Marvel Portfolios

  Marvelmania International: The Spider-Man Portfolio
Review:  Not Required [SM Reprint]
Summary: Contains drawings of Spider-Man, Peter Parker, Dr. Octopus, The Vulture, The Lizard, The Masked Marauder, The Rhino, Mysterio, The Green Goblin, Kraven the Hunter, The Sandman, Electro, The Ox, Doctor Doom, & The Kingpin, plus reprints of AF #15, and the following from ASM Annual #1: The Secrets of Spider-Man, Spidey's Spider-Sense, The Secrets of Spider-Man's Mask, Peter Parker's Classmates, Peter Parker's House, A Gallery of Spider-Man's Most Famous Foes! (The Terrible Tinkerer, The Burglar, The Enforcers, The Living Brain), Peter Parker as...Spider-Man, Peter Parker's Favorite Heel and Heart Throb; also a three page Spider-Man Checklist covering ASM #1-92 and Spec Mag #1-2
  Marvel Team-Up Portfolio, Set One
Review:  No Review Yet
Story: “Spider-Man Versus Daredevil, The Flames of Battle (Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Thor, & Daredevil), On the Trail of Lunatik (Spider-Man & Defenders), Green Death! (Spider-Man & Hulk), Behold - D'Spayre! (Spider-Man & Man-Thing), Heroes For Hire...Plus One! (Spider-Man, Power Man, & Iron Fist)”
Summary: Six plates featuring Spider-Man team-ups
Artist: Brent Anderson (Behold - D'Spayre!), Michael Golden (On the Trail of Lunatik), Walt Simonson (Green Death!)
Pencils: Frank Miller (Spider-Man Versus Daredevil), John Byrne (The Flames of Battle), Kerry Gammill (Heroes For Hire...Plus One!)
Inker: Bob McLeod (Heroes For Hire...Plus One!), Klaus Janson (Spider-Man Versus Daredevil), Terry Austin (The Flames of Battle)
  Marvel Team-Up Portfolio, Set Two
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Story: “When Rides...the Silver Surfer!, If SHIELD Should Fall... (Spider-Man & Nick Fury), All Against the Lords of Light and Darkness (Spider-Man & X-Men), By Thanos Vanquished? (Spider-Man, Thing, & Avengers), In the Hands of the Living Monolith! (Spider-Man & Thor), To Win the Wand of Watoomb (Spider-Man & Dr. Strange)”
Summary: Six Plates featuring Spider-Man team-ups
Artist: Ernie Colon (If SHIELD Should Fall...), George Perez (All Against the Lords of Light and Darkness)
Pencils: Alan Weiss (By Thanos Vanquished?), Bill Sienkiewicz (In the Hands of the Living Monolith!), Frank Miller (To Win the Wand of Watoomb), John Byrne (When Rides...the Silver Surfer!)
Inker: Josef Rubinstein (By Thanos Vanquished?), P. Craig Russell (To Win the Wand of Watoomb), Terry Austin (When Rides...the Silver Surfer!), Tom Palmer (In the Hands of the Living Monolith!)