Marvel Sketchbooks & Samplers

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These are One-Shot Sketchbooks that spotlight various Marvel characters and/or series. Note that this title does not include Wizard Giveaway sketchbooks.

  2099 Sketchbook
Review:  No Review Yet
Summary: Spider-Man 2099 References
  Earth X: Sketchbook
Summary: Character sketches from Earth X (Spider-Man Cameo)
  Marvel Young Guns '04 Sketchbook
  House Of M Sketchbook
Summary: Spider-Man References
  Spider-Man: The Other (Sketchbook)
  Civil War: Opening Shot Sketchbook
  Spider-Man: One More Day Sketchbook
Summary: Spider-Man stars
  Ultimate Marvel Sampler
  Avengers/Invaders Sketchbook
Summary: Spider-Man reference
Editor: Jeff Youngquist
Writer: Aruns Singh
Artist: Alex Ross
  Amazing Spider-Man/Astonishing X-Men Sketchbook
Review:  No Review Yet
Summary: Flip-book. Spider-Man promo references.
Editor: Stephen Wacker
  Young Guns '09 Sketchbook
Review:  No Review Yet
Summary: Spider-Man References (Credits for Spidey Art only)
  Marvel Comics 70 Years Frame Art
Review:  No Review Yet
Summary: Spider-Man Appears (Frame Variant Covers to ASM #601-603 reproduced), Spider-Man on Cover
Editor: Cory Levine
Artist: Mike Mayhew (Amazing Spider-Man #603 Cover)
Pencils: John Romita, Jr. (Amazing Spider-Man #601 Cover), Mike McKone (Amazing Spider-Man #602 Cover)
Inker: Dean White (Amazing Spider-Man #601-602 Covers)
  Fear Itself Sketchbook
Review:  No Review Yet
Summary: Spider-man reference
  Avengers Sampler #1
Review:  Not Required [SM Reprint]
  Summer of Spider-Man Sampler #1
Review:  Not Required [SM Reprint]
Summary: Features previews of Amazing Spider-Man #688, Spider-Men #1, Avenging Spider-Man #9. Flip cover previews Wolverine #310
  Marvel All-New Young Guns '14 Sketchbook
Review:  No Review Yet
Summary: Spider-Man References (Credits for Venom/Spidey Art Only)
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