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Our Review Ratings use a scale from 0.5 Webs to 5 Webs.

One Web: This book sucked big time. Don't waste your cash unless you're a devoted completist. Probably the plot was stupid and the art was unimpressive.

Two Webs: This book was a bit lame, with very little to redeem itself. Probably a formula plot with dumb villains. If you're a casual Spidey buyer, you'll probably want to miss it.

Three Webs: Average stuff. No shame in receiving three webs - since it is often relative to the current quality of a title. A three web book is an average, competent issue.

Four Webs: A good comic book - intelligent plot with good art. Something noticibly better than the rest. Well worth the money to have a copy to read a couple of times.

Five Webs: Excellent stuff! One of the best books of the year. The kind of thing which can restore your faith in comic books!

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