Untold Tales of Spider-Man #8

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Denis O'Connell


Writer : Kurt Busiek
Breakdowns : Pat Olliffe
Finishes : Pam Eklund & Al Milgrom

Story 'Harry's Story'

This issue seems to happen right after Amazing Spider-Man #9 (correct me if I am wrong, Jon) when Frederick Foswell is discovered to be the "Big Man" and Spidey captured the Enforcers : Montana, the Ox and Fancy Dan. Our story begins with Harry Osborn rushing to his dad, Norman, the news of the capture. Norman is pretty mad and calls Harry a "whiny, stupid, useless son." Ouch! Harry recalls that everyone tells him how great it must be to be Norman Osborns son, but he is starting to disagree. Meanwhile, Norman kicks Harry out of his office and decends into his hidden laboratory, giving us a little history about himself (because villains just love to talk outloud to themselves about their accomplishments).

Cut to Spidey and the escaped Enforcers battling in a mall. He is pretty much beating them again, when a new villain called the Headsman suddenly appears ready to chop Spidey into spider-cutlets. The Headsman looks like an old-style executioner complete with hood and super- powered axe. He turns the tide of the fight by slashing Spidey's mask, causing our hero to run away afraid that someone might see his real face.

Still running late, Peter bumps into Harry, who is confiding in Gwen Stacy. Of course they don't know him yet, but it is good to see Gwen Stacy in any fashion (except as a clone). Peter is rushing to sell his photos of his fights to JJJ. Peter then decides it is time to get back into the saddle and go kick some villain butt.

Later that night, Harry discovers that the Enforcers are hanging around "Osborn Chemical." He uses a flare to gain Spidey's attention (who is conveniently swinging by). Spidey then starts brawling with the dapperly dressed villains. He uses his strength and his smarts to completely trash them (and the Headsman, who was hiding in the shadows).

Meanwhile, Norman Osborn is decidng that he can't hire idiots like the Enforcers and the Headsman to do his work for him. He thinks that he is the only capable person, so he starts designing the Green Goblin! We end with Harry truly depressed that his dad ignores him so much.

General Comments

Another excellent issue of Untold Tales. Itis great to get a look at Norman before he adopted the Goblin persona. The art seemed a little more hurried than usual in places, but it really had that old time comic feel. The writing was, as usual, coherent and believable. I cannot recommend collecting this title enough!

Overall Rating

I give it 4 and a half webs out of five. It is really very hard to find any fault in these issues. The only reason it doesn't get a five out of five is because the art looked a little hurried at points and (yet again) there was no Aunt May! We haven't seen her for a couple of issues! We love Aunt May! We can't have teenaged Spidey without her!

My final advice : BUY THIS BUY THIS BUY THIS!!!!

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Denis O'Connell