Database Overview

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Within our "Fifty Years of Spider-Man" Titles Database you can find the following collectibles:

Within those Realms, the goal is to collect:

All relevant Spider-Man Appearances and Tie-Ins from 1962–2015.

Of course, things aren't always entirely clear-cut. Here are our site-rules for determining what is included and what is excluded.

  • We include: Classic Universe-616 Peter Parker original Spider-Man.
  • We include: Alternate universe Spidey 2099, Spider-Man 1602, What If, Earth X, Exiles, etc.
  • We include: Comics up to and including cover date October 2015, plus Secret Wars (2015).
  • We include: Reprints of core Spider-Man titles, if published in the U.S.A. or U.K.
  • We include: Spider-Man Guest Appearances, Flashbacks, and Cameo Appearances.
  • We include: Spider-Man Magazine Articles and Previews.
  • We include: Spider-Man Profiles in Marvel Handbooks and Guides.
  • We include: Spider-Man Fakes, Robots, Clones, Costumes (if "presented as" Spider-Man).
  • We include: Spider-Man References (e.g. Spider-Man appears on a T-Shirt, poster, billboard).
  • We include: Spin-Offs starring Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl, Venom, Carnage, Arana, Mary-Jane.
  • We include: All Issues of a Spider-Man Title even if Spidey is temporarily absent.
  • We include: Variant Covers for all core Spider-Man titles.
  • We include: Variant Covers for all Spin-Off titles up until June 2010.


  • We exclude: Anything following the All-New, All-Different Marvel reboot of 2015.
  • We exclude: Variant Covers for all Spin-Off titles from July 2010 onwards.
  • We exclude: Compilations/Reprints of guest or spin-off appearances.
  • We exclude: Notepads, drawing books or stationary that are essentially blank.
  • We exclude: A single standalone coloring page or single sheet of stickers.
  • We exclude: Books in "Library Binding" format if a regular Hardback also exists.
  • We exclude: Books which contain only stickers and/or blank/lined pages.
  • We exclude: Marvel corporate material that was only distributed internally.
  • We exclude: Pure advertising material with no story or entertainment.
  • We exclude: Signed cover variants.
  • We exclude: Artificially limited variants (less than 1,000 copies).
  • We exclude: Remarked variants.
  • We exclude: Printing error and recalled variants.
  • We exclude: Newsstand variants.
  • We exclude: Online comics.
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