Web of Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #78

Story 'Toast Of The Town'

Spidey and the Morlocks are struggling to get out of the collapsing basement with Anna. Meanwhile upstairs there's yet another crossover reference. Firebrand is torching the place because his boss Darkhawk didn't like a homeless shelter being built on his turf.

Inside, the Bugle gang, plus Pete's friends are struggling to escape also. There's a super-lame battle between Cloak and Dagger and Firebrand. Meanwhile everyone escapes the building while Spidey concocts a web raft to ride the water in the sewers and get everyone underneath to safety.

There's another lame battle and - of course - Spidey comes out on top with Cloak And Dagger to defeat Firebrand.

General Comments

I'm not quite sure what's going on with some of this crossover stuff. It just seems so forced. Is this a Spidey book or not? Does he even need to be there for this to 'work'?

Overall Rating

A spidey book that works without him? Doesn't make sense to me.