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American Flag detaling, round shield




6' 2"


220 lbs


Cap is an expert in hand-to-hand combat, trained in various forms of martial arts, a master strategist, acrobat, and pilot. He is fluent in several languages and is also an accomplished artist.


A shield made of a Vibranium-steel alloy. It's virtually indestructible and has aerodynamic properties that allow it to rebound off objects without losing momentum. Cap has trained with it extensively allowing it to return right to his hand after it has been thrown. Cap also wears a chain mail shirt which serves as a protective armor against some forms of attack.


Cap has no powers, therefore he can be beaten by conventional means (albeit, more than for your average human and with some extra effort).


While not possessing any powers in the traditional sense, the Super-Soldier Serum had granted him ehnanced strength, speed, agility, reflexes, durability and stamina superior to any Olympic-level athlete. His bodily functions have also been enhaced to the peak of human efficiency, reducing the build-up of fatigue-producing poisons in his muscles.

Strength Level:

Peak Human-able to lift twice his own body weight.


During the war, Cap carried a sidearm but discarded it in favor of his new aerodynamic shield which proved a more effective weapon.


United States Citizen

Created By:

Joe Simon, Jack Kirby

Current Aliases:

Cap, Brett Hendrick

Current Groups:

Secret Avengers

Current Occupation:


Dual Identity:

Publicly Known


High school graduate, one year of art school, military basic training, private tutoring in combat, gymnastics, strategy, piloting, demolition and others

Former Aliases:

Nomad, The Captain, Steven Grant Rogers, Roger Stevens, Yeoman America, Sentinel of Liberty

Former Bases:

Avengers Mansion, Avengers Tower

Former Groups:

Invaders, Redeemers, Queen's Vengeance, S.H.I.E.L.D., Avengers

Former Occupation:

WPA artist, soldier, police officer, teacher, freelance illustrator, special S.H.I.E.L.D. operative

Known Allies:

Nick Fury, Sharon Carter, Bernie Rosenthal, Falcon, Nomad, D-Man, Free Spirit, Diamondback, Rick Jones

Known Confidants:

Bernie Rosenthal, Connie Ferarri, Arnie Roth, Jarvis

Known Relatives:

Joseph Rogers (father, deceased); Sarah Rogers (mother, deceased); grandfather (deceased); Steven Rogers (ancestor, deceased)

Legal Status:

No criminal record

Major Enemies:

Red Skull, Hydra, Crossbones, Baron Zemo, AIM, Serpent Society, Flag-Smasher, Protocide, Winter Soldier

Marital Status:


Place of Birth:

New York City, NY

Real Name:

Steven Rogers

Usual Bases:

Various locations around New York City


Born in 1922, Steve Rogers was orphaned at a young age and was a student in fine arts specializing in illustration when the Third Reich began its rise in Europe. Appalled by the actions of the Nazis, Steve attempted to enlist in the Army for when America inevitably entered the war. However, because of his frail physical condition, he was rejected. By chance, an Army official was there when Steve tried to join, and offered him a chance through a top-secret project he was involved with; Operation: Rebirth.

The project was designed to create the ultimate super-soldier, perfect in every physical way possible and the best weapon America could have against the Nazi Regime. The Super-Soldier formula and the transformation process were designed by a German defector named Dr. Emil Erskine, codenamed Dr. Reinstein. Steve received regular injections of the serum and then was bombarded by specialized Vita-Rays to activate it, changing Steve's body into peak-human form. With the success of the project, the next step would have been to create an army of Super Soldiers, but a Nazi spy revealed himself at the last instant and killed Dr. Reinstein, and with him, the formula.

Deciding to make the most of its single super-soldier, Steve was put into an intensive training regiment both in hand-to-hand and weapons combat, particularly with the specialized bullet-proof shield he was armed with. Seeking to use him as not only a counter-intelligence agent but also as a propaganda symbol to counter Nazi Germany's head of terrorist operations, the Red Skull, Steve was given a uniform modeled after the American Flag and the codename Captain America.

Embedded into the Army as clumsy private Steve Rogers, he was stationed at Camp LeHigh in Virginia where he met James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes, the camp mascot. They became friends and Bucky eventually learned of Steve's dual identity, promising to keep it a secret if he could join in his fights. Cap agreed and trained Bucky and the two became a revered fighting force, taking on a wide variety of criminals and Axis operatives, including numerous battles with the Red Skull. As a thank you for all his work and dedication, President Franklin Roosevelt bestowed upon Cap his current shield made up of a mixture of iron, Vibranium and an unknown catalyst. Because of its lightweight and indestructible nature, it could be used as a throwing weapon and became Cap's primary tool.

When America finally officially entered the war following the attacks on Pearl Harbor, Cap and Bucky were among the founding members of the super-team known as The Invaders, whose roster included the android Human Torch and his sidekick Toro, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Miss America, Spitfire, Union Jack and the Whizzer. Cap continued to inspire his fellow soldiers and earned the respect of allies and enemies alike during his battles alone with Bucky or together with the Invaders. He also worked with a Canadian agent, who would later be called Wolverine.

Towards the end of the war, Cap and Bucky were sent to prevent Nazi operative Baron Heinrich Zemo from obtaining an experimental plane. They arrived just as Zemo launched the plane with an explosive device on it. The two heroes jumped onto the plane and Bucky attempted to defuse it, but it exploded beneath them. Cast into the freezing sea, the super-soldier serum that made Steve Captain America saved his life by putting him into suspended animation. Bucky's body was never found, and both were believed killed in action. In order to keep up morale for the remainder of World War II and future wars, the US Government had tried to fill the costumes of Captain America with three different men, each with varying degrees of success.

It wasn't until several decades later that the newly formed Avengers (Ant-Man, Wasp, Thor and Iron Man) came across Cap's frozen body in the North Atlantic. The block of ice he was encased in had melted in the water when Namor, irritated at an Arctic tribe worshiping the figure, threw it into the ocean. Revived, Cap found himself a man out of time. Despite a difficult adjustment period, he agreed to join up with the Avengers and also came to work once again with fellow war veteran Nick Fury, who ran SHIELD. Though the years have changed, Captain America continues to fight for the ideals on which America was founded.

”The Mighty Avengers Meet Spider-Man”

In the thirtieth century, Kang the Conqueror sent the Spider-Man Robot to the twentieth century to infiltrate the Avengers. Robotic thugs were also sent by Kang, whom attacked Steve Rogers. That’s when the robotic Spider-Man showed up to help Cap. The robots were beaten and “Spidey” said he wanted to join the Avengers. Steve replied that he’d have to consult the rest of the team but agreed to take him to Avengers headquarters. Both Giant Man and Wasp immediately disliked him and Thor said they didn’t accept just anyone because they had superpowers. The robot, programmed to act like Spider-Man, said it knew when it wasn’t wanted and started to leave but said it knew where to find Tony Stark. (They knew he was gone and was possibly dead.) The robot said it had seen him get captured by Baron Zemo, Enchantress and Executioner. It claimed that had heard them say they were headed to Mexico.

Wasp, Ant Man and Thor arrived in Mexico first and were soon battling the robot, who had become a traitor. Cap eventually arrived at the Aztec temple by parachuting out of a plane. He found the robot and still believed it to be Spider-Man. The robot attacked him and Cap soon had him in the ropes. The robot responded by webbing his eyes then knocking the Avenger off of the temple. He was saved by a web net. The robot moved a temple stone to reveal a control panel (Kang had converted the temple into a giant trap) and tried to send them to the thirtieth century. The robot was yanked away from the control panel by a web. The robot saw another Spider-Man and assumed it to be another robot but it claimed to be the real thing.

Spider-Man had been alerted to the imposter by his spider sense and followed it to Mexico. The two fought and the real Spidey managed to deactivate the machine. Cap watched the whole thing while stuck in the web net and realized that they’d been fooled. The rest of the Avengers appeared from inside the temple and Thor called out to Kang, knowing he was observing from the future. They wouldn’t be surprised again. (Avengers (vol. 1) #11)

”…To Become an Avenger!”

At a meeting with the Avengers, Cap suggested considering Spider-Man as a member. Reaction to the idea was mixed but Hawkeye was immediately in favor. Cap said his support was based on their similar scrapes with the law. Goliath suggested a test for the head, which bothered Cap since tests are only given after membership was confirmed. The group argued some more and Cap said they needed to know more about him and Hawkeye suggested they consult Daredevil, who had fought with and against Spidey. Knowing that Daredevil was very attuned to sound and vibrations, Cap sent him a message via Morse code. Hornhead arrived at Avengers mansion and vouched for Spider-Man, calling him as great an ally as could be asked for.

After DD left, the group voted unanimously to be tested and Thor eventually found the webhead. He gave Spider-Man 24 hours to decide if he was interested in joining the team. Thor’s pompous attitude annoyed Spidey but he agreed to go to the mansion. He immediately got off in the wrong foot with the group when they didn’t know what his test would be. He and Iron Man bickered, causing Thor and Cap to grab Spidey, telling him to simmer down. He told Spidey that the trial would test his “power, loyalty and ability to think on your feet, fast!”

Spidey assumed that he was facing the test, and jumped across the table at Hawkeye. Thor and Cap complained that Spider-Man was too hot headed and untrustworthy. Wasp stung the wall crawler, giving Cap a chance to grab him. Spidey flung Cap over his back but Steve quickly rebounded and punched him in the chest. Hawkeye got Spidey to settle down and Thor admitted that he had courage. Iron Man finally decided that Spider-Man should go after the Hulk, because they hadn’t had time to find him.

Spidey found and battled Hulk but felt sympathetic after learning he was Bruce Banner. He returned to Avengers mansion, telling them he couldn’t find Hulk. He left, and the Avengers had mixed feelings. (Amazing Spider-Man Annual (vol. 1) #3)

”To Stalk the Spider-Man”

Captain America and Falcon arrived in New York on a “solidified Levi-board” from the Mole Man. SHEILD agent Sharon Carter fainted in shock upon seeing them, as she thought Cap was dead. Cap found his motorcycle and soon he and Falcon were riding into Harlem. They bickered on the way, as Falcon teased Cap about Sharon not showing up to see him. At Sam’s apartment, he saw Spider-Man swinging overhead with the police following him. He thought he’d get on Cap’s good side by capturing the webhead. He and Redwing followed him but Sam stopped to foil a mugging. Redwing continued to follow Spidey and eventually followed him to the apartment he shared with Harry Osborn. Peter left Harry to get a newspaper and by that time, Falcon had caught up to Redwing.

Naturally Falcon mistook Harry for Spider-Man and soon had him tied up and on his way to the police. From the street, Peter heard Harry screaming for help and he changed to Spider-Man to help his roommate. The fight began with Falcon bewildered by “another” Spider-Man. Harry ran off, Falcon was knocked unconscious and Spidey left a tracer on him. After Falcon woke up, Spidey would follow him. Redwing had returned to Sam’s apartment and after seeing the bird alone, Steve got worried and followed it to Falcon. By that time Sam was up and conscious, still wanting a piece of Spider-Man. He told Cap to beat it and Steve left on his motorcycle.

As Steve rode off, a car pulled up and observed that Falcon was alone. Stone-Face said that if Captain America lost his sidekick, he’d be that much easier to beat. (Captain America #137)

Falcon was captured but the spider tracer was still active. He was taken to Stone-Face’s headquarters and he prepared for a visit from the Governor’s representative, a man named Harrison. Harrison was responding to a threat that the gangster had made, where he would get the residents of Harlem to riot against a proposed federal building if he wasn’t paid one million dollars. Outside, Spider-Man found the tied up Falcon and freed him. As Spidey carried him to safety, Falcon woke up from his beating. Spider-Man wanted to know why Falcon attacked him and he replied that he was wanted by the law and he had something to prove. Falcon tried to fight the webhead but didn’t get far but he was helped by Redwing. Cap also showed up, his shield barely missing Spidey’s head.

Spidey went after Cap anyway and his punch collided with his shield. Redwing tore away the webbing that tied up Falcon and he told Cap that Spider-Man wasn’t the enemy. Cap told him to bring him up to date on the situation. Harrison and Stone Face were both indignant over the blackmail and refusal to accept the blackmail. Just as Harrison was about to have an “accident” when the heroes showed up. Stone-Face was taken away by the police and a mysterious figure told Cap to come with him. An important person needed to speak with him. He was rattled by this news but went along to a parked car. The person in question turned out to be the police commissioner. (Captain America #138)

”And Behind the Hoards of Hydra…”

After learning that the Schemer has been his son, Wilson Fisk went into shock. Richard felt awful about causing his father’s condition and joined Hydra to win his approval back. Fisk was indeed proud of his son but had to help him after learning he was being used by the Red Skull. Kingpin and Cap rescued Richard, whom was badly injured in the escape. (Captain America #147)

”The Power of Electro”

Cap was sent to Indian Point to look for the kidnapped son of movie actor Robert Starr. Spider-Man also arrived at the area after being directed by JJJ to discover the reason for so many SHEILD personnel in the suburban town. Cap demanded that Spider-Man leave without giving a reason. Cap made his way to the village’s power station and found Electro had kidnapped the boy and held him for ransom. Electro quickly defeated Cap but was himself stopped by Spider-Man, who hadn’t left as directed. Cap told Electro that the boy had been on his way to New York for treatment after contracting plague. Electro panicked at the news and tried to burn out any potential infection by draining the power station, which blew up. (Amazing Spider-Man #187)


The Scourge of the Underworld had been killing criminals across New York. His latest target was the Bar With No Name where he killed over a dozen people. One of them was Mirage, whose costume Cap used to fool Scourge into thinking one of his targets had survived. (Captain America #319)

”A Plague of Frogs”

Cap stops an assassination of a guru from India and the guru immediately absolved him of guilt. He offered Cap to come have a talk and he declined, swinging away after jumping to a light pole. He wasn’t sure why he declined the offer but he actually considered the possibility that he was showing “good old American xenophobia.” He eventually changed his mind and decided to meet with guru Ananda. Meanwhile, Frog Man interrupted a mugging and the victim escaped but he was caught by the crooks. He was saved by the fortunate arrival of Captain America, who told him to go home.

As Cap met with Ananda, the candles that the guru lit gave off a hallucinatory gas, before he revealed himself to be the Yellow Claw. He believed that Cap had been on to him the entire time and wanted to know his connection to Frog Man. (He’d captured Frog Man at some point.) Cap’s vulnerable state led to his defeat. (Marvel Fanfare #31)

”Is This the Way the World Ends?”

Yellow Claw’s flying craft took Cap and Frog Man to an underground base in Upstate New York. Cap was left in a prison cell, fighting the pain of the drugs when he was greeted by a kind elderly Asian man. Cap’s mind cleared from the drugs and the man explained that Steve had done the cleansing, he had only helped him focus. The man explained that Yellow Claw planned to use the psychic energy of his cult followers to destroy New York City. The old man disappeared and Cap escaped.

The next morning, two hundred thousand people gathered to hear their “guru” speak and to shower him with devotion. Cap appeared on stage and ripped off Yellow Claw’s mask, showing the crowd who they really worshipped. By then they were under their leader’s spell and Claw planned to use their psychic power on him. The fight went against Cap and he was saved by Spider-Man, the Human Torch, Angel, Ice Man and Beast. (Somehow they’d been alerted by Frog Man.) Cap’s shield destroyed Claw’s helmet, which amplified the psychic power.

Yellow Claw escaped and after Steve returned home, he read about the escapade in the paper. He read the real Sri Ananda hadn’t been seen since 1939. A photo of the old guru showed the man that had helped him in the jail cell. (Marvel Fanfare #32)

”The Bloodstone Hunt”

Cap and Diamondback were searching the world for fragments of the Bloodstone before Baron Zemo found them. The Wakandans sent him a new Quinjet, piloted by Colonel John Jameson. They didn’t have time to speak with Jameson as they were on their way to their next location, the Amazon. (Captain America (vol. 1) #358)

”Assassin Nation”

Spider-Man was already in the nation of Symkaria, home of Silver Sable, when Cap parachuted in. The CIA had been accused of assassinating the Prime Minister and the king’s fiancée and Cap arrived to smooth things over. Captain believed that the murders were committed by Ultimatum terrorists, who had a base at the Symkarian/Latverian border. The obvious course of action was to find the actual assassin and clear the American government.

Outside the terrorist mountain base, Sable suggested that the three of them attack head on while the Wild Pack stayed outside to pick off any escapees. Captain agreed with the plan then asked Spider-Man why he was there. Spidey could only shrug and say “America is my country too.” Captain patted him on the shoulder as Ultimatum terrorists attacked from their snow covered hideouts. Cap, Sable and Spidey defeated them all quickly enough but Cap mistook a green costumed figure as one of the terrorists. This was the mercenary called Solo, who specialized in killing terrorists. He was angry at them for preventing him from killing a high ranking terrorist named Toler Weil, whom had escaped. Captain had heard of Solo and didn’t like his background or methods. Sable told them to get over it and focus on the job.

Spider-Man meanwhile, had webbed up a terrorist that had been erasing records and Solo wanted to interrogate him. Cap refused to let him use his methods and Sable stepped in. She was just as intimidating as Solo, telling the killer that Solo’s gun would have been faster. The terrorist, combined with records that hadn’t been fully erased led the team to Weil’s hideout. Solo refused to change his methods and teleported away as Spider-Man called him Captain Kirk. They had also learned that the actual assassinations had been carried out by Sabretooth, and Sable wanted a piece of him. Captain volunteered to go along with her to find Sabretooth, as witnesses are more valuable alive. An official approached the group, telling them that the American ambassador had been recalled due to death threats. The situation was worsening. (Amazing Spider-Man #323)

Spider-Man returned to New York and Captain and Sable went after Sabretooth in Mexico. Sable was eager to see him dead but Cap reminded her he was more useful alive. She told him that Symkarians believe in justice and Captain America reminded her of the difference between justice and retribution. They arrived in the jungle and ran afoul of some mercenaries, who weren’t too happy to see Captain America in their territory. They told him that coming alone was stupid and he agreed, just as Sable disarmed them. The leader took them to Sabretooth and the three of them fought in an abandoned temple. As Captain dealt with Ultimatum terrorists, Sable and Sabretooth destroyed the temple. The structure fell onto the assassin, seemingly killing him. Captain was angry by the turn of events and said it was all up to Spider-Man.

Fortunately Spidey captured Toler Weil, also saving him from Solo. At the Symkarian embassy in New York, Captain learned that Symkaria formally broke ties with America and was rumored to have sent their own assassins to target American politicians. He hoped to learn who was behind all of it quickly. (Amazing Spider-Man #324)

Captain America and Silver Sable vouched for Spider-Man but even they weren’t persuasive enough to get a federal security clearance for him. Captain had learned that the Symkarian ambassador to the United States was next to be killed and Spider-Man was useful. The colonel again denied giving clearance to Spider-Man, as he refused to disclose any information about himself. After going over plans with the colonel, Cap spoke with Sable about her bloodlust. Spider-Man showed up, and since they were in the pentagon, Cap wasn’t happy. Spidey was suspicious that Weil gave them bad information and accused Cap of blind obedience. In the end the plot was led by Red Skull, who tried to bribe Spider-Man. The colonel apologized to Spidey, Sable paid him and Captain America gave him a compliment. (Amazing Spider-Man #325)

”Maximum Carnage”

Carnage and his gang of murderers (Doppelganger, Demogoblin, Shriek and Carrion II) had carved their way through the civilian population of New York. Their goal was mass slaughter to spread Carnage’s nihilistic philosophy. Shriek had managed to use her mind control to force the population to join them in the rioting. The Carnage “family,” as they thought of themselves, were opposed by Spider-Man, Venom, the Black Cat, Michael Morbius, Firestar, and Cloak. The vigilantes had taken a beating by the Carnage family in Battery Park, with Cat, Morbius, Firestar and Spider-Man badly injured and Venom kidnapped by Carnage. As Spider-Man tried to crawl away, he was greeted by the welcome sight of Captain America. (Spectacular Spider-Man (vol. 1) #202)

At Avengers headquarters, Cap and the others tried to formulate a strategy when Cap noticed an anomaly in the computer system. Running a diagnostic, he found that the computer had been hacked by Dethlok and Iron Fist. They too wanted to stop the chaos but needed information on the “family” quickly. Cap didn’t approve of their hacking but knew they needed more allies. He and Firestar waited at Avengers headquarters for Iron Fist and Dethlok, they were ready to end the anarchy. (Web of Spider-Man (vol. 1) #103)

They went looking for the source of the mass violence and eventually found Shriek, who had a mob of people killing each other. Cap managed to knock her out with his shield but was grateful that she had been alone. Spidey webbed her to a light pole but she was freed by Demogoblin and Doppelgänger. The heroes returned and even Cap admitted that the situation had changed since Shriek had backup. A civilian broke Shriek’s concentration by throwing a bottle at her, giving the crowd their sanity back. The crowd was grateful for the heroes help and they told Shriek that if she was going to kill the good guys, she’d have to kill them too. She responded by concentrating enough to convince the crowd to kill the vigilantes. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #380)

Cap fought his way through the civilians while telling Dethlok to hurry. When the cyborg complained about the difficulty in not hurting the people, Cap said “easy” was never part of the job description. Shriek’s concentration was again broken when Carnage arrived, furious that his “wife” had gone killing without his permission. As the killers fought, the vigilantes managed to clear the streets of the crowd. They prepared for another fight, when Cloak arrived with Dagger. (Spider-Man (vol. 1) #37)

Cap and the others left suddenly, leaving Spider-Man to face the family alone. They attacked him at every corner but Shriek was taken by surprise when the vigilantes arrived with a device that countered her psychic influence. The machine overwhelmed the killer’s psychologically and it exploded. They found Carnage’s corpse, and assumed he had died from his mental unwillingness to give up his nihilistic ideals. The stress was too much for him. Spider-Man was disappointed, saying that the point had been to defeat the family without stooping to their level. Cap told him that he had been willing to die for his ideals and Carnage had been also. (Spectacular Spider-Man (vol. 1) #203)

Carnage had faked his death and it again came to Spider-Man and Venom to defeat him. After it was done, the mass murderer was taken away on an Avengers Quinjet, who had been called in by Cap after learning he was still alive. (Spider-Man Unlimited (vol. 1) #2)

”Doomed Affairs”

Peter had flown to visit Mary Jane in Los Angeles after she left him but his plane was forced to land in Denver due to a storm. Little did he know but MJ was flying back to New York to see him when her plane was forced to land at the same airport. They began to discuss their marital problems when Peter noticed a new arrival: Victor von Doom. Doom was on his way to a conference and complaining about the situation when he was attacked by a suicide bomber. The explosion knocked out both Doom and momentarily knocked out his guard. The guard turned out to be Steve Rogers, undercover. Steve explained that the danger was only beginning as a man in high tech armor tried to kill Doom himself. Spidey and Cap managed to defeat the new threat and Spider-Man went to check on MJ. She teased him that he never introduced her to his friends. She went on that when he was Spider-Man, he had to pretend that he didn’t know her. It made her feel like a mistress and not a wife.

More men in tech arrived and Spidey and Cap were soon smashing them as well. The threat seemed to have ended and Spider-Man again went back to talk to his wife. After they finished the first responders arrived and Doom was conscious again. Doom thanked Spider-Man for guarding him while he was unconscious and Spidey told him to stick it. Doom left and Cap asked Spider-Man if there was anything else. Looking at an indignant Mary Jane, he brought Captain America to meet her. She was tongue tied and Cap brushed it off. Before he left, Cap reminded Spidey that the mask is meant to hide the face and don’t let it hide his heart. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 2) #50)

”Royal Flush”

Steve was contacted by Nick Fury, saying S.H.E.I.L.D. needed his help. A strange humming noise was distracting millions of New Yorkers, which was traced to a skyscraper downtown. Cap and Spider-Man arrived at the same time and Spidey went to the roof, despite Cap suggesting they enter through the ground floor. (Activity seemed to be centered on the roof and Cap wanted to avoid casualties.) As Cap made his way up, he noticed that people seemed to be working mindlessly on something like a nest. On the roof, Spidey was already battling a woman in a black dress, who called herself the Queen. Cap tried to make his way through the mind controlled hoard and attempted to stop the woman by throwing his shield, which was caught by one of the drones. They recognized each other, using each other’s names. The drones threw themselves at Captain and he was knocked out by his own shield. Meanwhile, the Queen screamed again, making Spider-Man crumble to the ground. She then rolled up his mask and kissed him. (Spectacular Spider-Man (vol. 2) #15)

Cap woke up covered in a web like substance, stuck to a wall. He freed himself and soon freed Spider-Man as well, who had also been webbed up. The Queen sent her drones after them. As they fought, Steve said he and Ana dated back in 1945. Spidey said she wanted him to be her mate, which disturbed the Captain. The Queen had the ability to control anyone with the “insect gene,” which was a large group of humans. The Queen ran from the room and to a balcony, where she ordered six people to jump. Nick Fury, watching from afar, was tired of her and ordered a missile strike. She destroyed the missile with her mind. She had been suitably distracted and Steve knocked her over the side of the balcony. Cap helped Spider-Man to his feet but chided him for attacking the Queen recklessly. Spidey swung away, saying that’s what Cap used to do. (Spectacular Spider-Man (vol. 2) #16)

”Marvel Knights”

After May Parker had been kidnapped, Peter wanted to get help from Nick Fury but he wasn’t an easy person to locate. He went to the Avengers mansion, hoping they could contact him but he was denied by Edwin Jarvis, who assumed Spidey was a prankster. Jarvis contacted security to take him away but Spidey broke into the mansion before they could capture him. He was taken by surprise by Quicksilver, who held him down until the others arrived. Spidey tried to explain to Cap that he was only there out of desperation and needed to talk to Fury.

Steve offered to help since Fury would be away in a parallel dimension for the next week. Spider-Man replied that Fury already knew his secret identity, which made things easier. Tony said Spidey sounded ridiculous by worrying about a secret identity and he should just come out and tell everyone. Steve agreed that not having two separate lives is very liberating and Spidey retorted that it’s easier for them. One is a trillionaire with bodyguards and the other was born in 1922 and had no living loved ones. Scarlet Witch asked if he meant to be insulting. Spider-Man apologized and left, saying he was stressed and wasting everyone’s time. Cap said they could figure something out but the webhead was already gone. (Marvel Knights Spider-Man (vol. 1) #2)

May had been kidnapped by the Scorpion on Norman Osborn’s orders. (Spidey had finally put the Green Goblin in jail for good and this was his revenge. In order to get his aunt back, Spider-Man and Black Cat broke him out of prison.) After being freed, the Goblin betrayed Spidey and Cat to the Sinister Twelve, who were waiting for them. Cat was beaten quickly, leaving Spider-Man with Hydro-Man, Sandman, Electro, Vulture, the Lizard, Chameleon, Shocker, Hammerhead, Tombstone, Mac (Venom) Gargan and Boomerang. The Goblin went after Mary Jane and just before the rest of the Twelve were done with Spidey, Cap arrived with Iron Man, Giant Man, Daredevil and the Fantastic Four. (Marvel Knights Spider-Man (vol. 1) #11)

”Moving Up”

After May’s home was destroyed in a fire set by the second Molten Man (Charlie Weiderman), the Parkers moved into Avengers Tower. Peter introduced May and MJ to the Avengers and May and Cap immediately bonded. He congratulated her on raising Peter and she told him how Ben Parker had briefly met Cap during the war. May had a photo album that she saved from the house and they agreed to look at them. (Amazing Spider-Man #519)

”Acts of Aggression”

The Avengers faced a group of Avengers knock offs created by Hydra as they rampaged through the streets. Cap faced a version of himself called Militant. As Cap began to gain the upper hand, Militant threw his shield through a skylight, allowing shattered glass to rain onto civilians below. Three photos of the embarrassed Avengers were printed in the Bugle, which made Peter suspicious. After calling Joe Robertson, he learned that the Bugle had been tipped off to the robberies. Hydra had wanted to make the Avengers look bad in the press. Peter reasoned that the jewelry store robberies were a distraction from the explosions at the shipyard. He believed that a weapon had been smuggled into the city and the shipyard had been destroyed to cover it up. (Amazing Spider-Man #520)

Steve and Peter spoke privately about Peter’s theory and Cap said that Hydra had become just another crime syndicate. They were no longer the group of fanatics that believed in racial supremacy. He hoped Peter was wrong because he didn’t want to face the Hydra made up of zealots again. If Peter was right, then the truth needed to be found out. (Amazing Spider-Man #521)

Peter found and infiltrated the Hydra base in a cave under the city but called Iron Man before entering. He faced the Hydra guards and Avenger duplicates before the real team (Iron Man, Cap, Luke Cage and Jessica Drew) arrived. Captain greeted the Hydra Avengers by telling them they had three seconds to surrender. However, it took him five seconds to say it. (Hydra’s plan was to cripple the United States by poisoning the Ogallala Aquifer, which supplied water to eight states. A Hydra member worried about his family helped Spider-Man.) As Spider-Man and the Hydra goon got a ride from Iron Man to the missile, Cap cut Militant’s shield in half. The rocket launched before it could be overridden and Spidey webbed himself to it as it took off. As Cap saw Spider-Man get carried away, he had a flashback to Bucky being carried off in the same way during the war. Spidey managed to rip out the missile’s GPS system, causing it to explode over the ocean. He fell with it. (Amazing Spider-Man #523)

Spidey was saved by Iron Man, who later brought him up to date. After the missile was launched, the Hydra Avengers evacuated just before explosions destroyed the base. Hydra had tried to destroy their secrets and the explosions caused sink holes. The Avengers moved to the surface and saved civilians. By the time they got back to investigate, the base was empty. (Amazing Spider-Man #524)

”The Other”

Steve gave Peter and Mary Jane some Tai Chi training, hoping to improve Peter’s focus. Peter had always relied on instinct, which Steve said could kill him. Steve, ignoring Peter’s jokes, told him that one careful move can be better than twenty reactive ones. (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (vol. 1) #1)

While playing pool, MJ and Steve talked about “Man of La Mancha,” a musical. She went on about a woman named Aldonza wondering why Don Quixote rode around the country righting wrongs. Steve caught on that she was calling them insane knight errants. He told her it’s a higher calling and said religious figures also give up things they want to do. She asked if being a superhero was a calling from God and he denied it but said God worked in mysterious ways. Peter arrived, teasing that Steve was flirting. He told MJ that she could do worse with her options in the Tower. He swung away before they asked what he meant. (Marvel Knights Spider-Man (vol. 1) #19)

Spider-Man had been beaten half to death by Morlun and was taken to a hospital. Cap, Iron Man and Luke Cage arrived to get him to Avengers Tower but the doctor said any removal from ICU would be fatal. The alarms went off and they made their way to Peter’s room. Morlun had come back to finish him off and MJ tried desperately to save her husband. Spider-Man changed into “the spider” and jumped Morlun before Mary Jane was eaten. He devoured Morlun, to MJ’s horror. Peter died in her arms just before the Avengers arrived. They reassured her that he had been brave and his body would be taken to the Tower. They’d leave nothing behind to link him to her or May. (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (vol. 1) #3)

At Avengers Tower, Steve consoled MJ and May but an alarm went off at their morgue. They found Peter’s body, seemingly desecrated. Yet the window to the morgue was broken but from the inside out. Tony told Steve that his security was almost perfect so no one could have broken in. (Marvel Knights Spider-Man (vol. 1) #21)

As Iron Man did a sweep of the city, Luke told Cap that no one can jump out a twenty story window and not be seen. Steve said they didn’t know what was happening and it could have been anything. Later, Tony told May and MJ they could stay as long as they wanted but they were interrupted by Peter ringing the doorbell. Steve and Tony said they thought a regeneration may have happened as spiders shed their skins once per lifetime. They didn’t want to tell his family, fearing giving them false hope. (Amazing Spider-Man #527)

After going web swinging with MJ, they returned to Avengers Tower to find the top levels covered in webbing. Going in alone, Spidey encountered Ero, his opposite and “other.” (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (vol.1) #4)

Ero escaped and the team blamed him for the mass of webbing coating the top floors. Steve and Tony both wanted him to undergo more testing. (Marvel Knights Spider-Man (vol. 1) #22)

”Civil War”

The Superhuman Registration Act was passed by Congress, forcing all superheroes to reveal their identities and work for the government. There were those that obeyed the law, led by Iron Man, and those that refused, led by Captain America. Various superhumans captured by the pro-Registration forces were being transported via armored vehicles and were guarded by Spidey and Iron Man. A missile attack distracted the convoy but the weapons were disarmed or destroyed.

Spidey landed in an alley, facing Captain America. He told Spidey that he knew and respected Peter and that he must hate what he’s doing. He still had a chance to change sides but he wouldn’t ask again. Spider-Man managed to web the thrown shield to a wall but that only exposed his side. Cap attacked quickly and Peter knew that Cap had studied him and knew everything about him. He had been given a new costume by Iron Man, with retractable arms. It surprised and angered Cap and Peter realized they’d have to fight spider to man. It didn’t happen, as an explosion appeared in the distance and Cap fled to help his allies. A group of thugs had been trying to pry loose Cap’s shield to sell it and Spider-Man darkly warned them to not touch it. They ran off and he webbed the shield higher on the wall, knowing Cap could get it later. (Amazing Spider-Man #534)

Peter turned against Registration and Iron Man after seeing the condition where prisoners were being kept. He went on the run with May and MJ, holding up in a cheap motel. Captain America wanted to find the Parkers as quickly as possible and had the Human Torch search for him. Falcon asked Cap if he thought that it could be a trap and Cap said that he had learned that Peter respects the truth too much to be a liar. What Cap saw from Peter was the truth. Falcon agreed but said that it was possible that Stark had manipulated Peter into that position. Cap met with Spider-Man later that night awkwardly until Spidey asked if Cap came there often. Cap said that telling the public about the detention conditions was brave but foolish. The media talked about Spider-Man defying the government more than the prison. Peter wanted to know how Cap dealt with having the entire country against him

Cap told him about when he read Mark Twain as a boy. He quoted Twain’s question of “In a Republic, who is the Country?” He explained that everyone had the responsibility to follow their conscience no matter what others think. Spider-Man was soon with Cap and his group in an underground tunnel, preparing to engage with Iron Man’s forces. Cap explained that there are three elements to planning the engagement: know what you know, know what you don’t know, and you don’t know what you don’t know. They knew a lot about Tony’s capabilities but he worried about what he didn’t know. (Amazing Spider-Man #537)

Peter called MJ to tell her he loved her before the brawl between the two sides began. Peter wondered to himself why violence seems to come about more readily than peace and understanding. He didn’t know but knew that he wouldn’t stop fighting until Cap stopped. (Amazing Spider-Man #538)

Captain America surrendered to the police after they tried to arrest him during mid battle with Iron Man. Looking around at the damage caused by the fighting, he decided that enough damage had been done. (Civil War #7)

Steve was shot three times in the abdomen by his girlfriend, Sharon Carter, who had been hypnotized by Dr. Faustus. (Captain America (vol. 3) #25)


When the Jackal arrived at his lab with Tarantula (Kaine Parker), he was contacted by the Queen. She had captured Captain America and left him in his lab, in a container. She called Cap a gift and a plaything. Jackal was eager to experiment on such a specimen but worried that his procedures would only make him more dangerous. Queen agreed but said if it could work on Steve, it would work on anyone. Jackal powered up his machine and changed him into a human/spider hybrid. He smashed out of the container and was about to attack Tarantula and Jackal when Queen gave him the psychic order to stop. (Amazing Spider-Man #666)

Jackal arrived with Tarantula and the newly dubbed Spider-King at a meeting of various street gangs. The tension erupted into a fight as all of the bangers realized they had spider powers. The fight was brutally brought to an end by Tarantula and Spider-King. The surviving gangsters were told that they worked for Jackal now and he tossed them some Spider-Man costumes. (Amazing Spider-Man #667)

At his lab, Jackal injected Spider-King with two thousand spider embryos to spread the infection outside of Manhattan. (Amazing Spider-Man #668)

The military set up a border around the city which Spider-King attempted to breech. He was stopped by Agent Venom (Flash Thompson) and Gravity before being taken to a Project Rebirth facility in the Catskill Mountains. There they learned that the creature was Captain America and he released the spider embryos. (Venom (vol. 2) #6)

Agent Venom again engaged Spider-King and hoped to keep the spiders inside the facility. (Amazing Spider-Man #669)

After Steve was cured, he returned to New York as Agent Venom engaged with the Queen in Central Park. She swatted Cap around but was taken down when Agent Venom impaled her with his shield. She immediately mutated into a 28 story spider and faced off against Cap, Venom the X-Men and Avengers. As they prepared for the last push, Steve reminded everyone that the spiders were once fellow Americans that they were to protect. The only bug they’d squash was the Queen. As Cap told Iron Man they needed a counter measure for her sonic scream, the octobots that Spider-Man commandeered from Doctor Octopus arrived. The Queen gained power from her mutated subjects, which were being cured by Anti-Venom carried in the octobots. The assembled heroes prevented Queen’s escape from the park and she was killed by the combination of Kaine, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Gravity and Storm. (Amazing Spider-Man #672)

Cap had Iron Man scan the enormous corpse to guarantee that she was dead. Iron Man reminded him that he’d seen her transform with his own eyes and he demanded Tony do it anyway. Ana Soria had many psychic powers and he wanted to make sure. From her DNA, Tony promised she was dead. (Amazing Spider-Man #673)

”Carnage USA”

Cap arrived just as Spider-Man was trying to get Hawkeye to do a recreation of William Tell with an apple on Wolverine’s head. He interrupted Spidey by telling him Carnage was back. The CIA confirmed that Carnage had taken over a small town in Colorado and they weren’t sure if it was a hostage situation or body recovery. Spidey began to call the Thing for backup but Cap said there was no time for a full team. They picked up the Thing anyway, who brought a sonic disrupter. Cap piloted the plane to the edge of Doverton to keep Carnage from being alerted.

In town, they found the citizens walking around in terror, faking smiles.They found Kasady holding an infant and Cap stopped Hawkeye from taking a shot. The symbiote attacked from underneath them and Thing’s sonic disrupter only had a brief affect. The heroes were soon controlled by Carnage, except for Spider-Man. (Carnage USA #1)

Cap and the others hunted Spider-Man but he escaped with help from a local family. Doctor Tanis Nieves (aka Scorn) was prepped to be sent to Doverton, as was Mercury Team. (They were a military group that worked alongside the Life Foundation symbiotes.) In a Doverton bar, the possessed heroes were shooting pool as Kasady toyed with a kidnapped mother and children. The husband hadn’t been captured by the symbiote, so he bonded a piece of Carnage to them. He asked the wife if it was fair that he send them to kill her husband. When she reluctantly agreed, he sent them out. (Carnage USA #2)

The wife found her husband but refused to kill him and she and the kids fled back to Doverton. Disappointed, Kasady instructed Captain to kill the kids. He resisted and Kasady admired his strength before ordering him again. Cap broke free long enough to call for code name 4563. When Kasady again captured him, he refused to say what he had told his contact. Agent Venom received the call and was eager to put Carnage down. (Carnage USA #3)

Mercury Team arrived but had difficulty dealing with the symbiote possessed townsfolk, then more trouble when the mind controlled Avengers showed up. Spider-Man turned up with the locals that had escaped from Carnage early in his siege, throwing Molotov cocktails at Captain America. Agent Venom broke Carnage’s mental control over the townspeople and Avengers with a sonic gun, letting Cap and Hawkeye start to fight the influence. Kasady regained control and sent them after Venom. Scorn activated a device to force the symbiotes from their hosts, which left (double amputee) Flash Thompson helpless against Cletus Kasady. (Carnage USA #4)

Cap and the others observed the machine that Scorn engineered but he realized that it forced the Venom and Carnage symbiotes to flee into the wilderness. He had the team spread out to find Kasady, because the feds would burn the town by sunup if they didn’t. Things got worse when Spider-Man mentioned that the owner of the meat packing plant owned a private zoo. The Venom and Carnage symbiotes had bonded to the animals and were headed their way. Cap tried to keep the situation under control as Thing tried to fight a giraffe. A member of Mercury Team spoke with someone at command central to override the order to burn the town when Cap took over. He chewed out the commander in that radio, making him limit the strike to a portion of town. The majority of Carnage was incinerated and Agent Venom turned over Kasady to Cap. One of the locals showed up with a shotgun to finish off Kasady, after telling them his daughter had died in the melee. Spider-Man snatched the gun away. (Carnage USA #5)

”Ends of the Earth”

Rogers and the Avengers were soon called upon to help defeat the Sinister Six (Doctor Octopus, Rhino, Electro, Chameleon, Mysterio and Sandman) from destroying the planet with heat magnifying satellites. The Six beat the Avengers, except for Spider-Man and Black Widow, who were rescued by Silver Sable. After Mysterio led the three heroes to Guatemala, Octavius unleashed the mind controlled Avengers on them.

”A Day in Someone Else’s Life”

Steve watched news reports of Spider-Man (Octavius) attacking various vigilantes across the city. He called for a meeting with the Avengers and brought them up to date on Spidey’s change in personality and attitude. He’d allegedly killed Massacre, fought the Fantastic Four and the X-Men and savagely beat the pranksters Screwball and Jester. Cap decided they had to bring him in before anyone else was hurt. They found him on a rooftop and eventually subdued him. As Hulk and Thor held him, he explained that Iron Man was in danger from a virus. Tony turned out to be in space and he had sent an empty suit. That’s when Hyperion said they should have listened to Spider-Man and attacked them.

Hyperion was dealing with the other Avengers and Cap demanded an explanation from Spider-Man. Hyperion had been possessed by a sentient virus, the Carrion virus, which had been passing from superhero to superhero all day. Spider-Man had created a way to destroy the virus and it knew it. Hawkeye and Cap tried to hold off Hyperion, to Octavius’s doubt. Cap’s smoke bomb didn’t work as Hyperion could see through walls. Spider-Man had a gun that could kill both Carrion and Hyperion, which Cap didn’t approve of. Spider-Man told Cap that he knew him and could trust him. (Of course, Cap didn’t really know this Spider-Man at all.) The gun worked and Spider-Man smugly congratulated himself on creating a weapon that killed Carrion and saved Hyperion. (He admitted that saving the host was a secondary concern.) Captain America apologized for doubting Spidey and began to talk about his probation. Octavius didn’t know that Cap had been serious about being put on probation. He called it adorable and swung away. (Superior Spider-Man Team Up #1)

”Darkest Hours

Spider-Man (Octavius) was bonded to the Venom symbiote and Mary Jane alerted the Avengers. The Superior Venom attacked supervillain wannabes, Bruin, Blaze and Devil-Spider, who were working for the Hobgoblin. (Superior Spider-Man #24)

Venom was about to finish off Blaze when the Avengers arrived. When Thor tried to hit Spider-Man with lightning, Cap warned him of the spider sense but Venom had already turned it against him. Iron Man radioed that he was en route and Cap ordered him to turn back. Cap told him that Flash Thompson had been bonded to the symbiote. Finding out how and why they were separated could help them defeat the alien. Venom was beaten by Thompson, who wore the Iron Man armor. He didn’t set off the spider sense because he still had traces of the symbiote in his system. A freed Spider-Man acted relieved and happy to see his “friends,” telling them that he had been under the remnants of the alien for months and everything was ok. The Avengers were skeptical.

At Avengers Tower, Flash accessed the alien’s memories of its time with Spider-Man. The creature’s memories were confused, as if there was competing static in Spider-Man’s mind. Cap suggested that Agent Venom stay away from Spider-Man and Thompson agreed to go to Philadelphia. Wolverine claimed that everything about Spider-Man seemed normal, from his heartbeat to his scent. When Iron Man checked the test results from a previous examination of Spider-Man, he found that they’d been erased. Video records found that Spidey had erased the records himself. Cap determined it was time to bring him in. (Superior Spider-Man (vol. 1) #25)

”Goblin Nation”

As the Green Goblin’s “Goblin Nation” tore apart New York, the Avengers attended to

(Superior Spider-Man (vol. 1) #30)

”Home of the Brave”

At a pool hall, Steve impressed a young woman with his accuracy but she turned out to be bait. He woke up from her drugs with a shock collar around his neck. He was at the hunting lodge of Sergei Kravinoff, who called Cap a perfect specimen and the ultimate challenge. If Captain America made it through the jungle and to the coast, he’d be given his shield and freedom. Steve denied being Kraven’s prey, because prey was afraid of the predator. Kraven turned on the intercom and they heard the screams of a scared man begging for help. Cap burst through the window just as a jaguar approached the captive. The Captain fought it off, tossing it into a punji trap. The hostage stammered that he was a college student backpacking through Europe when he woke up in that place.

Kraven got them running with a few rifle shots, herding them into the jungle. Steve told the student to stay two steps behind him and to walk in his footprints to avoid tripwires. They came across a stone cliff and the hostage pulled on a vine that he thought might carry their weight but doing so triggered a rock slide trap. Cap covered him with his body and he dug them out despite feeling dehydrated. They made their way to a rope bridge crossing a canyon but there were tripwires. Cap triggered one and dodged a boulder. They made their way to a clearing but the student stepped on a land mine. Cap told him not to move and said he could disarm it but as he knelt down, the student pulled a gun on him. In one motion Cap grabbed the gun and backhanded him away, saying he had smelled the gun oil.

Kraven showed up and applauded him, regretting that their match was over. Cap doubted that Kraven would keep his word but Sergei promised to be a man of his word. He’d get the shield after he woke up, then shot him in the arm. Cap stumbled backwards over the cliff and Kraven went after him. “The contract” called for Captain to be alive. Cap surprised him by pulling him over the edge and Kraven grabbed his leg to keep from falling further. Captain America demanded that he turn off the shock collar and he didn’t have long before he blacked out. Kraven refused and a shock from the collar sent both of them falling. Without a sign of the hunter, Cap landed in the ocean water. A submarine surfaced and a sailor complained that Kraven had failed. Another shot a freeze ray at Cap, encasing him in ice. (Captain America #697)

”Devil’s Reign”

After Wilson Fisk became mayor of New York, he created the Powers Act. (This was a response to his memory of Daredevil’s identity being erased from his mind, and then taunted by his enemy.) In a public address, he informed the public that any vigilante that used superpowers or engaged in destructive vigilantism would be considered a threat. Later at an apartment fire, Captain and Spider-Man (Miles Morales) were getting people out of the building. Fisk’s task force arrived and tried to arrest both of them and Steve gave them one chance to stand down. When power dampening cuffs were put on Spider-Man, Cap fought back. They were joined by Spider-Man (Ben Reilly), Daredevil and Elektra. They escaped into a sewer as helicopters arrived and Daredevil blamed himself for Fisk lashing out. He considered turning himself in and Cap told him that Fisk was always going to do something. Sacrificing himself would do nothing. Cap wasn’t going to give in and told them all that if they did, Kingpin would only take more. (Devil’s Reign #1)

Steve was joined by Miles, Matt, Tony, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and their daughter. In the sub-basement of Avengers mansion, they tried to talk Tony out of his idea to oppose Fisk as a mayoral candidate. They decided Luke was a better choice as he was the only one of them to have never worn a mask. It made him more trustworthy. Tony agreed but was quietly against it. (Devil’s Reign #2)

At the mansion, they debated how much strategy needed to be brute force and how much legality. She-Hulk began to agree with Fisk’s strategy, saying it took super criminals off the street as well. They couldn’t believe what she said but Jessica sensed that the Purple Man (Zebediah Killgrave) was influencing them. Daredevil reacted by saying it was too late for democracy and law if Kingpin was using mind control to impact the population. Cap wanted to be certain before making any moves but Daredevil interrupted that they’d take down Fisk with or without Steve.

Outside City Hall, Cap questioned what they were supposed to do after finding Fisk and She-Hulk replied they keep him until they get proof of Killgrave’s involvement. They were interrupted by the Superior Hulk, Superior Wolverine, Superior Ghost Rider and Doctor Octopus. (Ock had taken over Mr. Fantastic’s lab after his arrest and brought alternative Otto Octavius’s from other dimensions.) Wolverine was happy to see Cap, as he had killed the Captain America of his reality. Iron Man was blown away by Ghost Rider and Cap was stunned to see that “Tony” was really the Chameleon. Ock had used Chameleon as his own mayoral candidate but he had been overruled in favor of Luke Cage. Otto called up his flying robots to finish off the vigilantes and Cap ordered a retreat. (Devil’s Reign #3)

Two weeks later, the city was under the watchful eyes of Dr. Octopus’s and Kingpin’s “anti-crime drones.” Thousands of them flew through the skies, unhackable and impenetrable. The streets were also patrolled by the Thunderbolts, made up of Rhino, Crossbones, Taskmaster, Whiplash, U.S. Agent, Electro (Francine Frye), Agony and the Abomination. Rhino managed to tell Spider-Man (Morales) about Kingpin’s plan to kidnap the children of the Purple Man. They also had his ability to influence minds and adding them to their father would strengthen Kingpin’s control of the city. Rhino, despite being a crook, wasn’t ok with kidnapping children. Jessica was outraged at the idea and immediately set out to stop Fisk and Octavius. (Devil’s Reign #4)

The Thunderbolts arrested the kids at a residence and the Champions arrived to save them. They only managed to save one kid, Joseph, before the Abomination arrived with the anti-crime drones. Behind the scenes, Kingpin used Purple Man’s own power against him and ordered him to kill every vigilante in any way possible. Soon the Thunderbolts, Octopus’s superior allies and Kingpin’s anti-crime task force were going against the Avengers and the Champions. Purple Man also arrived with a mob of brainwashed civilians. (Dark Reign #5)

Daredevil went after Kingpin after hearing that his brother had been beaten to death by Fisk. Luke Cage and Joseph defeated the Purple Man, ending his mind control. Cap probably helped somehow. (Devil’s Reign #6)


Black Cat managed to convince Cap to help her get Peter ready to be Spider-Man again. (He had been badly sickened with radiation poisoning after fighting the UFoes and had been recovering in a hospital.) They knew he’d go back to being Spider-Man if he was ready or not, so they tested him. They didn’t let him use his costume, because Ben Reilly was currently the webhead. Keeping that in mind would inspire him. Cat got him more practice web swinging and gave him a paper bag to cover his head. On day five, Cat and her cronies (Bruno and Dr. Korpse) robbed a jewelry store and had Spidey and Cap pursue them.

On day six, Steve and Peter sparred on a rooftop and Steve criticized his lack of speed. He gave Peter a quick war story, telling him how he knew many young men that weren’t ready and didn’t make it. They didn’t have the choice at that point but Peter had time and the best coach. That night, Steve and Felicia posed as burglars and Peter could feel that he wasn’t ready. They quickly beat him and he forced himself to do better. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 5) #87)

”Dead Language”

Mary Jane and Peter had been taken to an alternate dimension by mathematician Benjamin Rabin (The Emissary) to sacrifice to the god Wayep. They met a man named Paul, that had been a student of Rabin. He and Peter created a device to send them home but Wayep arrived before they could both leave. Spider-Man arrived back on Earth but MJ was left behind with Paul and Rabin.

Peter went to anyone with a lab that could send him back to MJ, starting with the Fantastic Four. The Thing let slip that Captain America was coming to talk with him. (Peter had arrived on earth by crashing into rural Pennsylvania with two large explosions of extra dimensional origins. He had also left his costume there in his rush to get to New York.) Cap wanted them to run tests on him to ensure he was “their” Spider-Man. Spidey didn’t have time to wait and be tested so he fled the Baxter Building and blended into the crowd.

Cap found him changing out of his costume in an ally and explained the situation. The FBI wanted to list Spider-Man as an enemy of the state after the explosions in Pennsylvania and Cap vouching for him was all that was holding them off. He needed Peter to suit up and talk to the feds, which should take a day or two. Peter was disappointed and punched Steve in the jaw. Cap knew that look of desperation and again offered to help. Peter answered by slamming him into a wall with his own shield. Peter escaped and reluctantly turned to Norman Osborn for help. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 6) #23)

Time acted differently in the other dimension and while Peter felt he had only been away from MJ for days, to her it had been four years. In that time, she and Paul had been together and she’d raised his kids. (Not hers biologically.) Peter arrived and got them back to earth but she was devoted to Paul. He left her and the Fantastic Four resented him for taking their technology and destroying it. Cap stopped the fight after he had gotten the full story from Mary Jane. He had the FF leave him alone, saying Peter was in a bind and they were going to let him figure it out alone. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 6) #25)

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