Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #405

Story 'The Worth Of A Man'

Ben is on a motorbike leaving the city but his spider-sense goes off and he ploughs into a wall just jumping clear in time. He decides NY is his city and goes for one last swing. Elsewhere, Peter wakes up with a jump.

Ben arrives back at a small mountain cabin-type place and reminisces - about how he met Seward Trainer - a geneticist - and how someone kept trying to kill him.

Back in the present, Ben is attacked by metal-ball type things that are electrified. We then see a scene of Seward half-naked in a cell while an Octopus tentacle shuts the door.

General Comments

This is a bit slow. Some of the time jumping stuff is confusing too and I'm not really sure about those stupid metal ball things. Poor.

Overall Rating