Marvel Promo (Halloween) 2005

 Posted: 2005


Over the past few years, Marvel (as well as other publishers) has issued miniature "ashcan" giveaways for Halloween. This little "Not For Resale" ashcan freebie is Marvel's 2005 entry into the Halloween giveaway sweepstakes.

This mini comic contains partial reprints of Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #2, Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four #2, as well as a complete tale from the FF humor one-shot Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius.

Story Details

  Marvel Promo (Halloween) 2005
Summary: Spider-Man (Halloween Ashcan 2005)
Reprints: Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #2
Reprints: Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #2
Reprints: Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius

The Spider-Man reprint offers up five pages, while the FF reprint delivers four. The Franklin Richards story is five pages in length, and is a complete short from that book. What really makes this ashcan giveaway special (especially for us Spider-philes) is the Franklin Richard's short, Rendered "Calvin and Hobbes" style by Chris Eliopoulos. In this story, Franklin, who has been punished and is being prevented from trick or treating, animates some Jell-O to go out dressed up as various superheroes (including Spider-Man) and collect candy for him. Needless to say this tale winds up as you expect, and is quite entertaining.

Needless to say, each of the stories winds up with a brief sales pitch to buy either the digest or comic currently on sale.

General Comments

Each of the brief sections gives us a glimpse into the respective stories themselves, while the Franklin Richards story gives us a great look at this character as interpreted "Calvin & Hobbes" style.

Overall Rating

I've got to tell you - I love giveaways, I love ashcans, and I love Spider- Man. This comic combines all three of these so you just know that I'm going to love this comic. Hey, what's not to love?


Hopefully enough retailers will acquire this and give them away to kids on Halloween to not only help promote the respective titles, but to promote the industry as well.

 Posted: 2005