Web of Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #125 (Story 1)

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Kerry Wilkinson (E-Mail)

Story 'Lives Unlived'

Peter is in the Daily Bugle's morgue (why would a newspaper have its own morgue?!) He is researching Prof Warren to try and piece some things together. He is disturbed, however, by someone (who works at the Bugle)'s nephew. As the Scarlet Spider, he makes his escape, though.

Peter makes his way to Prof Warren's old house in Jersey and breaks in. He finds lots of lab equipment and computers there. He runs into - Gwen - who whacks him with a taser disguised as a broom. Warren is there too and Gwen says it's the face from her nightmares.

MJ is at Felicia's. She tells her that the baby she is carrying could be effected by Peter's irridiated blood. They console each other, then Felicia changes into her cat costume to find Spidey. Spidey awakes on his own in the Warren house but finds a journal. Warren knows he is a clone and he has tracked down Joyce Delaney - who is another Gwen clone (SSM annual #8 for details).

Somehow (no idea how considering he was unconscious) Peter has got a tracer on Warren's car - which he is driving off with Gwen in. Peter goes swinging off in pursuit while - The Green Goblin follows.

Warren makes a reckless turn while racing away on the George Washington Bridge and careers off the edge. The Goblin drops by and grabs Gwen, taking her to the top of the bridge. The goblin goes to save Warren but Gwen falls off the bridge behind him. Spidey watches aghast and leaps into action - saving Gwen this time.

Peter then goes to get Warren but his clone has apparently degenerated in the water.

Elsewhere the Goblin has got back to an apartment and thinks about his uncle 'B' back at the Bugle. Joyce/Gwen realizes she is a clone and that her memories are not really hers.

General Comments

Aaaaaggghhhhhh. Just when the drawn out saga needs some answers all we get is yet more mystery. A new Green Goblin, presumably related to 'Uncle B' Ben Urich at the Bugle. More clones, more confusion, more mess.

I'm not anti-Clone Saga but the sheer amount of needless dragging out of things is utterly ridiculous. You watch a TV show, read a book or a comic because IT HAS AN END. You get to see or read a finale. But instead of anything even remotely approaching an end all this offers is yet more confusion.

For a start, why is another Green Goblin, who's clearly not Norman or Harry Osborn needed? At worst, create a new villain, at best, get on and tell the story.

MJ's chat with Felicia and the Black Cat going in search of Pete has now taken two whole issues with nothing concluded. Why can't the writers finish the plot lines they've started?

As a single issue, this isn't terrible but as part of a saga where everything is supposed to compliment each other, it just throws up yet more in an endless stream of plot threads.

Overall Rating


 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Kerry Wilkinson (E-Mail)