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 Title Base: No Spider-Man
 1: 1967 – 1997
  Captain Action & Action Boy
Summary: Promo for Toy Set (Spider-Man Cameo)
  Aurora Comic Scenes Instruction Book (W/Model Kit #182-140)
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Summary: Spider-Man Appears
Writer: Len Wein
Artist: John Romita, Sr.
  The Spider-Man Comic Book Reader (Story 1)
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Story: “The Sting of the Spider”
Summary: Reading Primer for Kids (part of a "Spider-Man Reading Motivation Kit")
Writer: Fred Halliday
Illustrator: Cosmo Anzalotti
  ...(Story 2)
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Story: “The Mob”
Writer: Fred Halliday
Illustrator: Cosmo Anzalotti
  ...(Story 3)
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Story: “Lend Me Your Ears”
Writer: Fred Halliday
Illustrator: Cosmo Anzalotti
  Spider-Man vs. The Prodigy
Summary: Planned Parenthood Promo
Writer: Ann Robinson
Pencils: Ross Andru
Inker: Mike Esposito
  Magazineland USA (World Color Press Day Promo)
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Summary: Spider-Man appears (with other DC and Marvel Stars)
  General Mills: Super Heroes Puzzles & Games
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Summary: Spider-Man Appears
Publisher: Marvel Comics Group
  Toilet Paper: Amazing Spider-Man "The Gamma Gambit"
Story: “The Gamma Gambit”
Summary: Co-stars The Hulk
Writer: Jim Salicrup
Artist: Michael Higgins
  Acme & Dingo Boots: Amazing Spider-Man & Spider-Woman Collector's Edition
  Coca-Cola: Origin Of The Amazing Spider-Man
Summary: Poster (22" x 28") with Spider-Man origin and powers.
Sponsor: The Coca Cola Company, Ltd.
Editor: Jim Salicrup
Script: Roger Stern
Pencils: Alex Saviuk
Inker: Dave Hunt
  Marvel Super Heroes "Tower of Doom" Fold-Out Comic
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Story: “Secret Wars "Tower of Doom"”
Summary: 8-page B&W fold-out comic (Spider-Man Appears)
  Spider-Man Inflatable Figure Bath Set
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Story: “The Origin of Spider-Man!”
Summary: Contains 1-page "Origin of Spidey" story.
  Spider-Man Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Mini Promo
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  Within Our Reach
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Summary: AIDS Research Promo, Spider-Man Appears (Credit SM Story Only)
  Sylvan Learning Systems: Amazing Spider-Man Battles Ignorance
Story: “Drawing a Blank!”
  Charleston Chew: Spider-Man/Wolverine Flip Comic
  The Amazing Spider-Man Meets Sally's Superheroes
Summary: Spider-Man appears
Artist: Arlen Schumer
  King Features Promo Pack
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Summary: Promo folder for Mutant Agenda Comic Book/Newspaper Strip crossover; Contains Spider-Man Newspaper Strips from 2/6-8/89, 6/23/89, 10/21/89, 1/9/90, 1/8/91, 3/20/91, 3/28/91, 12/4/91, 2/27/92, 2/29/92, 3/25-27/92, 9/7/92, 3/29/93, 6/2/93 & others; press releases, promotional poster
  Spider-Man: Mutant Agenda (Comic Strip Portfolio)
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Summary: Contains 12 newspaper proof sheets. 500 Printed. Signed by Stan Lee.
  The Bug Stops Here (Orkin Exterminators) (Story 1)
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Summary: Spider-Man Stars
Editor In Chief: Tom DeFalco
Editor: Glenn Herdling
Writer: David Michelinie
Pencils: Pete Garcia
Inker: Al Vey
Colorist: Mike Marts
  Work in Progress
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Summary: Spider-Man reference
  Combo Man Mini Promo
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Story: “The Incredible Origin of Combo Man”
Summary: Combo man is part Spider-Man
Editor: Glenn Herdling
Writer: Mark Greunwald
Pencils: Hector Collazo
Inker: Greg Adams
  Spider-Man in Amazing Adventures (NDC & DoE)
Story: “Puzzles and Projects”
Summary: Joint Project of National Dairy Council & U.S. Department of Education
Writer: Katy Dobbs
Advisor: Keith Manzella
Developer: Jacob Hill, Maxcine DeGouttes
  Marvel Mania Hollywood Menu #1
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Summary: Themed Restaurant Menu, Spider-Man Appears
 Title Base: No Spider-Man
 1: 1967 – 1997