Spider-Man Unlimited (TV) (Introduction)

Taking place after the successful 1990's TV cartoon series, Spider-Man TV (1994), this 1999 FoxKids series features our hero trapped on "Counter Earth", a world very similar yet very different from Earth. The connection between the two shows is negligible. Mary Jane and Peter are back together, assumed to be reunited after MJ was trapped. We never see Aunt May.

Spider-Man Unlimited originally aired in September 1999 in the US. After showing only 3 episodes, it was replaced by episodes of "Digimon" to compete in the Saturday Morning cartoon battle against the popular Pokemon. Spider-Man was supposed to return in December after the ratings-war was over. However, Digimon remained while Spider-Man Unlimited remained on hiatus.

Although the intial order of 13 episodes was reported as being completed, Spider-Man did not return in the spring. During the year 2000, the show resurfaced in other countries - Australia, England, Mexico. It wasn't until December of 2000 that FoxKids returned Spider-Man to Saturday morning television.

Artistically, Unlimited did not use the computer generated images. Rather, the style was a mixture of simple solid colors as in older comic books, with a flavor of anime. A comic book, Spider-Man Unlimited (Vol. 2) was released, which roughly paralleled the TV stories. The comic survived to issue 5, before also becoming a victim of Pokemania.

Cast Information

      Peter Parker/Spider Man   - Rino Romano
      Mary-Jane Watson          - Jennifer Hale
      J. Jonah Jameson          - Richard Newman
      Venom                     - Brian Drummond
      Carnage                   - Michael Donovan

DVD & Video

No official DVD has ever been produced.

Fortunately, you can stream all thirteen episodes online at Marvel.Com - Spider-Man Unlimited.