2002 K-Mart Spider-Man Movie Promo

This four-card promo set was given free with every copy of the 2002 Spider-Man movie sold at K-Mart for a certain period. The artwork is copied verbatim from the promotional movie stills that were circulating at the time, that also appear in the 2002 Topps Spider-Man Movie set.

The cards are not numbered. The back of each card contains no information, just a quote from the film, e.g. "We'll meet again Spider-Man -- Green Goblin." Hardly earth-shattering stuff. There's not great variety in the three Spider-Man shots, he's in the same "crouching" pose every time.

  #1 If Somebody Told You...
Who Am I?
Distributor: Kmart Corporation
  #2 Spider-Man
If Somebody Told You...
Distributor: Kmart Corporation
  #3 Spider-Man
With Great Power
Distributor: Kmart Corporation
  #4 Green Goblin
We'll Meet Again
Distributor: Kmart Corporation