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A red/blue costume that is apparently part of his shapeshifting skin.




5'10" - Variable


165 lbs - Variable


All of Spider-Man's abilities; if he is alive, his shape shifting abilities might grant him immortality, since he did fall off the top of a skyscraper.


Susceptible to high body damage resultant from a 50+ story fall.


All of Spider-Man's powers; The Jackal enhanced him so he was able to grow in size, to great proportions, and to shrink back down again, and to stretch his limbs and turn them into sharp blades.

Strength Level:

As strong as Spider-Man.



Created By:

Tom DeFalco, Sal Buscema, Bill Sienkiewicz.

Current Occupation:

A blob.

Dual Identity:

Unknown to those not involved in the story.


Has Peter's knowledge, taken midway through college.

Former Aliases:

Spidercide was his baptism name, but Spidey called him Freakface.

Former Occupation:

Lunatic henchman of the Jackal and Scrier.

Known Allies:

Jackal, Scrier.

Known Confidants:

Jackal, Scrier.

Known Relatives:

Jackal (father -- sort of). Peter, Ben, Kaine, Jack, Guardian, 1,000 clones, (brothers -- sort of).

Legal Status:

Dead. Or comatose and incarcerated. I dunno. Pick one.

Major Enemies:

Peter Parker, Ben Reilly, Kaine, Jackal.

Marital Status:


Place of Birth:

One of Jackal's labs. Which one? I dunno. Pick one.

Real Name:

Peter Parker (clone).

Usual Bases:



”Smoke and Mirrors”

Kaine, the imperfect clone of Peter Parker, was snooping around the laboratory of his creator, Miles Warren, the Jackal. Jackal found him and a battle ensued. One of the stasis tubes opened and someone that looked like Peter walked out and wandered away as the fight continued. (Spectacular Spider-Man (vol. 1) #222)

”Players and Pawns”

As Jackal continued to taunt and lie to Peter and Ben Reilly over which of them was the clone, the new Peter wandered the streets, not knowing who he was. (Web of Spider-Man (vol. 1) #123)

”The Gift”


”The Mark of Kaine”

“Peter” went to MJ to tell her that he was the original but Kaine arrived and as they fought, she ran off. The third clone again found her at the Parkers apartment and he still tried to convince her he was the real Peter. She shot at him and he dodged but was beaten by Kaine. MJ shot at him too but he broke her arm and carried her, unconscious, into the sewer. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #401)

Kaine was hiding Mary Jane under ground and she used a spider tracer to contact Peter but it also caught the attention of Ben and the new “Peter.” Ben was dressed as the Scarlet Spider, Peter wore the black suit and the new guy was dressed in the red and blue. Ben and the new guy went after Kaine while Peter saved his wife. She instinctively knew it was the real Peter with her. Kaine then appeared with a beaten Scarlet Spider. (Spider-Man (vol. 1) #58)

Kaine told them that the new Peter is also a clone but one that was created to get close to and kill the pregnant Mary Jane. Peter and MJ left while Ben stayed behind to stop Kaine and the new Peter. Together Kaine and Ben battled the now monstrous clone. It seemed that Kaine killed it and was about to turn and kill Ben when the creature returned. Peter went back to help the others and Kaine again seemed to kill the thing by throwing a car at it, which blew up. (Spectacular Spider-Man (vol. 1) #224)

”The Trial of Peter Parker”

In his lab, the Jackal was very pleased with how his Carrion virus was progressing. He told his Peter that he needed him to steal one last ingredient and soon clones would rule the world. (Spectacular Spider-Man (vol. 1) #226)

”The Jackal Files”

Jackal had his Peter clone strapped to a table as he was about download all sorts of information into his brain. Facts about Peter’s friends and enemies were given to him, from Jackal’s perspective. Afterward, he dubbed the clone “Spidercide.” (Spider-Man: The Jackal Files)

"Maximum Clonage"

While in Springville, Pennsylvania, Spidercide released a canister of Carrion virus into the population. The virus killed everyone in the town in less than three minutes, except for Rafael Carago. Carago didn't just survive, he mutated into Helix. After leaving Springville, Jackal and Spidercide heard of the survivor on the radio and they turned back. Upon arriving, Spidercide changed into his costumed self and saw the New Warriors arrive. They saw that the Scarlet Spider had arrived and assumed he had helped the theft of the virus from Genetech. Spidercide went after Helix, who didn't speak English and didn't understand what was happening but had gained near invulnerability. The Warriors and Scarlet Spider found the two of them, and he tossed Helix away before going after his new enemies. Naturally, he focused on Ben and taunted him for not recognizing him. He had once been called "Freak-Face" but had been given the much better name of Spidercide. He left and took over the identity of the helicopter pilot that flew in the New Warriors, which was carrying the unconscious Helix. (Maximum Clonage Alpha #1)

He next found Ben and Peter at the Jackal's lab, where Peter was still coping with the news of being a clone. Spidercide attacked Ben after Peter left, telling him that humans weren't welcome at the lab. Ben tried to get Spidercide to find his inner Peter Parker, who would never accept the Jackal's philosophy. Spidercide said he like the programming and was "daddy's boy" all the way. Ben shattered his body, but Spidercide was able to reform himself, saying he can control his body no matter how splattered he got. They were interrupted by the Jackal, Kaine and Spider-Man. Jackal took a sample of Ben's blood for further study and said he was free to do and he bore him no ill will. Ben didn't feel the same way, and began beating him. Kaine was more than happy to take on Ben and in the meantime, Spidercide felt himself being called away, as if summoned. In a separate room, he was confronted by Scrier. (Scrier was an agent of Norman Osborn but that hadn't been revealed yet.) He asked the silent figure who he was, and who he was as Spidercide. The hooded man touched his forehead and Spidercide had a revelation about what he was and his purpose.

Back with the others, Spidercide found Scarlet Spider and Jackal bickering over his vision for a new world. Spidercide offered to kill him but Jackal told him to kill Kaine instead. Kaine was stunned by the betrayal but only for a moment and he left by himself. Scarlet Spider, at the same time, began to feel sick and realized that Jackal had drugged him. Spidercide carried him away and tossed him into a darkened room. When the lights came up, Ben found himself facing dozens of Spider-Man clones. (Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #404)

Jackal tried to cheer Peter up, telling him he'd always be his "father." He saw Peter's pain but still needed him to find Gwen's clone and bring her to them. Spider-Man went to find her and Jackal was amazed at the things that people fall for. Darkly, Spidercide agreed. (Spider-Man (vol. 1) #61)

Jackal and Spidercide observed the captive body of Rafael Carago, which was causing Jackal much frustration. He needed to know how he had survived and even improved after being exposed to a virus that was supposed to kill him. Spidercide asked why he cared about one anomaly and Jackal explained that one survivor in a town the size of Springville translated to hundreds of thousands nationwide. Just then, Spider-Man and the defective clones he had faced smashed into the lab with Kaine behind them. Jackal fled to a control room and found Spidercide working at a computer. He was updating data on the Carrion virus and copying it to give to Scrier. Jackal tried to activate an ingrained failsafe in Spidercide's DNA to make him degenerate but Scrier had removed it. He was about to kill Jackal when he was stopped by Kaine. Spidercide got the upper hand as Kaine had one of his premonitions, resulting in him being impaled on lab equipment. Spidercide was attacked by Scarlet Spider, outraged by Kaine's murder. Spidercide was knocked into a device and electrocuted but then escaped. (Spectacular Spider-Man (vol. 1) #227)

Jackal arrived at the Daily Bugle, ready to spread the Carrion virus and wipe out humanity but was stopped by Scrier and Spidercide. Jackal and Spidercide's battle crashed them through the roof of the Bugle and into the office of J. Jonah Jameson, who had been arguing with the Scarlet Spider about evacuating the building. The three fought and Spidercide bragged he'd kill Jackal, Ben and the Bugle staff for the heck of it. They smashed through a wall and began to fall to the street, but Spidercide was pleased that Jackal would die, as Scrier wanted. Scarlet Spider tried to save them and webbed Jackal but Spidercide refused to be saved and fell to his death. When the NYPD arrived, they couldn't be sure if he was really dead, because Spidercide's body had become a quasi-liquid blob. They took him into custody in a stasis chamber nonetheless. (Maximum Clonage Omega)

”The Humanity Agenda”

Spidercide wasn't dead of course. He took on an alias, John Diaz, and began dating. However, he ending up killing all of his dates on their first meeting. His victims were called the "First Date Murders." As John, he frequented the Daily Grind coffee shop that Ben worked at and was known as an odd individual. He was self conscious about his lack of dating but bonded with Ben over their love of old movies. He appeared at Ben's apartment one night disguised as the Scorpion. (Ben Reilly: Spider-Man #1)

Spidercide led Spider-Man on a chase across town, eventually leading him to Shea Stadium. The stadium unnerved Spidey, as it was where the Jackal first introduced him to the real Spider-Man. The fight moved from Shea to a nearby neighborhood, where Spidercide threw a car at a mother and children. Spider-Man saved them but was hurt by the car collision. Spidercide didn't understand why he would risk his life for ordinary, unimportant people. He then knocked Ben out and let him live. Ben told the story to Ashley Kafka, trying to make sense of it and she informed him that Mac Gargan was still in his cell at Ravencroft. He never left to fight Spider-Man. Later, Ben went to a movie with Edward Whelan and accidentally ran into John. Ben invited him to get a bite to eat with him and Edward, where they were attacked by Doctor Octopus (Carolyn Trainer). (Ben Reilly: Spider-Man #2)

Trainer took Edward to the top of a nearby building to draw out Spider-Man, as John watched from the street. After Spider-Man arrived, she accused Ben of being the one that her father always wanted and she blamed him for being ignored. She was eventually knocked over the building and disappeared. Spider-Man turned around and saw the animated corpse of Kraven the Hunter behind him, chanting a variation of "The Tyger." A swarm of spiders came from Kraven's mouth covering Spider-Man, panicking him. They were scared away by Edward and disappeared, just like Kraven and Doc Ock. Over the next weeks, Ben was almost stalked by John, who showed up at his apartment uninvited and calling at all hours.

At work, Ben was attacked by his boss, Shirley, who didn't trigger his spider-sense. She morphed into other friends and enemies of his: Shirley, Kraven, Uncle Ben, Aunt May, George Stacy and Gwen Stacy. Ben sensed that the creature was just like the spiders on the roof, radiating a toxin that dug into his mind and exposed guilt over so many of his failures. It didn't work on Ben, who didn't dwell on guilt like Peter did. Ben taunted the creature, telling it to tell the Jackal that whatever his plan was, it wouldn't work. John appeared from the creature, saying that he was working alone and that he was the forgotten clone, the one without a real name. None of them acknowledged him: Spidercide. (Ben Reilly: Spider-Man #3)

Spidercide was glad to stop impersonating other people to get close to Ben but didn't want to be him. He could be anyone he wanted to be. He took Ben away and when Ben woke up he was in someone's home and Spidercide was impersonating Mary Jane. As he shifted from MJ to Gwen to Betty Brant to Robbie Robertson, Spidercide said he wanted to help him fulfill his dreams and knew that he secretly hated Peter. All of the forms separated and told Ben that he had evolved, and be in multiple places at once. He could manipulate minds, and negate his spider sense. He still couldn't understand humanity, hence why he tried to connect with Ben as John and his enemies. He had tried to understand humanity by dating his "First Date" victims, but he couldn't learn from them. (Interestingly, his victims were both male and female.) Ben offered to take him to Dr. Kafka but Spidercide refused to be in a lab again and studied. Ben reused to let Spidercide leave and his other forms all became Spidercides, which weakened him. His body became unstable and he said his genetic matrix was breaking down. Ben again offered to take him to Kafka and Spidercide was stunned that he cared. He said he didn't deserve to live and was vile. His body began radiating heat and he blew up, destroying the building.

Ben went to speak with Dr. Kafka to get her opinion when her assistant barged in, saying that the inmates were all loose. None of the alarms had gone off and Dr. Liu said he had hacked the system, releasing them. Dr. Liu was, of course, Spidercide and had killed him weeks ago. He knew he'd never understand humanity, embraced that he was a monster and rejected Ben. He told them that he had released Mysterio, Scorpion, Swarm, Shriek, Typhoid Mary, Mister Hyde and Chameleon. (Ben Reilly: Spider-Man #4)

Spidercide gave himself as new costume, closer to Ben's, to mock what he stood for. He suggested Ben stop the inmates before they kill all of the security team. After Ben left, Spidercide turned his attention to Edward and sent tendrils up his nose to his brain, brining back Vermin. He told Dr. Kafka that he was constantly evolving, so he was able to reach into Edward and reawaken his dormant DNA. Kafka reminded him that he was still made of Ben Reilly, all of his traits. Spidercide slapped her aside and screamed that he was nothing like Reilly. He was everything that Spidercide hated. Kafka told him there is a thin line between love and hate. After Spider-Man seemed to have beaten the bad guys, Spidercide told him that he had given all of them part of his DNA to increase their durability. They all went after him again, this time seeming to beat him to death. Spidercide's conscience came to him and he fought off the killers, saving Ben. Spider-Man was badly injured but Spidercide poured what little of his life force into Ben that he had left. Spidercide was exhausted by creating so many duplicates and then saving Ben that he collapsed. His body was seen in a medical ward in Ravencroft. (Ben Reilly: Spider-Man #5)


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