Avengers/Power Pack Assemble #3

 Posted: 2007


Alex, Julie, Jack and Katie Power are also Zero-G, Lightspeed, Mass Master and Energizer...the Power Pack!

Power Pack finds themselves teamed up with Captain America against the Taskmaster and Iron Man against the forces of AIM as they try to steal an armor prototype. Pretty much all the excitement these fledgling superheroes can expect, right? NOT!

Story Details

The Powers are unpacking in their room and Jack is all set to go out about the big city until his parents shuts his plans down, putting Alex in charge as they head about their business. Jack tries to convince them to go out on patrol, but Alex and Julie stand firm against him. Just then, Spidey swings by the window, but Alex is determined to keep everyone inside despite Jack insisting that Spidey might need their help. It's only when he's shot down by a laser blast that the Pack decides to go into action.

Spidey falls but saves himself with webs, although loses his groceries in the balance. He finds himself surrounded by guys in armor that resemble Iron Man and realizes he's in a bit of trouble. The Powers run out but Alex tells them no costumes until they find trouble. One cue, they see people running away in panic from laser beams flying over them. Alex relents and the team suits up, but before they can go into action the older kids have to drag their younger siblings away from the world's largest toy store window.

Spidey does pretty well against the armored goons, but even he can't evade all their shots. One sends him flying but he's saved by the Pack. But, the backup he was expecting arrives in the form of...the Avengers! (Editor's note: these aren't the Avengers currently seen in Marvel Adventures, but rather Captain America, Wolverine, Spider-Woman and Iron Man.) The Avengers jump in and tackle the armored clowns. Not to be outdone, the Pack swoops in and lends a hand, with some questions as to Spider-Woman's relationship to Spidey and how many teams Wolverine can be part of.

Mass Master realizes that the armor the goons are wearing are the same armor he helped retrieve for Iron Man last issue. Iron Man contemplates how they could have finished the suits without the available tech while looking up their schematics trying to decipher a weakness. Mass Master reminds him of the override he built in, and Iron Man tries it. It works and shuts down all the armor, but the victory is short lived when Iron Man ends up frozen himself in time.

The heroes turn to find Kang emerging from a portal with more armored minions. Cap takes the first shots, but Kang defeats him with his advanced technology as well as the rest of the Avengers. Believing them innocent and harmless, Kang spares the Pack but learns the error of his ways as they try to launch a failed counter attack against him. He opens up another portal and drops them into a ravaged Times Square in a future where he rules. The Pack are confronted by more armored goons but are rescued by older versions of themselves!

General Comments

When Power Pack returned, I was hesitant to read it because of my mindset. It seemed too kiddy and I'm no fan of this style of art. But, if you actually bother read the book, you'll find it's none of those things. It's a fun and light story with some deep characterizations and loads of laughs throughout. And the style of art? Fits it perfectly. These all ages books make a nice break from the dark tales currently dominating the racks. If you avoided this with the same prejudice I had initially, you're doing yourself a disservice. Pick up Marvel's All Ages books and see for yourself what they really have to offer.

Overall Rating

5 Webs. Fun, light, and just a good read.

 Posted: 2007