David Anthony Kraft

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Credits for David Anthony Kraft on Spider-Man related comics and items from our database.

Comics Interview

Aug 1984 Comics Interview #14 (Publisher/Editor)
Year 1986 Comics Interview #30 (Editor)
Year 1990 Comics Interview #85 (Publisher/Editor)

Comics Interview Super Special

Year 1990 Comics Interview Super Special 1990 (Publisher/Editor)


Dec 1976 FOOM #16 (Editor)
Mar 1977 FOOM #17 (Editor)
Jun 1977 FOOM #18 (Editor)
Mar 1978 FOOM #21 (Editor)
Aug 1978 FOOM #22 (Editor)

Marvel Calendars

Year 1978 The Amazing Spider-Man Mighty Marvel Comics Calendar 1978 (Writer/Editor)

Marvel Color/Activity (Parkes Run)

Year 1980 Parkes Run Records #08-01: The Amazing Spider-Man & Spider-Woman - Together Against the Kingpin! (Script)

Marvel Promo (Misc)

Year 1980 Acme & Dingo Boots: Amazing Spider-Man & Spider-Woman Collector's Edition (Story)

Marvel Secret Wars Color/Activity

Year 1984 Marvel Secret Wars "Crime Of Centuries" Coloring Book (Story)

Misc Magazine Appearances

Oct 1977 Good Times: South Florida's Entertainment Paper #40 (October 10, 1977) (Article Writer)


Dec 1977 Pizzazz #3 (Article Writer)

Spider-Man Color/Activity (Parkes Run) Giant

Year 1978 Amazing Spider-Man Mark of the Man-Wolf (Writer)
Year 1983 Amazing Spider-Man: The Arms Of Doctor Octopus (Writer)
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