Miscellaneous Fanzines

 Title Level: SM Article

Spider-Man has appeared on the cover of a number of fanzines over the years...or featured prominently in an article within. Here are a few of those.

  Hero #2 (Spring 1963)
Story: “It's Nice to Lee-ya & Point of View”
Summary: Spider-Man on Cover
Publisher/Editor: Larry Herndon
Cover Art: Buddy Saunders
Article Writer: Rick Weingroff
  Jeddak #3
Story: “The Marvel Comics Groups”
Summary: Spider-Man on Cover
Editor: Paul Moslander
Cover Art: Ralph Moslander
Article Writer: Paul Moslander
  The Forbush Gazette #1 (December 1966-January 1967)
Story: “The Loss of Ditko: For Better or Worse?”
Summary: Spider-Man Article
Editor In Chief: Dave Esser, Marshall Lanz
Editor: Alan Hutchinson (Art), Jeff Gelb (Layouts)
Cover Art: Alan Hutchison
Article Writer: Bill Schelly
  The Irving Forbush Gazette #2
Summary: Spider-Man on Cover
Editor In Chief: Marshall Lanz
Cover Art: Dave Herring
  Freefall #3
Review:  No Review Yet
Summary: Spider-Man on "We Dig Ditko" Wraparound Cover
Editor: Mike Main
Cover Art: Willard Harrison
  Capa-Alpha #578
Review:  No Review Yet
Story: “Celebrating 50 Years Since Spider-Man Issue #1!”
Summary: Spider-Man Issue & on Cover
Cover Art: Gaff
 Title Level: SM Article