Secret Invasion: One Shots

 Continuity: Earth-616 (Mainstream)
 Title Base: No Spider-Man
  Secret Invasion: Prologue (Digital Only)
Story: “Who Do You Trust?”
Summary: Spider-Man reference (Skrull version of Spidey appears on cover)
  Secret Invasion Who Do You Trust? (Story 1)
Review:  Not Required [Backup Only]
Story: “Captain Marvel: Farewell”
Summary: No Spider-Man
Editor: Lowe, Mark Paniccia, Tom Brevoort
Writer: Brian Reed
Artist: Lee Weeks
2nd Printing
Variant Wizard World Sketch Cover
  ...(Story 3)
Review:  No Review Yet
Story: “Wonder Man & The Beast: Seems Like Old Times”
Summary: Spider-Man Appears
 Continuity: Earth-616 (Mainstream)
 Title Base: No Spider-Man