1992 Impel Amazing Spider-Man Promo

 Title Date: Year 1992
 Title Level: SM Core Title

In 1992, Impel Marketing, Inc. held the license for general Marvel trading cards, while Comic Images held the Spider-Man trading card license.

With the 30th Anniversary of Spider-Man making quite a splash, Impel didn't want to be completely left out in the cold, so they cheekily produced this little five-card Spider-Man "promo set".

All cards were portrait, with frame and logos on the front. The back featured the title, description, and a "web-zinger" factoid. Artists were officially credited.

Note that Impel renamed itself to SkyBox International in April 1992. Marvel purchased Fleer in July 1992, and then purchased SkyBox in March 1995 and merged them to form Fleer/SkyBox. So this five-card promo set was the only Spider-Man card set ever produced by Impel.

  SM1 Spider-Man
  SM2 Mary Jane
  SM3 Black Costume
  SM4 Origin
Distributor: Impel Marketing, Inc.
Pencils: Ron Frenz
Inker: Al Milgrom
  SM5 Enemies
 Title Date: Year 1992
 Title Level: SM Core Title