Spider-Man: Web-Slinging Super-Hero (Bendon)

 Posted: Oct 2010
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This book is one of a set of four "wavy-cut" book by Bendon produced late 2006/early 2007. The other three in the set are Spider-Man: Amazing Powers (Bendon), Spider-Man: Hanging Around (Bendon) and Spider-Man: Flying High (Bendon). They are all branded "Spider Sense Spider-Man", a logo which Bendon has used on a few other coloring/activity books.

All four books in the set feature six leaves of heavy card (outer front cover, outer back cover, plus ten inner pages). Strangely, "Flying High" is slightly larger than the others. It is 9.5" x 6" while all the other three are 8.5" x 5". Other than that, they're all very similar in style.

Note that all four books in the series have the same ISBN.

Story Details

"From high above the city, the Amazing Spider-Man senses danger."

Next page, swings on his web. Page after, Ock is on the loose. Page four, Spider-Man catches Ock in his strong web. Page five, now that Spider-Man has captured the Evil Doctor, the city is safe once again!

General Comments

Once again, this a bit of a slam-dunk treatment here. Ock scarcely has time to wipe the mist from his glasses before he's been railroaded through the prison system. His crime? Well, that's not exactly clear. Being "on the loose" seems to have been sufficient to get him attacked and jailed.

I guess it's fair enough. Look at the haircut. Check out the glasses. It's pretty clear that a guy like that is up to no good. Anyhow, it never does any good to examine these ethical issues in any detail. What is "right", what is "wrong"? That's easy. The one who ends up in prison is wrong, and that's Ock. Problem solved!

Overall Rating

At least in Spider-Man: Flying High (Bendon) we are assured the the Vulture robbed a bank. But Ock is simply labelled "Evil" and thrown into prison. In these Guantanamo days, that makes me nervous. Let's at least accuse the guy of something, eh?

Two webs.

 Posted: Oct 2010
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)