Spider-Man Books (Bendon)

 Title Level: SM Core Title
  Spider-Man: Flying High (Bendon)
  Spider-Man: Hanging Around (Bendon)
  Spider-Man: Web-Slinging Super-Hero (Bendon)
  Spider-Man: Amazing Powers (Bendon)
  Spider-Man & Friends: The Best of Friends
  Spider-Man & Friends: Sharing & Caring For All
  Spider-Man & Friends: Strong Friendships
  Spider-Man & Friends: Loyalty and Respect
  Amazing Spider-Man: A Greater Good (Bendon)
  Amazing Spider-Man: Hang Time! (Bendon)
  Amazing Spider-Man: Arachnid Abilities (Bendon)
  Amazing Spider-Man: Spidey Strikes! (Bendon)
  Amazing Spider-Man: Spinning A Web, Trace & Color (Bendon)
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 Title Level: SM Core Title