Soundtracks (TV)

 In: Audio
 Title Level: SM Core Title
  Lewis Brown Sharples: 60's Spider-Man TV Theme
Summary: 45 rpm Single (Code LBS 001)
Publisher: Intersong Music, Ltd.
Record Label: Lewis Brown Sharples
Arranger: Bill Conner
  Eccentric Sound of Spider-Man (Japan TV Music)
Summary: CD Code COCX-31429
Record Label: Nippon Columbia
  The Electric Company: Spider-Man Theme Tune
Summary: CD Single Code 150M04
Producer: Gary William Friedman
Record Label: 150 Music
Copyright: Easy Reader Music
Vocals: Will Power
Words/Music: Gary William Friedman
  Stan The Man: Spider-Dance
Review:  No Review Yet
Summary: Spider-Man Theme Song
 In: Audio
 Title Level: SM Core Title