Amazing Spider-Man: Mini-Sketch Book

 Posted: Sep 2013
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


This is a rather lightweight little mixed-format product that was produced as a tie-in to the 2012 Amazing Spider-Man movie.

Story Details

Thick cardboard front and back boards are connected by a large, loose, spiral plastic binding. The front board is 4.5" x 6". The back board is slightly taller as it has a punched hold for hanging on a stand for sale.

The front board wraps around and attached to the back by a couple of Velcro spots, allowing you to keep the folder firmly closed.

Inside the front board is a cardboard pouch with five felt pens (black, red, blue, yellow and grey). Between the two boards are the actual pages - consisting of:

  • One sheet of stickers.
  • Ten colouring-in sheets of paper featuring Spider-Man art on one side.
  • Ten blank sheets of paper.

General Comments

The art work is the same art work that was used by Bendon in their range of 2012 Amazing Spider-Man Movie tie-in colouring books, e.g. Amazing Spider-Man: Activity Book - Arachnid Attack! (Bendon) and following.

Frankly, the artwork pool they've used is pretty cruddy. The perspectives are rather disconcerting, as if they've tried to be "edgy" and "grungy", but the pictures just come across as awkward and unnatural.

What's more, the page count is utterly pathetic. The 20 pages (ten of which are blank) take up 1 millimetre of this 2 centimetre book. They could have doubled the page count without affecting the price hardly at all.

Overall Rating

The only thing this product really has going is the price. You can get this for just over $3 on eBay.

Yes it has felt pens, but the colour-range is pretty meagre. Like everything on this product, it's like some Scrooge-minded accountant came in at the last minute and said "What, 78 cents a copy to produce?! Impossible, the budget is only for 72 cents! Halve the page count and get rid of that green felt-tip immediately!"

If it wasn't for the Spider-Man theme, I can imagine Jonah Jameson buying these in bulk as Christmas presents for his staff.

I'm going to be just as miserly with my rating. One and a half webs.

 Posted: Sep 2013
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)