Spider-Man Color/Activity (Misc)

 Title Level: SM Core Title
  The Amazing Spider-Man Colouring Book (Stafford Pemberton)
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Publisher: Stafford Pemberton
  Amazing Spider-Man: "Unmasked" Coloring Book 1983 Version
  Amazing Spider-Man Coloring Book (PHL)
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Summary: UK Coloring Book
Publisher: Peter Haddock, Ltd.
  Spider-Man Coloring Book (Gifts Etc.)
  Spider-Man 3D Activity Kit (Neo)
  Amazing Spider-Man: Travel Activity Book (Flying Colors)
  Amazing Spider-Man: Mini-Sketch Book
  Ultimate Spider-Man: Magic Paint Posters
  Spider-Man Activity Book: Spidey Strikes (Personally Yours)
Summary: Personalized Art Reveal (paint with water), plus stickers and blank pages
  Ultimate Spider-Man: The Really Big Sticker Book!
  Ultimate Spider-Man: Fun on the Go (Tara Toys)
Summary: Plastic Box of Color/Activity Pages and Markers
  Ultimate Spider-Man Play Pack (Copywrite)
Summary: Colouring Pad, Mini Colouring Pad, 4 Pencils
Publisher: Copywrite Designs
  Ultimate Spider-Man Colouring Pad (Copywrite)
  Ultimate Spider-Man Mini Colouring Pad (Copywrite)
 Title Level: SM Core Title