Ultimate Spider-Man #94

 Posted: 2006
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)


Having recently broken up with his girlfriend Mary Jane Watson, Peter started dating Kitty Pryde, member of the super-powered mutant team, the X-Men. In a seemingly-unprovoked attack, Spider-Man - and all the X-Men (plus the visiting Angel) - are ambushed and kidnapped by someone called Deadpool, and his band of cyborg Reavers!

The heroes find themselves on the island of Krakoa, where the X-Men had once gone up against the mutant-hating Mojo, who broadcasts a reality-TV show... in which mutants serve as the world's most dangerous game. As Spidey and the X-Men battle their way through the Reavers, heading for Mojo's broadcast tower, Peter confronts Deadpool and makes startling discovery...

Story Details

  Ultimate Spider-Man #94
Summary: Note Mark McKenna incorrectly credited
Arc: Part 4 of 'Deadpool' (1-2-3-4)
Editor: Ralph Macchio
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils: Mark Bagley
Inker: John Dell
Cover Art: Mark Bagley

August Beezer, host to the show brings us up to speed. As if we came back from a commercial break. Under the mask of Deadpool, we see professor X. He tells the X-Men to run away. But then Spidey punches him, it turns out he's still Deadpool, 'coz Deadpool is a shape shifter. The battle continues.

Elsewhere, Mojo is holding the real professor X. Forcing him to watch the show. Both the X-Men and the Reavers regroup. Suddenly Spider-Man is hit and falls down, seemingly dead. Kitty goes berserk and uses her powers to short circuit the Reavers. Deadpool gets hit by one of his fellow Reavers. Almost out, he's being lifted by Angel who then drops him. Trying to get on his feet again, Deadpool is attacked by Spider-Man. A short fight later, Spider-Man unmasks Deadpool.

The Reavers went through grueling surgical experiments to get their powers. Wadey Wilson took it as far as a man can. Just as he's about to kill Spider- Man, Kitty comes to the rescue and does to Deadpool what she did to the other Reavers. Deadpool explodes. Kitty saves Spider-Man and herself from the blast by becoming intangible. Cyclops then destroys the other Reavers.

The X-Men enter the studio, looking for the mentor. Mojo wants to kill the professor himself, but Xavier is back on his feet. The X-Men hear a scream and see the professor in his wheelchair. He says it's time to leave. As the plane is flying away, Deadpool watches it.

Back home, Peter says to Kitty it's better to tell aunt May, after all, he's been missing for a day. They enter the house, to find it empty. There's a message on the machine. Aunt May left is, saying her date went well, she's not coming home tonight, she's with a doctor, his name is Miles Warren.

General Comments

Finally, the end of the Deadpool saga. What did I hate most? It being a X-Men story, and therefor not belonging in a Spider-Man comic? The cliffhangers, that always turn out to be something else than what they seem to be? Nah, let me answer the question by saying what I liked most. It was only 4 issues! It may seem as nagging again, but seriously, this story could easily have been 6 issues long. With only 4 we got a more condensed story, more action, less silence. That makes is a good story.

Also, compared to previous issues, this one had a lot of violence. Although not directly shown, it looked like Cyclops mercilessly killed the Reavers. Same with professor Xavier, what exactly did he do to Mojo? We can only guess. And that too makes this story not a Spider-Man story, but an X-Men story.

Overall Rating

The aunt May thingy at the end was cool. Can't wait to see how this ends, Miles Warren... you do remember him, right? If only from the 616 universe. Too bad the rest of this saga felt like a Marvel Team-Up story, better yet, a X-Men story and shouldn't have been told in the Ultimate Spider-Man series. Thus in stead of giving it 4 webs, I rate it only 3. Which could have been worse.

 Posted: 2006
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)