Marvel Promo (Halloween) 2004

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


This little "Not For Resale" freebie was given away for Halloween 2004. My local comic shop threw one my way. It's in the small-sized "ashcan" format, roughly 5.5" x 8.5".

Story Details

  Marvel Promo (Halloween) 2004
Summary: Spider-Man (Halloween Ashcan 2004)
Reprints: Marvel Age: Spider-Man #7 (Story 2)
Reprints: Marvel Age Fantastic Four #1
Reprints: Marvel Age: Spider-Man Team-Up #2
Reprints: Marvel Age Hulk #2

This 20-page pocket collection reprints all seven pages of the backup story from Marvel Age Spider-Man #7, it has four pages of story from Marvel Age Fantastic Four #1, three pages from Marvel Age: Spider-Man Team-Up #2, and a couple of pages from Marvel Age Hulk #2. The rest is advertising and such like, plus a page of "Marvel's Halloween Safety Tips".

The safety tips are all very practical, but some are a bit sad, for example - "Bring candy home to be inspected before eating anything." Just how did the world get to be this way? I guess it's a good sign that Halloween is still happening. Of course, when we see the first rash of lawsuits made by obese kids against people who gave them candy, then Halloween will probably vanish pretty quickly, I suppose. Until then, I say make the most of it, and scarf down that sugar until ya throw up!

General Comments

Personally, I despise the whole "Marvel Age" concept. The whole idea is anathema to me--it just makes me feel vaguely ill. Hence, when it comes to chosing a rating, we're starting from the one-web mark here! On the other hand, I love those little ashcans, and it's pretty cool of Marvel to give stuff away for Halloween.

Yeah, it's a nice idea - but the Marvel Age material still sucks. I guess the Marvel Age stuff must actually be working pretty well, and it is Marvel's job to make money, not just to please old-time fans like me. Still, it's a shame that they didn't decide to use material from Amazing Fantasy (Vol. 2), or from Mary Jane instead. Of course, with Mary Jane's title on hold, maybe that's not a realistic expectation right now.

Overall Rating

I don't know how long this Marvel Age stuff is going to hang around, but don't count on me to go encouraging it. I'll give it an extra half-web because it's free, and because the ashcan format is cool. But that's still only 1.5 webs, which is still a crappy rating.

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)