Spider-Man: The Jackal Files

 Posted: 2006


The Official Handbook to the Clone Saga...Jackal Style. The Jackal takes you for a romp around his neighborhood and introduces you to the characters you'll meet each day.

Story Details

The Jackal stands over his latest clone of Peter Parker and rambles on as he prepares to download a plethora of information directly into his brain. Essentially, they are the Jackalized bios of:

The Scarlet Spider
The Jackal
Gwen Stacy
Mary Jane Parker
The New Warriors
Green Goblin
Judas Traveller and the Host
The Lizard
The Vulture
Doctor Octopus
Silver Sable
J. Jonah Jameson
The Black Cat
And the new clone himself...SPIDERCIDE!

Also featured: information on Spider-Man's mask, web-shooters, Scarlet Spider's impact webbing, and Spider-Man's equipment belt.

General Comments

This is a handy guide for anyone lost in the Clone Saga with all the new faces running around. It gives you all the key players and some bonus material. Basically, this is a compliment to the Parker Years one-shot which updates readers on all the events between the first appearance of the clone to the present (at time of publication). Also, instead of flat, typical bios, we get the Jackal's own perspective on each character without sacrificing too much of the information the formal format would have given. Plus with a cavalcade of artists on the project, there's a little something for everyone on every page.

Overall Rating

Five webs. It's a valuable guide done in a creative fashion which shows you just how nuts Jackal really is.

 Posted: 2006