Quick Quiz on Man-Wolf

 Posted: 2009
 Staff: Terry Wessner
Q. 1 'Do you think I need a shave?'

Astronaut John Jameson was transformed in the Man-Wolf by:

 A malfunctioning teleportation device
 The bite from a radioactive poodle
 An alien gemstone found on the moon
 Falling into a vat of tainted hair growth formula.

Q. 2 'Will fight superheroes for ear scritches.'

Which of these villains forced the Man-Wolf to fight Spider-Man as a way to divert the wall-crawler from his own schemes:

 Dr. Octopus.

Q. 3 'He followed us home. Can we keep him?'

A group of extradimensional humans that worshipped the Man-Wolf as a deity referred to him as:

 Shadow Wolf
 The Wolf King

Q. 4 'We still can't hear you!'

As the Man-Wolf, John didn't _talk_ to these followers. Instead, he communicated using:

 Sign language
 Interpretive dance.

Q. 5 'Wait, I've got something in my eye!'

According to the _Handbook of the Marvel Universe_, what colour are the Man-Wolf's eyes:



 Posted: 2009
 Staff: Terry Wessner