Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #558

 Posted: 2008
 Staff: Kerry Wilkinson (E-Mail)

Story 'Freak the Third'

Peter is having a nightmare that Freak is revealing his identity. He decides to go see Curt Connors. The chrysalis with Freak in will be hatching soon now that the cold weather from #555-557 has cleared. At breakfast he tells May he's going to be moving out sometime shortly. He thinks May is really disappointed but, in secret, she is pleased!

At Connors', Curt is beating himself up about Freak's creation. Spidey tries to calm him down as he doesn't want him to become Lizard again. Spidey says that someone must know where the debris from the building is, while Curt gives him some maximum ph quicklime, which he says will keep the chrysalis in stasis. Spidey gives Curt his mobile/cell phone number. Curt warns that, if Freak does hatch again, Spidey will have to strangle or suffocate him to put him back into stasis. Spider-Man is uneasy with that.

Jonah has been released from hospital and is back at his apartment. Marla has left him a video message explaining that she sold the Bugle to save his health. She says she will only return to talk to him properly once his blood pressure has settled. Jonah rips the TV from the wall but calms down when Marla says she loves him.

Peter is at May's FEAST project where Hollister is being endorsed for mayor. Randall Crowne, watching on TV, is furious and wonders if his 'donation' wasn't enough to get the endorsement for him. His advisor says that Martin Li (who runs FEAST) is rich enough to not be bought. Crowne says to put him on 'the list'.

Peter is taking unflattering photos for Bennett and says hello to potential new roommate Vin, who is there on security detail. Peter's phone goes off – he has a Sesame Street ringtone – and Curt tells him he has the address for where Freak should be. Curt is on his way. As Peter's about to set off, however, Menace turns up on his goblin-esque glider. He tells Hollister to withdraw from the mayoral race or face the consequences.

Spidey swings in to take out Menace – but the police uses a loud hailer to tell them both snipers are focusing on them and that they should both surrender. Menace flies off, while Spider-Man goes the other way to meet Curt. Onlookers, including Vin, say Spidey is a coward. Elsewhere, Crowne tells his detail to make sure Menace is found so people stop thinking the villain is working for him.

Spidey gets to the site – but there is no sign of Curt. As he arrives, a newly- evolved Freak bursts from the rubble and attacks. Spidey tries to crush him under some scrap but misses. Curt shows up and Spidey makes Freak think there are drugs in the trunk of Connors' car. The quicklime does its job and Freak reverts to his chrysalis state.

Elsewhere, the Hollisters are on TV speaking about Menace. Lily tells him to 'Bring it on ugly'. Peter and Harry are watching. Pete asks if Harry is worried Menace will go after her. Harry says he will make sure she is protected. Meanwhile, the Freak chrysalis is being removed from a van to be put into a freezer. The workers remove the van's “NYPD Hazmat Unit” sign, unveiling the “Oscorp Enterprises” one underneath...

General Comments

A very solid fill-in issue that breaches the gap between Zeb Wells' arc and Dan Slott's next set of issues. Quite a lot happens that advances the overall story, while Barry Kitson's art is a perfect fit for the story. There are lots of bits of continuity that bring everything that has been going on in Brand New Day together. The mayor race is now fully tied in with Menace, while Harry seems to have Freak in stasis.

I really like how everything is beginning to tie in together, making Peter's world a much more conherent place. BND, for me, is a big success story-wise at the very least. Different writers are being allowed to tell their own stories but the overall plotting is working well too.

Overall Rating

 Posted: 2008
 Staff: Kerry Wilkinson (E-Mail)