1991 Comic Images Webs Stickers

 Title Date: Year 1991
 Title Level: SM Core Title

This set from Comic Images shares art with the earlier Todd McFarlane Spider-Man Trading Stickers sets. Most of McFarlane card and sticker art was lifted directly from the comic books.

The stickers are standard trading-card size (2.5" x 3.5") and were sold in packs of five. Each pack was wrapped in a clear cellophane wrapper, and in addition to the stickers contained a sixth cover sticker as well a clear white backing card. The peel-off backs of the stickers were black. If you look carefully at the back, you'll see the barely-visible (black-on-black) text from a "Nightmare on Elm Street" trading card/sticker set.

Stickers are not named. They have a number on the face along with year and TM information. There are 75 regular stickers, plus the cover sticker that appeared in each pack. No chase sets.

Red and blue boxes were distributed. 75 packs per box. The boxes were slightly over-sized for the stickers they contained and so it's hard to find a box in mint condition. Most were deformed by the plastic shrink wrap or squashed in storage.

The sticker album was sold separately:

  Webs Sticker Photo Album
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Story: “Spider-Man in Action: Exclusive Daily Bugle Photos by Peter Parker”
Summary: Places for 75 stickers, sold separately.
Publisher: Wiltonbooks
Distributor: Comic Images
Artist: Todd McFarlane
Sticker Designer: McNabb Art Studio
  1991 Comic Images Webs Stickers (Cover Sticker)
One per packet.
 Title Date: Year 1991
 Title Level: SM Core Title