John Jameson (Man-Wolf)

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(as Man-Wolf) Red, (as Jameson) Brown


The Man-Wolf's head resembled that of an arctic wolf, his body was covered in dense white fur, his fingers and toes ended in sharp claws, and he had pads on the bottoms of his feet.


(as Man-Wolf) White, (as Jameson) Red-brown


(as Man-Wolf) 6' 6", (as Jameson) 6' 2"


(as Man-Wolf) 350 lbs, (as Jameson) 200 lbs


John Jameson is an excellent pilot.


John Jameson became the Man-Wolf via a moonstone that attached itself symbiotically to his throat. As the Stargod, the Man-Wolf wore an armour of scale mail.


On Earth, John Jameson's personallity and intelligence were suppressed when in the Man-Wolf form.


The Man-Wolf could survive in the vacuum of space. As the Stargod, the Man- Wolf spoke telepathically and had some energy manipulation powers.

Strength Level:

(as Man-Wolf) 4 tons, (as Jameson) Above Average Human


As the Stargod, the Man-Wolf used a broadsword, dagger, short bow and arrows.



Created By:

Gerry Conway, Gil Kane, John Romita__Sr.

Current Occupation:

Security Cheif

Dual Identity:



Unspecified university degree.

Former Aliases:

Man-Wolf, Stargod

Former Bases:

(as Man-Wolf) Mobile, (as Stargod) the Other Realm

Former Groups:

Avengers' Support Crew

Former Occupation:

Monster hunter, pilot, demigod, lupine berserker, astronaut, test pilot

Known Allies:

(as Man-Wolf) Morbius, She-Hulk, Hellcat, (as Jameson) Spider-Man, Captain America

Known Confidants:

Dr. Ashley Kafka.

Known Relatives:

J.Jonah Jameson(father), Joan Jameson(mother, deceased), Marla Madison(stepmother)

Legal Status:

No criminal record

Major Enemies:

(as Man-Wolf) Spider-Man, Kraven(deceased), Arisen Tyrk, Spencer Smythe(deceased)

Marital Status:


Place of Birth:

New York, New York

Real Name:

John Jameson

Usual Bases:

Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane


John Jameson, son of Daily Bugle publisher, J. Jonah Jameson, met Spider-Man on the teenage hero's very first adventure. After Jameson's space capsule malfunctioned shortly after take off, the craft was flying out of control in the sky. Spidey arrived at a nearby airfield and had a pilot take him up in a jet, close enough to web to the capsule. He managed to catch the out of control machine and place a new component on it, allowing the capsule to stabilize enough for John to parachute to safety. Spidey rushed home to avoid all of his fans, only to find out later that Jonah blamed Spider-Man for the whole incident. He claimed that Spider-Man sabotaged the craft to steal attention from John and make himself out to be a hero. Jameson declared Spider-Man a threat to America and soon many people wanted him deported from the country. (Amazing Spider-Man #1)

John took a very different opinion of the webhead than his father. He admired the web swinger and even regretted not thanking him for saving his life. Jonah went on a rant about Spider-Man and John ended it by telling him about his latest trip into space. After ending his space walk, John noticed that a spore like substance had entered the craft with him, clinging to his suit. Back on earth, he was subjected to numerous tests, all of which found that the spores were weakening and eventually, faded away. While he was cleared to re-join society, he was kept under 24 hour guard by two men for at least 6 months. The fear was that a hostile nation could hear about the substance on his suit and capture him to study it. That is exactly what happened, as the Rhino crossed the border from Mexico and made straight for New York. He found John at his hotel room and kidnapped him, disappearing before the police arrived. Spider-Man eventually saved him and Jonah blamed Spidey for the whole ordeal. (Amazing Spider-Man #41)

Things took a turn for the worse at Kennedy Airport, where John was leaving for Washington. He grew flushed, dizzy and accidentally bent a steel support beam. As he felt he was getting his legs back, he clumsily crashed through a wall without a scratch. The two agents rushed to John's side and took him to an army lab, where the technicians theorized that the spores had finally taken affect on him. They guessed that they originated from a planet such as Jupiter, which has a much higher gravitational pull, explaining John's increased strength. A metal suit was designed for him to protect him from his own power. Soon the army was ready to present John Jameson as a new super hero. Jonah was initially unhappy with the idea, until he heard from Frederick Foswell that Spider-Man had been seen breaking into a bank. He persuaded John to go after Spidey, and he found him out web swinging. Spidey was amazed at how strong John was, as he shrugged off his punches and a web bag full of bricks. Spidey escaped and John became obsessed with defeating him. They met again later that night and Spidey was stunned that John could jump nearly as far as the Hulk was able to jump. Spidey won by knocking him into a power generator, which combined with the electro-magnetic field in the suit, caused feedback and forced the spores out of his system. (Amazing Spider-Man #42)

The Rhino soon escaped from police custody and went back to looking for John. Spidey took him on but was beaten and barely saved from the charging behemoth by a police officer. Rhino believed Spider-Man to be dead and went after Jameson, finding him in his hospital room. Spidey saved John just in time, crashing through the window and tackling the Rhino, pushing him out into the hospital hallway. After Rhino was defeated (thanks to a chemical devised by Dr. Curtis Connors to desolve the hide) Spidey went back to check on Jameson, who quietly thanked the vigilante as his father raged against him. (Amazing Spider-Man #43)

Back in Washington, D.C., John was meeting with military specialists who were concerned with Doctor Octopus having expressed interest in the army's Nullifier weapon, which John was head of security for. John doubted that Spider-Man was a danger to the device, despite a general's concerns. Later that night, Octopus struck at the convoy transporting the Nullifier, stealing it from under John's nose despite his security. (Amazing Spider-Man #55) He was soon at an emergency meeting with military and police officials, including George Stacy, discussing how to get the Nullifier back. Spider-Man, whom had lost his memory and was working with Octavius, left a map for the army to follow and John eventually led his men to Ock's hideout. He used the Nullifier against Ock and allowed Spider-Man to escape, even saying he would take the blame for the wall crawlers escape. (Amazing Spider-Man #56)

Later, back in New York, John was getting chewed by his superiors for allowing Spider-Man to get away. One suit even claimed that if he had his way, Jameson would be demoted from Colonel to Private. His commanding officer and Captain Stacy came to John's defense, saying that capturing a vigilante wasn't part of Colonel Jameson's mission, only retrieving the Nullifier. Stacy chimed in, reminding the group that Spider-Man had saved Jameson previously after John admitted that he couldn't bring himself to capture the webhead. Still, without memory, Spider-Man went to Jameson after hearing a radio broadcast that claimed that the Colonel still believed him to be innocent. Spider-Man tried to explain himself to John and Captain Stacy at John's apartment but left after seeing a hysterical Gwen Stacy demand to know what he had done with Peter Parker. (Amazing Spider-Man #57) John then left for overseas, but asked Captain Stacy to keep looking into the Spider-Man matter. (Amazing Spider-Man #58)

John returned to New York after his father collapsed in fear after being confronted by an enraged Spider-Man. The doctors said it was more a case of shock than a physical problem and that Jonah should stay in the hospital a few weeks to recover. John did need to calm his father down after Ned Leeds brought Jonah the newest edition of the Bugle, which had photos clearing Spider-Man of an alleged crime. (Amazing Spider-Man #71)

John again faced Dr. Octopus, this time on a military airplane that was leaving Chicago. General Su was in America for a meeting with his U.S. counterparts when his plane was hijacked by Octavius. The crew and visiting dignitaries escaped once the plane landed in New York and Octopus was distracted by Spider-Man. (Amazing Spider-Man #88)

John didn't make an appearance again until shortly after the deaths of Gwen and Norman Osborn. By then he had retired from space exploration and was engaged to a woman named Kristine. However, he clearly wasn't feeling well, as he was pale and trembling as he met his father. Later that night, John painfully transform in a Man-Wolf in his apartment and immediately goes on the hunt...for his father. Luckily for Jonah, he had began to publish a series of stinging anti-Spider-Man editorials regarding Osborn's death, and Peter went after him as Spider-Man. Naturally, Spidey showed up just as the Man-Wolf crashed through Jonah's Bugle office window. The wall crawler was happy to see the creature, as he had been looking for something to take his anger out on. The web swinger was eventually beaten by the Wolf, which escaped after Jonah sensed that it was looking for help instead of looking to kill him. After Spider-Man came to, Jonah swore that if he went after the Man-Wolf, he would say that it was Spider-Man that had attacked him. After Spider-Man left, he was attacked by Man-Wolf. (Amazing Spider-Man #124)

The second battle was short lived, as the Man-Wolf noticed that the moon was setting. He fled and Spider-Man began to give chase but collapsed from the injuries he sustained from the fight at the Bugle. The next morning, Jonah went to John's apartment and found the door open, with a transformed John on the couch. Jonah made his explain what happened to him and John related the story of how he had found a red moon rock on his last exploration of the lunar surface. He was intrigued by the stone and took it, believing that NASA had plenty of similar rocks to study. He made a necklace out of it and felt no odd affects until he was driving to Kristine's for dinner. The moon came out and he began to feel exhausted. He nearly crashed into an oncoming semi and when the other driver confronted him, he had changed to the Man-Wolf. The driver escaped and John woke up the next morning in the hills of Pennsylvania. Every month since then, he has gone through the transformation, despite the suit he designed to keep out the lunar rays. When Jonah told him to take the necklace off, John told him it had becoming grafted to his throat. He then transformed again and attacked his father, knocking him out. He left the apartment and found Kristine outside, who was saved by the timely arrival of Spider-Man. Webbing the necklace against the moonlight didn't work, so Spidey was forced to tear the neck out of John's throat. After Man-Wolf changed back to John, Spidey tossed the necklace into the Hudson River. (Amazing Spider-Man #125) John was sent to St Michael's Hospital, a free clinic where Jonah argued with a doctor over John needing a full blood transfusion, a side result of the stone being pulled out of his throat. (Amazing Spider-Man #126)

John was again cursed with becoming the Man-Wolf after the moon stone was found and given back to him by Michael Morbius, who wanted to study John as a test subject for curing his own vampire condition. The scheme was foiled by Spider-Man and both the Man-Wolf and vampire escaped. (Giant Sized Superheros #1)

Now Jameson transformed into the Man-Wolf whenever the moon was above the horizon. As the moon waned from its full phase the Man-Wolf's strength diminished and more of Jameson's intelligence emerged. On the run for being AWOL, the Man-Wolf fought Kraven the Hunter and the Hatemonger before Jameson finally surrendered to the authorities. Unaware of his condition, they offered to drop charges against him if he would investigate a communications blackout on an orbiting space station. Jameson discovered the station had been seized by warriors from the extra-dimensional Other Realm, the origin point of his moonstone. They convinced him to return with them.

In the Other Realm, Jameson retained his personality and intelligence as the Man-Wolf.The Realmites told him his moonstone was created centuries ago by their dying lupine Stargod to pass his powers on to his successor. On Earth it could only partly transform Jameson into the new Stargod. The Man-Wolf helped the Realmites defeat the tyrant Arisen Tyrk and then used his powers to return to Earth. (Marvel Premiere #45)

Later, John was captured by a monster making mad scientist named Baron Ludwig Von Shtupf. The Monster Maker was planning on making an army of monsters that could withstand any climate, starting with a cloned Frankenstein monster, Spider-Man and Man-Wolf. (Marvel Team Up #36) The cloned monster and Spider-Man team against Man-Wolf after Von Shtupf ordered him to kill them and Agent Judith Klemmer, whom worked for SHEILD. Man-Wolf was quickly beaten by both of them but escaped with Agent Klemmer into the European mountains. Klemmer was soon protected by the Man-Wolf from a pack of wolves and she realized that the creature saw her as its mate. She tricked it into finding food and escaped. Spider-Man had escaped from Monster Maker's dungeon and found Man-Wolf...without the SHEILD agent. They briefly fought, until they heard Klemmer scream. Man-Wolf went after her and Spidey followed. She was being attacked by the wolf pack seen previously and Man-Wolf was injured while protecting her. Despite defeating the pack, the battered Wolf fell over a steep cliff and was rescued by Spider-Man's webline. Soon he was taken away by SHEILD. (Marvel Team Up #37)

SHEILD must have turned John over to the custody of Dr. Greene, because he was the one that was tasked with treating his condition. Unfortunately, he didn't have good news for Jonah and said that John's case was incurable and he would have to stay cryogenically frozen, perhaps permanently. Jonah didn't take the news well. (Amazing Spider-Man #184) Soon John's frozen body was taken by a group of thugs that broke into the hospital. (Amazing Spider-Man #188) A mystery man in the shadows was soon telling a bandaged man that he was going to kill both Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson. Jonah meanwhile, gave a TV announcement declaring he was giving a one million dollar reward for his son's safe return, no questions asked. The shadowy man was watching and amused that no one knew John's whereabouts. He gave the bandaged man another radiation treatment, saying that he wanted him in top shape for his revenge on his enemies. Soon Spider-Man spotted the bandaged man crawling up the side of the Bugle Building and assaulting Jonah. The following fight went outside, where Spidey was smashed against a brick wall. Soon the man returned to Jonah and revealed himself as the Man-Wolf. (Amazing Spider-Man #189)

Man-Wolf carried Jonah away and a weakened Spider-Man followed them, while a nearby flying spy camera watched the action. At his hideout, Spencer Smythe watched and planned for Jameson's demise as payback for making his obsessed with killing Spider-Man. The radioactive materials he used for his spider-slayers had poisoned the scientist and his time was short. Meanwhile, Spider-Man chased the fleeing Jamesons to the New York auto show, where Man-Wolf began throwing around cars and the stage. They escaped again and the chase ended up on the rooftops, where Jonah contemplated shooting John with a gun he had brought with him. Despite his son being a monster, Jonah couldnt bring himself to shoot him. He was carried away again, after Man-Wolf left Spider-Man on the pavement. Jonah tried to make John remember how he had been raised by Jonah after Joan Jameson died. Man-Wolf hesitated at the Brooklyn Bridge and Smythe began to order him to kill Jonah. He followed the madman's commands until Spider-Man arrived at began beating on him again. John changed back to himself but Smythe triggered a mechanism in John's head that caused him great pain. He fell off of the bridge and Spider-Man caught him, but the pain was too much and John let go of his hand. However, John disappeared in a flash of light before he hit the water. It was later revealed that he had been teleported to another dimension. (Amazing Spider-Man #190)

In the Other Realm, he prevented that universe from collapsing with the help of She-Hulk and Hellcat. (Savage She Hulk #13)

The Man-Wolf returned to Earth just as Peter Parker was working on a cure for cancer with Dr. Connors. His spider sense went off as Man Wolf was nearby but lost him after having to protect a crowd of people. Soon after, Man-Wolf changed back to John and found his fiance, Kristine Saunders. Jonah also showed up, after Lance Bannon had shown him photos of the returned Man-Wolf. John said he didn't know how he ended up in the other dimension but assumed that the moon stone must have made it happen. (It had become part of his body again after Morbius gave it back to him.) Spidey (who had arrived shortly before Jonah) suggested that he go see Dr. Connors, as he might be able to help cure him. They all went to Connors, who had John go into a titanium vault to do a diagnostic. After John changed back to Man-Wolf, Connors found that the moonstone's roots had spread out through John's body. He suggested surgery but would need John to be sedated. Back in the vault, John changed back to Man-Wolf and Jonah released him after he cried out in pain. Spidey eventually re-captured him and the magnetic beam was used to change him. The moon stone then fell out of John and crumbled to dust. (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #3)

John was physically transformed but still needed psychological treatment and was sent to Sherwood Nursing Home to recover and rest. John did well as long as he stayed calm, which he managed to do with jigsaw puzzles. Jonah went to visit him and gave him the news that he was going to remarry, to Marla Madison. John got upset, thinking that she would come between he and his father. Jonah left him but was noticed by Mac Gargan, the Scorpion, as he left the sanitarium. Gargan escaped his holding cell and found John in his. He took him and it didn't take long for Jonah to learn that his enemy had escaped with his son. Scorpion left John in the sewers and next kidnapped Marla at her apartment despite the police protection. Spidey played a hunch that Marla would be Scorpion's target and as the battle played out, John escaped from the sewer and made his way to the surface. He got back just in time to see Scorpion confront his father. John tried to intervene but was quickly captured by the madman. Scorpion gave Jonah a choice: Marla would die, or John would. Spidey rescued them all and managed to put Scorpion away. John then made his with Marla after seeing how much she and his father cared for each other. (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #18)

”The Bloodstone Hunt”

After recovering in a sanitarium, Jameson became Captain America's pilot. Cap and Diamondback met with John at Avengers Island but had no time to meet him, as they were looking for the Bloodstone. After devising a way to find the stone fragments, they have John fly them to the Amazon. (Captain America (vol. 1) #358)

Eventually he was contacted by the villain Dredmund Druid. Jameson attempted to defeat Dredmund himself, but was overpowered and temporarily transformed into a werewolf that greatly resembled his Man-Wolf form. Dredmund reassembled the moonstone and attempted to use it, but was defeated by Captain America and the moonstone was destroyed again. Disheartened, Jameson resigned as Cap's pilot. (Captain America #408)

After quitting, he grudgingly accepted his father's offer to be a special correspondent to a space shuttle launch. The shuttle failed at launch and the astronaut it carried was mutated by the experimental chemicals that the ship carried. John confronted the suffering astronaut and eventually convinced him that he could get help. The creature left in an ambulance and John considered that maybe he was meant to help other people that suffered from trauma. (Amazing Spider-Man #375, Story 3) Despite being free on the moon stone, John continued to have nightmares of being the Man-Wolf. He decided to stop by and see a friend that did science research for NASA, which paid off for him. Hector had created "space age riot gear" (why NASA needed such equipment, I don't know) and asked John to take it for a test run. He did so and accepted the offer of a man named Manuel Rourke, whom asked him to find his missing son. Samson had been a geneticist whom had suffered a lab accident and eventually ran away. Manuel had heard rumors of a creature that resembled his son working with a street gang near Avenue A in Manhattan. John, in a suit of armor, found Samson and some thugs robbing a pedestrian and apprehended him. (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #27, Story 4)

"Live and Let Die"

For a time, John was a suspect for the murder of Lance Bannon and for being the armored criminals called FACADE. John showed up at Lance's funeral and spoke briefly with Sloane Chase, another FACADE suspect. As John, Sloane and two other suspects (Victor and Archer Bryce) meet later, Jonah, Betty Brant and a woman named Chase met at the Bugle to compare notes on FACADE. Jonah admitted that he couldnt account for John's whereabouts during Lance's murder. FACADE attacked the group but was defeated by Spider-Man. However, the man inside the armor escaped, never to be identified. (Web of Spider-Man #116)


By this time, John had become the head of security at Ravencroft Asylum for the Criminally Insane. He was co-worker with Dr. Ashley Kafka and had to explain to Spider-Man why she was in the hospital with a concussion after Frances Louise Barrison and Malcolm McBride had escaped. (Amazing Spider-Man #391)

"Power and Responsibility"

Jameson dealt with more shenanigans at the Asylum after Judas Traveller arrived and transported all of the security forces and doctors out of the building. Only Spider-Man and Ben Reilly were allowed inside, to test how the two Spider-Men would handle a hospital full of angry psychopaths. (Spectacular Spider-Man #217)

John escorted the Jackal into Ravencroft for the brief period of time he was incarcerated there. (Spectacular Spider-Man #223)

"The Trial of Peter Parker"

Traveller returned, and held a trial of Peter Parker, with his enemies acting as the jury and prosecution. (John and Dr. Kafka acted as defense.) Carnage acted as the lead prosecutor, with Shriek, Vermin and Chameleon making up part of the jury. Kaine was the "defense lawyer," and was about to kill the whole lot of criminals when Judas returned them to their cells. (Amazing Spider-Man #403)

"Brother's Keeper"

John and Edward Whelan later showed up at the scene of a fight Spider-Man had with David Kalen and took D.K. to Ravencroft. (Spectacular Spider-Man #230)


At another time, the Carnage symbiote escaped without Kasady and bonded to John. He was defeated by Spider-Man (Ben Reilly). (Amazing Spider-Man #410)

John's time as Head of Security was ended after one last prisoner escape. Budget cuts hit Ravencroft hard and Dr. Kafka took a risk in allowing Dmitri Smerdyakov, the Chameleon, to stay in the basement away from prying Federal eyes. She believed that Smerdyakov's progress would suffere a set back under the current conditions and thus took the risk of secretly moving him. This was a bad idea as he soon over-powered her and escaped, shooting John in the process. (Spectacular Spider-Man #242) John survived thanks to his vest but was still laying in the snow when he was confronted by another costumed lunatic, Mad Jack. Jack used a mind control trick on John and allowed him to return to the Asylum with no memory of having seen him. (Spectacular Spider-Man #243)

Back at Ravencroft, Ashley and John put off talk of their relationship to focus on searching Smerdyakov's 35 hideouts across New York. (Spectacular Spider-Man #244) Unfortunately, they found him at Kraven's mansion, were captured and held in an electrified cage. Spider-Man was also placed in the cage after being hit by a drugged dart. Spidey escaped after pulling the cage apart, despite the electric shocks and John and Ashley escaped while Spidey went after Chameleon. (Spectacular Spider-Man #245) After they returned to the Asylum, John and Ashley were fired by Senator Roeberg. (Spectacular Spider-Man #246)

While having lunch with Ashley and Marla, a cat rubbed against John, triggering the hypnotic suggestion that Mad Jack left him with. John left suddenly and went to the hospital to kill his father. He was stopped by Spider-Man. (Spectacular Spider-Man #247) After being questioned by the police, John was released and Ashley used hypnosis to uncover his memory of the attack. In his mindscape, John destroyed the mental block that Mad Jack put in his mind but the block was also holding back the Man-Wolf. (Spectacular Spider-Man #248) Spider-Man found a half naked John running around in the rain acting like the Man-Wolf, despite the lack of the physical transformation. Ashley found them and took them back to her home to help John. (Spectacular Spider-Man #249) Ashley theorized that John felt so guilty over the attempt on his father's life that he was punishing himself by becoming the Man-Wolf. Ashley's hypnosis forced the physical transformation into the Man-Wolf, which Kafka hoped would make John face his inner demon. As Spidey took on the Wolf, Ashley persuaded John to let go of his problems. This changed him back. (Spectacular Spider-Man #250)


John was briefly kidnapped along with his father by a man that blamed Jonah for his father's execution. The father had shot and killed a police officer and Jonah had written editorials saying he should not be pardoned. The man claimed that the editorials had swayed the justice system against his father. Just as things were really starting to look bad for the Jamesons, they were rescued by a man in a Mexican wrestling mask: El Muerto. (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6)


John had a chance meeting with Mary Jane Watson after waiting for a meeting to see his father and they agreed to meet with Peter for dinner sometime. (Sensational Spider-Man vol. 2 #23) MJ dropped a scarf and John returned it to her at Avengers Tower. May Parker rang him in and he strangled the door man after smelling vodka on his breath. As soon as the elevator opened at the Parker's apartment, the Man-Wolf pounced on Mary Jane. May smashed a pot of hot water over his head, delaying him long enough for Tony Stark's security forces to tranquilize the Man-Wolf. (Sensational Spider-Man vol. 2 #25) It was later revealed that all of the animal themed criminals and vigilantes were becoming like their name sakes, thanks to Dr. Stegron.

"I Married a Man-Wolf"

Later he married Jennifer Walters, aka She Hulk. While the two of them were very much enamored with each other, their love wasn't entirely what it seemed. Jennifer's day job as a lawyer to super humans led her to defend the Titan known as Eros, who had used his love powers to smooth over a rough patch in Jen and John's relationship, unknown to either of them. The happy couple eloped and married in Las Vegas, much to J. Jonah Jameson's...well, rage. (Jonah had just condemned Peter Parker for unmasking as Spider-Man and now his son was marrying a super human.) Alistaire Smythe was also unhappy with the news of John's marriage, and attacked him by having a tiny, robotic spider inject him with a substance that caused him to revert back to his Man-Wolf persona. (She Hulk (vol. 2) #10)

After a time of being the mindless Man-Wolf, the Star God persona began to overtake John. He accepted the power that being Star God entailed, just as She Hulk was being subpoenaed to appear at Ero's trial (for sexual harassment!) on his home world. Eventually, John learned enough about his powers as Star God to travel to Titan, where the trial was interrupted by Ero's brother, Thanos the Mad God. After Thanos was defeated, John and Jen learned the details of Ero's involvement in their falling in love. While the god like being did use his powers on Jen, he did not on John. John's love for Jennifer was real, and her's were not. Jen separated from John, annulling the marriage. (She Hulk vol. 4 #13)

"Revenge of the Spider-Slayer"

Some time later, John was on another mission into space, when the Scorpion and Alistaire Smythe attacked the shuttle and his family on the ground. Spider-Man saved the shuttle from the Scorpion, but wasn't able to save John's step mother, Marla Jameson, from Smythe's insect army. The fight with Gargan had also damaged the ship, stranding John and his crew on an orbiting space station when he badly wanted to be with his family. Unknown to both Spider-Man and John, he had a role to play in Doctor Octopus's final plan. (Amazing Spider-Man #654)

When Ock made his move, John was on a space walk outside of the Apogee 1 space station. This saved him from being possessed by the tiny octobots that Octopus sent. In the meantime, Spider-Man and the Human Torch arrived to investigate the lost communications between the space station and Horizon Labs. John saved them with a ray gun that disabled some of the bots. Soon they were confronted by the zombified crew members. (Amazing Spider-Man #680)

The space station was saved when the octobots were sucked into the vacuum of space and the human survivors took shelter and oxygen from the gear in the moon vehicles. (Magnetic webbing managed to cancel out the radio signal to the octobots.) The Torch managed to absorb the heat of re-entry and they landed near Daytona Beach during spring break. (Amazing Spider-Man #681)


After the events of Absolute Carnage, John was in group therapy in Ravencroft asylum. The session was led by Misty Knight and attended by the Grizzly, Man-Bull and Freak. Knight asked John if he wanted to say anything and he refused. He was supported by Norman Osborn, who pretended to be sympathetic. John warned him to never put his hand on John's shoulder. The session ended and the patients left, leaving Knight and Osborn to argue over who was in control. Later, John was walking the corridor and discussing a softball game with the inmates when he was grabbed by Mr. Hyde from his cell. Hyde wanted John to become Man-Wolf but Hyde was punched away by Misty Knight. She asked him why he didn't become the Man-Wolf to protect himself and he walked away, replying that he didn't want to. She refused to let him walk away but he went to the meeting of Ravencroft's new Heads of Staff. They were all introduced by Mayor Wilson Fisk: Tony Masters (Taskmaster), Mac Gargan, Dr. Karla Sofen, and Roderick Kingsley. (Ravencroft #1)

Later, John confronted the mayor about the fact that the Heads of Staff were all supervillains. Fisk replied that it was part of his program to give jobs to former criminals as a second chance. Fisk reminded John that he was also a reformed supervillain and showed him a security camera video of Man-Wolf killing guards during the Absolute Carnage crisis. If John went to the press about the staffing, then the video would also end up with the media. John walked out, and told Knight that he didn't change into Man-Wolf because he couldn't control the transformation. A scream alerted John, Osborn and Fisk to a problem at the institutes gate. They were stunned to see Ashley Kafka trying to come to work. Kafka had been murdered by an inmate named Marcus Lyman, aka Massacre. (Ravencroft #2)

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  Man-Wolf Origin
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Jan 1975 App: Creatures On The Loose #35
Feb 1975 App: Creatures On The Loose #36
  Travelled into space; first encountered Realmites
Sep 1975 App: Creatures On The Loose #37
Dec 1978 App: Marvel Premiere #45
  Travelled to Other Realm; as Stargod, defeated oppressor Arisen Tyrk; returned to Earth
Feb 1979 App: Marvel Premiere #46
Aug 1975 App: Marvel Team-Up #36
  Battled Spider-Man and Frankenstein Monster; taken into custody by SHIELD
Sep 1975 App: Marvel Team-Up #37
Sep 1978 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #184
Jan 1979 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #188
  Kidnapped by Spencer Smythe; forced to attacked J.Jonah Jameson and Spider-Man; teleported to a pocket dimension
Feb 1979 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #189
Mar 1979 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #190
Mar 1979 App: Fantastic Four (Vol. 1) #204
Mar 1979 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #190
Feb 1981 App: Savage She-Hulk (Vol. 1) #13
  With She-Hulk and Hellcat, saved the Other Realm from gravitational collapse; returned to Earth
Mar 1981 App: Savage She-Hulk (Vol. 1) #14
Year 1981 App: Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) Annual #3 (Story 1)
  "Cured" of being the Man-Wolf by Spider-Man and Dr. Curt Conners
Year 1984 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) Annual #18
  Kidnapped by Scorpion while recovering at sanitorium
Oct 1989 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #358
  Became Captain America's pilot
Nov 1989 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #359
Dec 1989 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #360
Jan 1990 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #361
Feb 1990 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #362
Mar 1990 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #363
May 1990 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #365
Aug 1990 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #368
Oct 1990 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #370
Nov 1990 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #371
Feb 1990 App: Avengers (Vol. 1) #314
Apr 1990 App: Avengers (Vol. 1) #316
Jul 1990 App: Avengers (Vol. 1) #319
Sep 1990 App: Avengers (Vol. 1) #323
Oct 1990 App: Avengers (Vol. 1) #324
Oct 1990 App: Avengers (Vol. 1) #325
Dec 1990 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #372
Jan 1991 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #373
Feb 1991 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #374
Mar 1991 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #375
Apr 1991 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #376
May 1991 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #377
Jun 1991 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #378
Jul 1991 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #379
Aug 1991 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #380
Sep 1991 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #381
Oct 1991 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #382
Nov 1991 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #383
Dec 1991 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #384
Feb 1991 App: Avengers (Vol. 1) #329
Mar 1991 App: Avengers (Vol. 1) #330
Apr 1991 App: Avengers (Vol. 1) #331
Feb 1992 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #386
Mar 1992 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #387
Apr 1992 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #388
Aug 1992 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #392
May 1991 App: Avengers (Vol. 1) #332
Nov 1992 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #395
Dec 1992 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #396
Jan 1993 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #397
Feb 1993 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #398
Sep 1992 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #406
  Attempted to defeat Dredmund Druid; was changed into Man-Wolf-like werewolf;
Sep 1992 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #407
Oct 1992 App: Captain America (Vol. 1) #408
  Rescued by Captain America, resigned as Cap's pilot
Mar 1993 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #375 (Story 1)
  Briefly became a freelance monster-hunter
Year 1993 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) Annual #27 (Story 1)
Jul 1994 App: Web of Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #114
  Became Security Chief at Ravencroft
Jul 1994 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #391
Aug 1994 App: Web of Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #115
Sep 1994 App: Web of Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #116
Oct 1994 App: Web of Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #117 (Story 1)
Oct 1994 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #394 (Story 1)
Oct 1994 App: Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #51 (Story 1)
Oct 1994 App: Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #217 (Story 1)
Apr 1995 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #400 (Story 1)
Apr 1995 App: Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #57 (Story 1)
Apr 1995 App: Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #223 (Story 1)
Jul 1995 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #403
Jan 1996 App: Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #230
Apr 1996 App: Sensational Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #3
Apr 1996 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #410
Apr 1996 App: Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #67
Apr 1996 App: Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #233
Nov 1996 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #417
Dec 1996 App: Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #241
Jan 1997 App: Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #242
Feb 1997 App: Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #243
Mar 1997 App: Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #244
Apr 1997 App: Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #245
May 1997 App: Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #246
Aug 1997 App: Sensational Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #18
Jun 1997 App: Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #247
Aug 1997 App: Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #248
Sep 1997 App: Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #249
Oct 1997 App: Spectacular Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #250
Aug 2000 App: Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #20

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