Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #62

Story 'Look Down'

Ben is hanging from some manacles. Some guys some in and show him an image of Seward suffering. They say he'll die unless Ben gives them what they want.

In among flashback to the past (where Seward gave Ben a job of lab assistant and they became friends), Ben escapes and battle the guys - who are actually androids. He escapes into a room with lots of big metal balls that each have Doc Ock-style tentacles. He is being watched all the time on a monitor by someone with Ock-style tentacles themselves.

Meanwhile, the water is rising in Seward's cell. Ben gets there just in time and saves him. Seward says he's got to go back to New York to check his files are still intact and, even though Ben said he was leaving for good, he says he's going back too to fulfill his promise of not letting any harm come to Seward.

General Comments

In the last two issues, the back story of Ben and Seward is quite a) disappointing and b) confusingly mixed with current happenings. They're friends, Seward's a scientist - OK - it doesn't need to be dragged out. Pretty boring to say the least - and shouldn't this have been a two-parter, rather than the middle part of four?

Overall Rating