Ultimate Spider-Man #95

 Posted: 2006
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)


Having recently broken up with his girlfriend Mary Jane Watson, Peter started dating Kitty Pryde, member of the super-powered mutant team, the X-Men. Kitty - whose identity as the super hero Shadowcat is known to the world - tried to create as normal a relationship as circumstances would allow.

Unfortunately, Spidey and the X-Men were caught in a battle on the island of Krakoa, which broadcast on TV and endlessly copied on the internet. the video showed a clear romantic relationship between Shadowcat and Spider-Man... meaning that, without revealing Peter's secret identity, Kitty couldn't also be dating Peter...

Story Details

Months ago. Spider-Man is swinging across Manhattan. A man is running in the streets. Another man is chasing him, shooting at the first man. Spidey floors him, going after the first man. Who turns, shows his fangs and attacks. Then as he is about to bite Spider-man, a sword goes through is heart. He dies. The second man reveals his name, Blade, and warns Spider-Man never to interfere with him again.

Today. kitty is on the phone with Peter. She's grounded. Spidey and Shadowcat are a hot item. They can't date like two regular people anymore. Peter is at the Daily Bugle, Jameson is yelling about vampires. Peter hangs up. Ben wrote a story about vampires and JJJ hates it. Robbie agrees with JJJ, it's flimsy, until you've actually seen one, vampires do not exist. Peter asks if he can read it.

It's an interview with Jennifer Grünwald. She met a guy, who bit her in an alley. But she does not remember the details very clearly. There are two marks in her neck, from circular wounds that were healing very fast. She's scared, she thinks it was a vampire who did this.

Later on, Peter meets MJ, saying hi. She's not in the mood. There's a huge picture of both Spider-Man and Shadowcat hugging on the cover of People. Peter can explain. He broke up with MJ for it was too dangerous. Kitty has mutant powers, she can't get hurt. So, says MJ, she's perfect for you, do you love her? No, he says, not yet. He was just helping the X-Men, and now it's all over the news. This wasn't the plan. When Peter says MJ is his best friend, she becomes vary angry and leaves, tears in her eyes.

The next evening, Ben Urich visits Jennifer again. She invites him in. She wears leather, and has fangs. A voice says "eat". Peter is at the Bugle. Some police officers are there taking notes about Ben Urich gone missing. Peter notices the article, still laying on his desk. Immediately he takes off. It's his fault. He saw a vampire onces. So he knew Ben could be in danger.

He swings over to Brooklyn. While wondering which is the apartment where Jennifer lives, a wolf gets tossed out the window. It transforms into a swarm of bats, reenters the window and transforms back to the wolf. Inside, Jennifer holds the Ben Urich, yelling he's hers. Spidey fights the wolf. But then a shadowy figure tells him to get out. Out of the shadows, showing his fangs, he says "You cannot win this fight".

General Comments

Well, Kitty is grounded. Cool, Peter can finally talk to MJ again after their break up. MJ is mad at Peter, with reason. And Peter doesn't love Kitty, they're just dating. Major relief there. Well, on my part anyway. Could this be the first steps towards Peter breaking up with Kitty? I surely hope so.

We meet two new characters. The first one in the intro. He's name's Blade, he's a vampire killer. The second is yet unnamed but looks an awful lot like Morbius. And since this story is titled Morbius, I think it's safe to call him Morbius. What's his deal here? Good guy or bad guy? I have my money on good guy... but I guess we'll have to wait until issue 96 to be sure.

Overall Rating

Yeah, 4.5 webs. I actually enjoyed this story. The perfect balance between action and story progress. And since this is only a 2 parter, I know the next issue will conclude this tale. Finally (well, so it seems, I'm only being dramatic here), Bendis knows how to make me happy. However, I am deducting half a web for not resolving the aunt May not coming home plotline from last issue. Two days have passed since then, and no aunt May to be seen. Surely Bendis could have left a small clue?

 Posted: 2006
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)