Avengers/Invaders Sketchbook

 Posted: 2008


The Avengers and Invaders are going to be set up against each other in the Marvel Comics version of a wild steel cage match. This tossed in on top of The Secret Invasion and whatever the 1985 comic is all about makes the summer of 2008 look to be a very hot event year.

Story Details

As a Sketchbook, There really isn't much to review here, and personally, I'm not a big fan of sketchbooks (perhaps because I'm a writer not an artist), but this one is very cool. I mean, how could you not enjoy looking at pencil roughs of Alex Ross?

General Comments

There is some accompanying text with some quotes from writer Jim Kruger. In addition to the pin-up-style art there are also a couple of pages of interior art spotlighting Spider-Man, along with a couple of cool quote relating to our friendly neighborhood hero.

Overall Rating

Like I said, I'm not big on sketch books, but Marvel chose to give this one away both at the recent NY Comic Con. Plus I also received another copy with my weekly comics, so again, who could I not like it?


The book features two covers (front and back) with two slightly different views of the same scene. One of the major differences is that Spidey is wearing his Black suit for one cover and his Red and Blues for the other.

 Posted: 2008