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Wears a full black costume with a white tarantula drawn on his face.




Approximately 7'.




Able to regenerate another's wounds (even a broken neck). Presumably, this works on himself too.


No limitations except for his conscience. That never prevented him from doing whatever he felt like, but it allowed him to leave Spidey alive for a couple of times, and leave his son with his ex-wife.


Enhanced physical parameters.

Strength Level:

Way superior to Spider-Man's.



Created By:

Tom DeFalco, Steve Skroce, Bud LaRosa

Current Occupation:


Dual Identity:

Unknown to general public and the autorities.


Presumably college.

Former Aliases:

None known.

Former Bases:

New York.

Former Groups:

None known.

Former Occupation:


Known Allies:

Chesbro, El Uno, Don Fortunato, True Believers, Roguehouse and Bloodscream.

Known Confidants:


Known Relatives:

Marina Caches (ex-wife), Fabian (son).

Legal Status:

No criminal record.

Major Enemies:

Spider-Man, Rose III, Delilah, Don Fortunato.

Marital Status:


Place of Birth:


Real Name:

Carlos LaMuerto.

Usual Bases:

Somewhere in Argentina.


”Exposed Wiring”

In Argentina, Black Tarantula spoke via video link to Madam Qwa in America. He instructed Qwa to put pressure on his American counterparts by killing a high ranking member of the media. His target was Joe Robertson, supposedly an old friend. (Amazing Spider-Man #422)


Robertson was attacked by Meiko Yin, a ninja called the Dragonfly. She was defeated during a brawl between Spider-Man, Electro and ninjas from The Hand. (Amazing Spider-Man #223)

”Then Came…Elektra”

Spider-Man foiled the assassination attempt on Joe Robertson with help from Elektra Natchios. The media attention could lead The Hand to Madam Qwa, which would cause an unnecessary and costly war. Black Tarantula ordered his minion, Chesboro, to withdraw Madam Qwa and her ninjas to Argentina. Black Tarantula was frustrated by the setbacks but was still determined to move his organization into New York. He would soon arrive in Manhattan himself. (Amazing Spider-Man #424)

”Sacrifice Play”

At the Plaza Hotel, Black Tarantula and Madam Qwa conversed on the impending resurrection of Doctor Octopus, which was being overseen by Qwa’s brother, Master Zei. Black Tarantula wanted Zei to complete his contract with the Rose (Jacob Conover) and see a brief glimpse of success before being killed by Black Tarantula’s followers. He wanted to make an example of the Rose. Black Tarantula also hoped that Doctor Octopus would join his organization, the True Believers. As they conversed, Chesboro told them he was going on an errand. (Amazing Spider-Man #427)

”Living Large”

Madam Qwa furiously told her master that her brother had been killed during the resurrection ceremony of Doctor Octopus and that Octopus had escaped. Black Tarantula was sorry for her loss but wanted more information on the Rose. Qwa told him he escaped but not for long. Madam Qwa wanted revenge for Master Zei’s death and Black Tarantula promised to take care of it personally. Chesboro asked if he should make preparations and Black Tarantula said a simple assassination would suffice. Chesboro’s task as eyes and ears was more important.

Black Tarantula showed up at the penthouse apartment of the Rose and found his assassin/bodyguard, Delilah, in a bath.He smashed her head through a wall while explaining that he was aware of her reputation as a consummate professional. He accidentally broke her neck but quickly healed her. Her death would be pointless and her life, despite her injuries, would prove his power to the Rose. He left her dazed, telling her to deliver the message to her boss. At a college toga party, Chesboro observed Peter Parker and Mary Jane. (Amazing Spider-Man #428)


During a meeting between the Rose and Don Fortunato, the Black Tarantula barged in. After throwing some thugs through a window, he said that he knew he was the topic of conversation. He asked to make his case to expand his criminal empire into New York. Fortunato had Rose leave, despite his objection. Black Tarantula and Fortunato discussed business over glasses of wine. Fortunato said he was inclined to let Black Tarantula enter the New York marketplace if he dealt with Spider-Man.

Black Tarantula found Spider-Man at the Daily Bugle and said his death was nothing personal. Light shot from Black Tarantula’s eyes, smashing concrete where Spidey had stood. Spider-Man asked if he was the one that had kidnapped Norman Osborn’s grandson, Normie Osborn. Black Tarantula was insulted that he would be called a petty mercenary and taker of children. Spider-Man’s next assumption was that Black Tarantula was trying to cash in on Osborn’s bounty. Again, Black Tarantula claimed that looking for a reward was beneath him. Spidey next guessed it was a trademark issue, something about spiders and tarantulas. Black Tarantula said he wasn’t as funny as he thought. He also said he’d been using his name for seven hundred years.

As the fight went on, Spider-Man said he didn’t have time for it, as he had to find a missing kid. Black Tarantula was enraged that Spider-Man was involved in a kidnapping but Spidey explained that he was going to find the boy and bring him home, despite him being family of an enemy. Black Tarantula approved of his sense of honor but was still going to kill him. He beat Spider-Man against a wall, then ripped his mask off. Black Tarantula would allow him to find Normie but expected him to leave New York afterwards. As Black Tarantula walked away, he said Spider-Man wouldn’t survive another meeting with him. (Amazing Spider-Man #432)

For the last 700 years, the power and the position as the Black Tarantula has passed from father to progenitor son in the family of Carlos LaMuerto. Recently, he married a young woman, Marina Caches (MJ's friend), who escaped with their young boy when she discovered that Carlos' family business were crime-related. Ironically, her new boyfriend is Dante Rigoletto, nephew of Don Fortunato, also a prominent member of organized crime. He takes her to the mansion for protection, but when B.T. arrives, neither the Hydra troops (allies of Fortunato) nor Spider-Man can stop his rampage. He wants to take his son back, to instill on him his legacy. He changes his mind when Spidey prevents the Rose from shooting him in the back, although he was so battered that by saving B.T.'s life he was ensuring his defeat, and when Marina reminds him of what he felt when his father did the same to him. With a promise to return eventually, BT leaves, with Marina and the little Fabian finally able to have some peace. Oh, and no revealed connection to Robbie, his "old colleague".

Carlos was released from prison due to overcrowding and good behavior. He found work with Daredevil and Black Tarantula assisted him in a fight with the yakuza in Hell’s Kitchen. The yakuza leaders escaped but left behind a pile of money, which Tarantula wanted to take. Daredevil talked him out of it. Later, Black Tarantula took on a gang that had been hired to kill an old woman and found that the leader had once been a recruit in his gang. He choked the leader to death with the money he had been paid for murdering the elderly woman. Daredevil found him and was furious but was quickly beaten by Black Tarantula. Carlos took the money from the gang and left it in a church with a note, telling the priest to help people with it. (Daredevil (vol. 2) Annual #1)

He, Daredevil and White Tiger (Angela Del Toro) worked together against The Hand.


Carlos had planned a bank robbery, which was foiled by Ghost Spider. He vented his frustration during a boxing match and said he wanted to deal with the new spider vigilante himself but instead decided to hire the Chameleon. (Spider-Gwen: The Ghost Spider #1)

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