Appearance Levels

Each entry in this database is graded into one of the following appearance levels, of increasing importance. If a comic qualifies for two categories, then the highest applicable category prevails.

  1. No Spider-Man: Spider-Man does not appear in this book/comic.
  2. Backup Only: Main story included because Spidey appears in a backup story.
  3. Review (No SM): We have reviewed this story, though Spidey does not appear.
  4. SM Reprint: Spider-Man appears in a reprint title.
  5. SM Reference: A mention of Spider-Man which does not bring him into the story, e.g.
    • ...appears on an in-story T-Shirt, or a poster, or a photo.
    • ...mentioned in an editor's footnote.
    • ...depicted in a in-story newspaper or TV bulletin which does not add new information.
    • ...denoting a general historical relationship ("Flashback Reference").
  6. SM Preview: A preview of an upcoming story, e.g. in Previews or Wizard.
  7. SM Article: A non-fiction article concerning the Spider-Man character.
  8. SM Parody: A satirical parody of Spider-Man.
  9. SM Spin-Off App: A Spider-Man spin-off character guest stars.
  10. SM Spin-Off: A Spider-Man spin-off character owns this title.
  11. SM Cover: Spider-Man appears only on the cover of this book/comic.
  12. SM Cameo: Spider-Man appears in a single panel as a part of the story.
    • ...actually appears in person but only in a single panel.
    • spoken to over a live TV or radio communication.
    • depicted in newspaper, TV, or news media providing new information.
    • ...appears in a flashback of a specific past scene or event ("Flashback Cameo")..
  13. SM Guest: Spider-Man appears for two or more panels, but is not the "star" of the title.
  14. SM Title: A title predominantly concerned with Spider-Man.

Note: Many Spidey collectors do not collect "Spider-Man References", but we include those that we come across. We may add more references over time, though references are NOT included in our counts of "issues needing review".