Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #567

 Posted: 2008
 Staff: Adam Chapman (E-Mail)


Vin, Peter Parker's new roommate, and a New York Cop, has been framed for a homicide he didn't commit. His identity has been stolen, his accounts frozen and loans called in. He almost got killed by a car, which thankfully only dazed him as with his training he was able to deftly move to the side when the car raced by. He's been kidnapped by a young girl who's been trying to track and stalk Spider-Man as prey, only she thinks Vin is Spider-Man. She kidnapped him at his home and gave him a Spidey costume to put on. Peter Parker, without his Spider-Man costume, asks Daredevil for a favor and puts on DD's costume and goes into battle to defend and protect his own roommate.

Story 'Legacy'

"Daredevil" fights Vermin, who exclaims that his opponent smells more like Daredevil than Spider-Man. Peter loses it, and pummels Vermin to the ground, before his compassion kicks in, and he stops his vicious pummeling. He webs him up, and Vermin freaks out, because he's under the impression that Spider-Man is far below, with the girl. Peter isn't sure if Vermin means under ground like six feet under, meaning Vin is dead, or just in the sewers. He quickly discerns that he's really in the tunnels below, where Vermin lives. Peter surmieses that his opponent is the girl that the cop from the last issue mentioned had bragged about having Spider-Man trussed up somewhere. Peter asks Vermin to show him where.

As the girl hunts Vin/Spider-Man, Vin hides in the tunnels, atop pipes, and gets the job on the girl for a good kick. The two start to fight, with the girl tagging Vin in a bloody manner, across the chest. Peter, as Daredevil, takes on the girl, and tells Vin to get the heck out of there, which he follows. However, the girl stops him with a bola around the neck. Peter, as he fights the girl, throws Vin a web-shooter. With Peter shouting instructions, Vin is able to activate the web-shooter and web the girl up. As Peter is about to free Vin, the girl breaks free of the webbing. The two have a brutal fight, with Peter not using the remaining web-shooter because he wants to maintain his secret identity. Vin grabs a pipe and joins in by clubbing the girl up the side of her head. Peter and Vin try to run away and escape, with Peter putting a tracer on the villain, when Vermin shows up with his rats and engages the girl. Peter and Vin leave.

At a medical center, three days later, Vin is recovering, and glad that "Daredevil" was able to save his life. His suspension has been lifted, and it's clear to all that he isn't Spider-Man.

Later that evening, Peter pays a visit to Vin as Spider-Man. Spider-Man tries to explain the situation to Vin, about what just happened. He explains that he's pegged Vin as a decoy in case anyone gets too close to figuring out who Spider-Man is. As Spider-Man explains why he has the "decoy plan", Vin punches Spider-Man square in the face. He yells at Spider-Man to leave, and calls him a bottom-feeding lowlife dirtbag.

The girl returns "home", and it's revealed that her father is none other than Sergei Kravinoff, making her the daughter of Kraven, and the sister of Vladamir Kravinoff. The mystery girl is Ana Tatiana Kravinoff, the newest Kraven, as she is comforted in her failure by her mother...

General Comments

This storyline is obviously meant to evoke memories of the original KRAVEN'S LAST HUNT, which had Spider-Man buried alive by Kraven, who then took his place, and savagely defeated and beat Vermin. This storyline has brought in a new Kraven, a young girl, and has brought back Vermin to fight against both Kraven and Spider-Man. What I liked here is the use of Peter Parker in the Daredevil costume, as he and Gonzalez team up to take on Kraven together. Its an interesting team-up, with Gonzalez thinking Peter is actually Daredevil, instead of the man he hates so much, Spider-Man.

Now, there's all sorts of logic you could poke at this storyline, as Vin as an observant cop should probably notice that "Daredevil" is actually "Spider-Man", especially after spending time with the both of them, but that's besides the point.

And the point is that this is actually a fun book. Its got good action, and a fair bit of humor, with Peter making jokes left right and centre as he fights against Vermin and then Kraven as Daredevil. Humor is a huge part of why I really like Amazing Spider-Man these days, plus of course the traditional pathos and soap operatic storytelling. This issue has these in spades, it flows well, sets up some future stuff with the female Kraven, and furthers the distrust that Vin has for Spider-Man.

The artwork here is by Jimenez, and although its very good, and Lanning does a great job on the finishes, its not as good as his last two issues. It feels like he starts on a real high and over the course of three issues the quality dips down again. Its a real shame, considering how talented he is as an illustrator and storyteller.

Overall Rating

A good issue, a nice conclusion to the arc, and now its time for the eagerly anticipated New Ways To Die. I'm really interested and intrigued on what this storyline could do for Spider-Man, and all the villains included. Should be a good read.

 Posted: 2008
 Staff: Adam Chapman (E-Mail)