Avengers/Power Pack Assemble

 Continuity: Earth-5631 (Power Pack)
 Title Base: No Spider-Man

The kids from the Jr. hero team Power Pack, travel to New York City (in their civilian identies with their parents, 'nach) and wind up teamimg with Earth's Mightiest hereos to (once again) take on the time traveling villan, Kang.

(Oh, in case you missed it, Power Pack, The Avengers, and The Fantastic Four previously fought Kang in 2005's Target Presents: Reading to the Rescue.)

  Avengers/Power Pack Assemble #3
Summary: Spider-Man Appears
  Avengers/Power Pack Assemble #4
Story: “Conquered!”
Summary: Spider-Man, Spider-Woman appear
Editor: Mark Paniccia, Nathan Cosby
Writer: Marc Sumerak
Artist: GuriHiru
 Continuity: Earth-5631 (Power Pack)
 Title Base: No Spider-Man