Marvel Promo (Halloween)

 Title Level: SM Reprint

This title includes both "Ashcan" (small format) books, and some standard-size comic books.

See also Amazing Spider-Man Promo (Halloween).

  Marvel Promo (Halloween) 2004
Summary: Spider-Man (Halloween Ashcan 2004)
Reprints: Marvel Age: Spider-Man #7 (Story 2)
Reprints: Marvel Age Fantastic Four #1
Reprints: Marvel Age: Spider-Man Team-Up #2
Reprints: Marvel Age Hulk #2
  Spidey and the Mini Marvels (Halloween Ashcan 2003)
Review:  Not Required [SM Reprint]
  Marvel Promo (Halloween) 2005
Summary: Spider-Man (Halloween Ashcan 2005)
Reprints: Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #2
Reprints: Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #2
Reprints: Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius
  Marvel Promo (Halloween) 2006
Review:  Not Required [SM Reprint]
Summary: Avengers (Halloween Ashcan 2006)
  Ultimate Spider-Man, The Avengers (Halloween 2012 ComicFest Promo)
Review:  Not Required [SM Reprint]
Reprints: Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man #1 (Story 3)
Reprints: Marvel Universe Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes #1 (Story 1)
 Title Level: SM Reprint