Untold Tales of Spider-Man #7

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Denis O'Connell


Writer: Kurt Busiek

Artists: Pat Oliffe, Al Vey and Pam Eklund

Story 'On The Trail Of The Amazing Spider-Man'

This isssue starts off with Spidey visiting Batwing (whom he met in issue #2 of Untold Tales). It seems that Spidey has been visiting him and giving him food since they last met. He tries to get Batwing to get help from Reed Richards, but Batwing runs off. I don't think that we've seen the last of him.

Meanwhile, Sally and Jason (two of Peter's classmates) have been spying on him. They have been planning for the last few issues to upstage Flash Thompson by discovering who Spidey really is. Spidey gives them a little scare and then swings off. They go to tschool the next day and tell their version of the story, while Peter strolls by smiling at the secret he keeps from them everyday.

For the past few issues, Aunt May has been telling Peter to get his eyes checked. Little did we know that this tiny little sub-plot would turn into the basis of a whole story. That is the best thing about "Untold Tales". It is a self-contained book, where every issue tells a story, and the writers don't have to worry about crossovers, guest stars, or anything. This is good stuff.

Anyway, something fishy is going on at the eye-doctor and we will see more about that later because Peter has to go to the Bugle to see JJJ and take Betty out for a date. She expresses her concern for his dangerous habits (like she always does) and the go their separate ways. She goes home, Peter goes web-slinging.

Spidey then fights some guys who look like the Ninja Turtles (green suits with red glasses), but mysteriously steals the money they were stealing! He joins a crowd of people bringing stolen loot to the eye-doctor who (surprise!) hypnotized everyone who took the eye tests. Electro is playing the muscle and they see a zonked out Spidey, and decide to unmask him. It is a good thing that Sally and Jason followed Spidey to the wharehouse, because they use their camera to snap Spidey out of his trance. A big fight ensues and Sally ends up karate kicking Electro while Spidey is stunned. Spidey gives them complete credit for stopping Electro and everybody goes home happy.

General Comments

This was a great self-contained issue that really reminds me of all the great reprints of early Amazing Spider-Man. Sub-plots run along through all the issues and they really take some surprising twists and turns. It is good to see inexperienced Peter fight villains and face hostile classmates. I guarantee that you will not find a better read for $0.99 anywhere. I have not heard one person say anything really bad about this series yet.

Overall Rating

I give this issue four webs out of five. There's only two reasons it doesn't five out of five are that it didn't have Aunt May in it at all, and that it really didn't need Electro as the villain (it was the waste of a good villain appearance). Next issue : the Enforcers! I can't wait!

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Denis O'Connell