Marvel Age: Spider-Man #7 (Story 2)


Former Sensational Spider-Man scripter Todd Dezago takes over the Marvel Age writing from Daniel Quantz with this issue. Let's see how he does adapting the old Lee/Ditko magic to the present day.

Story 'Spider-Man Tackles the Torch!'

The Human Torch is attending the grand opening of the new Fantastic Four Metro Teen Center and Spider-Man can't help but look in. The two teens end up getting into a scuffle that is swiftly broken up by the rest of the FF. "And that's how I got invited to the Double F Center's Gala Grand Opening!" Spidey says.

General Comments

The second story is similarly inspired in its updating. Todd changes Spidey from the jerk who decides to ruin Dorrie Evans' party in the original to the good guy who can't help but nuzzle up to Johnny Storm's celebrity in this version, which seems much more in character. Yes, the fight scenes are better in the original (in both this and the Living Brain story) but fight scenes aren't everything.

Overall Rating

These are devalued "Marvel Age" webs, remember but still...five webs.