Ultimate Spider-Man #93

 Posted: 2006
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)


Having recently broken up with his girlfriend Mary Jane Watson, Peter started dating Kitty Pryde, member of the super-powered mutant team, the X-Men. After a crime-fighting date, Kitty returns to the X-Mansion - only to be ambushed and kidnapped by someone called Deadpool and his band of cyborg Reavers!

In a last-ditch effort to escape, Kitty sends the X-Men's jet to Peter's house. Peter dons his Spider-Man costume and investigates, but the craft flies (on autopilot) back to the X-Mansion, where Deadpool kidnaps Spidey, as well!

Peter finds himself on the island of Krakoa, where the X-Men had once gone up against the mutant-hating Mojo, who broadcasts a reality-TV show... where mutants serve as the world's most dangerous game. As Spidey tracks down Kitty and the rest of the X-Men (including the visiting Angel), he finds himself in an all-out war with the Reavers!

Story Details

August Beezer, is host to the show Mojo has prepaired. The Reaver, lead by Deadpool are fighting the X-Men and Spider-Man. It's a big brawl. Meanwhile, some history of Deadpool and the Reavers is revealed. Deadpool's real name is Wadey Wilson. The Reavers were once normal men who choose to become cyborgs to fight against mutants.

During the fight, the team is split up. Spidey and Kitty hide, then they run for it. Cyclops is taken down. It looks like Deadpool cuts his throat. An helicopter shoots Angel out of the sky. And then the helicopter crashed with Nightcrawler still inside.

The Reavers have located Spidey and Kitty. Using her phasing powers, they can not be hurt. Storm comes to the rescue. Then Colossus and Nightcrawler (who now is real angry) join the fight. Spidey manage to grab Deadpool and unmasks him. Under the mask, we see Professor Xavier.

General Comments

This issue is nothing but a big brawl. But one with a lot of text, mostly to explain to the viewer who Deadpool and the Reavers are. And that's the purpose of this particular issue. Telling, mostly in words, some background information. All to fill an issue in order to have a cliffhanger on the last page? Professor Xavier, acting like Deadpool? Why? We'll know next issue.... I hope.

Overall Rating

The story, like I said in my review of the previous issue, to me feels like a Marvel Team-Up issue, but stretched over several issues. Perhaps I'd better wait until the tradepaperback comes out and read the whole story in one sitting. I bet I would appreciate it more. Why? Well, I just read the Alias Omnibus in one day, alle 28 issues of Alias plus the What If story from 2005. It was a great read, but only because I got to read it in one go. Each issue by it self was average, but the whole was just fabulous. And looking back, I guess that's how Bendis works. He plots a story and just has to cut it after 22 pages. Real shame, for that makes me deducting point issue after issue.

 Posted: 2006
 Staff: Peter Kroon (E-Mail)