rematch with Spider-Girl. As she was fending off an attack of Wasps, the naturally enemy of spiders, she was rescued by Phil. He drove off the Wasps with his sonic laugh and then kidnapped Anya, taking her to the Kingpin. Fisk had learned that Anya and Spider-Girl were one and the same and he offered her a job. (Spider-Island: Amazing Spider-Girl #1) Sometime later, Urich took on both the Fly and Agent Venom (Flash Thompson). Fly had stolen from Fisk and Hobby had been sent to kill him during his transfer by train to a new prison. Fly nearly killed him but both criminals managed to escape. (Venom vol.2 #16)

Little did Phil know, but the man he had killed hadn't been the real Hobgoblin. Daniel Kingsley had been sent by his identical twin, Roderick, to take his place while Roderick worked in the Central American country of Delvadia. After the original Hobgoblin learned that his brother was dead he made plans to return to New York. (Amazing Spider-Man #691) Meanwhile, Urich was witness as a panicked Madam Webb (Julia Carpenter) contacted Peter at the Daily Bugle, who called Peter Spider-Man. Peter ran to the exit but his hyper sensitive spider-sense (made so by an invention of Ty Stone, who also worked for Wilson Fisk) made him disoriented and he was easily picked off the ground by a gloating Hobgoblin. (Amazing Spider-Man #695)

Peter was taken to the Kingpin, who was told by the Hobgoblin that Parker works for Spider-Man. They planned to use Peter as a hostage to draw out Spider-Man...or just kill him and deprive Spidey of his weapons technician. A ransom video was sent to Max Modell, telling him to summon Spider-Man and have him bring a certain briefcase to Shadowland. (The briefcase was soon found to hold a "Goblin key," which had belonged to Norman Osborn. It unlocked all of Osborn's secrets regarding the Green Goblin and information he acquired as the head of H.A.M.M.E.R.) Meanwhile, Roderick had learned of the new Hobgoblin's secret identity and confronted the usurper at Shadowland. As the Hobgoblins fought it out, Peter and Max escaped with the Goblin key. Fisk soon saw it was gone and ordered both Goblins to get it back or risk becoming his enemy. (Amazing Spider-Man #696)

Kingsley and Urich grudgingly set their feud aside and chased the nerds to one of Osborn's secret hideouts, which the Goblin Key had led Peter to. Peter and Max were locked inside, while the Hobgoblins were locked out. Urich taunted Peter, telling him that a bat-drone was headed toward Norah Winters with the mission to blow her up, unless he gave them the key. Peter was able to create a flying craft from equipment around Osborn's hideout and found a Spider-Man costume to wear. (Norman had been using it for target practice.) Spidey held them off until the detonation device Max set up destroyed Osborn's hideout and equipment. Urich wanted payback for the loss, but he was defeated by Kingsley. Roderick gave Phil a bargain he couldn't refuse: stay the Hobgoblin but give him a cut of all of his profits. (Amazing Spider-Man #697)

Phil continued to act as both a Bugle reporter (working with Nora Winters in covering Eli Wirtham's (Cardiac) take over of the F.E.A.S.T. location (Superior Spider-Man #7)) and as Kingpin's personal Hobgoblin. That came to an end when Shadowland was attacked and destroyed by the Superior Spider-Man and his forces. Both he and Fisk were stunned to learn that Spider-Man planned to kill them both and Kingpin escaped after killing his body double. Phil was left to fend for himself and barely escaped the burning Shadowland complex alive. One of Spider-Man's spider-robots located Hobgoblin but took no action against him. (Superior Spider-Man #14)

Phil soon fled to the Tinkerer's repair shop and demanded a charge for his flame sword and pumpkin bombs with twice the normal explosive yield. He was paid good money by Robbie Robertson, but not enough to cover the Tinkerer's bill or the monthly cut he owed Kingsley. Roderick contacted him and demanded that he commit bank robberies if needed to make his payment. Hobgoblin's crime wave infuriated Spider-Man, whose spider bots were failing to track the "grinning idiot." Spidey demanded that his men fan out and not rest until they sighted the Hobgoblin. (Hobgoblin had caught a lucky break, as the Green Goblin had hacked Spider-Man's radio signals from his spider bots to ignore all crimes connected to any Goblin. Upon hearing of Hobgoblin's crime spree, Green Goblin cut off the hack.)

Spidey soon caught up to Urich and nearly apprehended him, when he escaped into a crowd of New Yorkers as Phil. However, enough spider tracers had attached to him that he had audio on what Phil was saying. He heard Robbie call him Phil and told Ben Urich to get his nephew under control as he demanded more money. Spidey responded by hijacking the TV news broadcasts and annoncing that Phil Urich was the Hobgoblin and that he was looking for him. The news was also boradcast at the Bugle, where Phil was among his uncle, Robbie and Norah Winters. (Superior Spider-Man #15)

When Spider-Man finally realized that Urich was at the Bugle, Phil took Norah as hostage, threatening to kill her with his flaming sword. Tiberius Stone, however, had taken remote control of Phil's equipment and shut down the sword. In a last ditch effort for freedom, Phil used his sonic laugh to cause searing pain to the crowd of people in the room. He had forgotten that his uncle was present, which caused him to stop. Phil was soon in police custody, but was broken out of the police transport unit by Menace. The woman took him to the Green Goblin, who appointed Phil as the Goblin Knight. (Superior Spider-Man #16)

"Goblin Knight"

Impulsive as ever, Urich was ready to take on Spider-Man again, much to the Green Goblin's annoyance. He blamed Phil for jeopardizing his plan by acting as a Hobgoblin, and possibly revealing to Spider-Man that his system had been hacked. (Green Goblin had hacked Spidey's network to make the vigilante's spider spy cameras blind to any crimes commited by Goblins. Since Hobgoblin had been captured but hadnt been noticed by the cameras, it may have made the webhead suspicious.) As it turned out, this gave Goblin an idea. (Superior Spider-Man #17)

Goblin Knight was later spying on Superior Spider-Man's Spider-Island headquarters, gauging it for weaknesses and its operations. Green Goblin sent him to his next mission, watching Carlie Cooper (now known as "Monster" after being captured and exposed to the Goblin formula) as she and Menace took out Kingsley's hired goons. After killing one of them himself, Goblin Knight spoke to Kingsley via the dead goon's video camera, telling him that if he wanted to talk, he knew how to contact him. Kingsley later contacted the Green Goblin, realizing that he was the one behind the killing and robbing of his men. They agreed on a meeting place to fight it out for good. (Superior Spider-Man #25)

Green Goblin and Hobgoblin met with both of their armies standing by, as both agreed to fight mono a mono. The winner would take control of the other's army. After Green Goblin beat his opponent to death, he took control of his men and prepared for the assault on Spider-Island. Goblin Knight stayed behind, suspicious of his former boss's death. Unmasking him, he saw that it was an imposter dressed as Hobgoblin. Kingsley had brainwashed a lackey to stand in his place. Urich kept the information to himself, not willing to risk losing Green Goblin's control of his new army. (Superior Spider-Man #26)

Goblin Knight was with Monster and Menace at the head of the goblin army as they began the attack on Spider-Island, gleefully reminding Spider-Man that it was payback for destroying Shadowland. (Superior Spider-Man #27) Spider-Man fled Spider-Island aboard the Living Brain as the Goblin army murdered every one of Superior Spider-Man's troops. Goblin Knight informed Green Goblin upon his arrival that Spider-Man had escaped, and Goblin gave them orders to attack their targets to draw their enemy out. (Superior Spider-Man #28) Goblin Knight was attacking Midtown and the Avengers when he was kicked in the face by the returned Amazing Spider-Man. Goblin fled and Spider-Man made his way to Alchemax, the source of the Green Goblin's transmission to his army. (Superior Spider-Man #31)

Before the attack on the city and on Spider-Island, Phil made a quick visit to his Uncle Ben Urich to warn him about the impending danger. He warned his uncle to stay inside and not come out, but being a reporter, Ben went to the Bugle to warn the other reporters. One of them was Robbie Robertson, Phil's ex-girlfriend, Norah Winters, had been on TV and called him a loser, an insult that he did not forget. Goblin Knight attacked her apartment, but he found his uncle waiting for him, with Norah nowhere in sight.

Ben wanted to help his nephew and was about to administer a possible cure for the Goblin formula when Goblin Knight's lackeys came in with Robertson. Ben offered the serum to Phil, who slapped it away and slashed at Robbie with his sword when he said that Phil wanted to be the Goblin. Ben called out to Spider-Man's spider cameras that he had found Goblin Knight when the lackeys threatened to kill him. Phil lashed out with his sword again, cutting them down and demanding that he be the one to kill his own blood. Superior Spider-Man arrived and tore Phil's mask during the fight. Seeing his nephew's face convinced Ben that he really did enjoy the violence and there was no saving him. Spider-Man shorted out Goblin's electric gauntlet and went to take Robertson to the hospital, allowing Goblin Knight to escape. (Superior Spider-Man Annual #2)

"Goblin King"

Phil was soon meeting with Mr. Negative, waiting for the Eel to arrive and their meeting to discuss carving New York between them to begin. He insisted that Negative call him "Goblin King" as he felt he earned it after serving under Osborn and the Kingpin. The wait was soon over as the Eel crashed through the skylight, courtesy of the Black Cat. She demanded to join them

"Threat Level: Red"

Goblin King and his Goblin minions soon attacked a science demonstation at Alchemax Industries. Liz Allen was introducing Tritium as a new power sourse. The isotope was highly explosive and safety dictated they only use a small sliver of the material. That was when Goblin King arrived and lopped off the hand of the guard handling the isotope. Flying off with the hand, Goblin used it to fool the security scanner and open the vault containing the rest of the substance. He was interrupted by Spider-Man and Agent Anti-Venom, who webbed the hand away from him. Agent Anti-Venom left to reattach the guard's hand, confident that Spider-Man could defeat Goblin King again. He didnt know Spidey had beaten him with gadets and special equipment, none of which he had currently. Urich quickly beat him with his sonic laugh, until he was called by JJJ, who managed to block out the noise with Benny Goodman and his own voice. Spidey kept himself together long enough to kick Goblin King in the throat, cutting off the laughter. Phil kicked Spidey in the head and retrieved a piece of the tririum before escaping. (Amazing Spider-Man #796)

Having run out of weapons, Phil decided to ransack Osborn's hideout but was disappointed in the typical Goblin weapons. Norman showed up and told him that beggars cant be choosers, but that Phil was definitely a loser. Goblin King lunged at him with the sword, which was caught in Norman's hand. Phil was stunned by that, but not for long as Osborn impaled and ripped him apart. Phil had no idea, but Norman had bonded to the Carnage symbiote, and called himself the Red Goblin. (Amazing Spider-Man #797)

“Red Goblin”

Phil was surprised that his story hadn’t ended. The goblin formula kept his cells from deteriorating but not completely. He said that feeling of your flesh rotting away was a unique one, he could write a book. (Red Goblin #2)

After retreating to the sewer, he rebuilt the remains of the Goblin Nation and set out looking for Norman Osborn. His gang had encountered the new Red Goblin, Normie Osborn. One of the gang described what he saw and the Goblin King knew that Osborn was involved. He sent the gang after Osborn, who was in the process of opening the Harold Osborn Addiction Treatment Center. (In the time that Phil had been away, Norman’s sins had been removed by the Sin Eater’s shotgun. This gave Norman a conscience and remorse for his past crimes.) The Goblin Nation kidnapped Norman and took him to the Goblin King. (Red Goblin #1)

Urich’s decomposition continued, to the extent that he needed his follower, Candra, to sew his jaw back together. As she held him together, he told her to take over the Goblin Nation after he died for good. Before that, he ordered her to kidnap Timothy Anders, whose parents were billionaires. He told her that she’d be the Goblin King someday but for now, he needed a Goblin Knight. Tim Anders was a classmate of Normie and the kidnapping went bad. One of the gang was hurt but they still escaped with Tim. Candra called Urich to explain the situation and after the call ended, he told Crossbones to go and make it look like they had turned on each other. (Red Goblin #6)

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