Spider-Man: One More Day Sketchbook

 Posted: 2008
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)


Marvel is really getting into the sketchbook thing. Here's the sketchbook that foreshadowed the One More Day story arc.

Story Details

This sketchbook contains black and white pencil and ink previews of the art from Amazing Spider-Man #544. There's a commentary by Axel Alonso. It didn't really give any clues about what was coming up, all it really indicates is that Spider-Man fights Iron Man, and Aunt May is very sick in hospital.

General Comments

MMI (Marvel Marketing Intern): Gee! I'm so excited to be an intern at Marvel! What are we going to do today, sir?

MME (Marvel Marketing Executive): Well, son. First, you're gonna get me a fresh cuppa coffee. Then maybe you'll see real marketing in action.

MMI: *Brings Coffee*.

MME: Not bad, not bad. Now, give me space while I come up with something brilliant.

MMI: *Waits Quietly*.

MME: *Thinks*. OK. Grab a notepad, kid. We're gonna make millions.

MMI: What are we gonna do, sir? All I can think of is "Write good comics and tell people about them!"

MME: *Snickers*. Nice try, kid. But that's a pretty hit-and-miss approach. No, here's the new plan. We're gonna sell... the same shit... twice!

MMI: But... that's impossible! Nobody will buy two copies of the same comic!

MME: *Grin*. Different... Covers...!

MMI: *Gasps*. That's brilliant!

MME: That's nothing! Let's sell the same shit four times! Three different covers... and a Director's Cut!

MMI: *Staggers in Awe*.

MME: But wait! I've got it! This is the best one of all...

MMI: *Mouth Agog in Anticipation*.

MME: Sell... half... finished... shit!

MMI: No... that's... impossible. It can't be done.

MME: Two words for ya, kid. Sketchbook... Two... Dollars.

MMI: That's three, isn't it?

MME: Yeah! THREE dollars! You know what, kid? I think you've got a great future in marketing. Now, go get me another cup of coffee, then cover for me while I go play golf.

Overall Rating

Pencil art is always "pretty". But really, this is like going to a fancy restaurant, and the waiter brings out your starter along with a photo of the half-roasted chicken chicken they're cooking for your main meal. I mean... is that really necessary?

Actually, no. It's more like going to a nice restaurant, they bring out the photo, and then the main meal is really terrible when it finally arrives late. And then they whack an extra three bucks "photo charge" on your bill.

I'll pass, thanks. One web.

 Posted: 2008
 Staff: The Editor (E-Mail)