Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #180

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Jeanne Burch

Story 'Who Was That Goblin I Saw You With?'

When last we left Spider-Man, the Green Goblin, and Silvermane, they were plummeting to certain doom. Spider-Man starts to use his web-shooters to sling a safety line for the trio. The Goblin, determined to destroy Silvermane, releases a sonic toad (yes, a sonic toad!) next to Spider-Man's head, causing the Web- Slinger to pass out. The remote control goblin glider responds to the Goblin's command; seizing Spider-Man, the Goblin flies off. Silvermane crashes to the ground, where his henchmen retrieve his battered body.

Back at the Goblin's headquarters, Harry Osborn is wondering what he can do to prevent the Goblin from wreaking more havoc. Catching sight of an extra goblin costume hanging in the storage closet, he mummers, "Oh. Of course ... Harry Osborn can do nothing to stop the terrible menace I've unleashed -- but the Green Goblin can do plenty!"

The Goblin plans on throwing Spider-Man into a smokestack at an incinerating plant. "Months ago, you disposed of your own clone in one of these smokestack, Web-Slinger!" Spidey is not about to go easily. Breaking free, he says, "No more fun and games, Harry. Let's just go find you a nice quiet padded cell!"

"Stop calling me Harry!" screams the Goblin. "Harry Osborn is a nobody -- a non-entity! He isn't worth the space he takes up upon this earth! I am the Green Goblin -- and soon I'll be master of the world!"

Spider-Man takes the Goblin out with one punch. "Face it, Harry -- it's over." But Spidey is in for a surprise when he pulls the Goblin's mask off. "You're not Harry! You're his psychiatrist -- Bart Hamilton!!"

Hamilton tells Spidey that he discovered the secrets of the Green Goblin when he hypnotized Harry during routine part of Harry's treatment. When he found one of the original Goblin's hideouts, he set out to learn how to use the Goblin's equipment. "Here was my chance to write the definitive thesis on the workings of the criminal mind -- from the criminal's point of view!" However, he began to crave the power of the Goblin for himself, and set out to destroy Spider-Man, the only real threat to the Goblin.

A pumpkin bomb interrupts Hamilton's tale. Spider-Man can't believe his eyes when he sees a familiar figure hovering nearby on a glider: "There are two Green Goblins -- and this new one is crazier than the first!!" Bracing himself for an attack, Peter is surprised when the new Goblin ignores him. Instead, Harry confronts Hamilton. "You used me, Hamilton! You abused me -- and now you are going to pay for it in full! ... Get up -- and fight!"

The two slam together on their goblin gliders. "Fool! You've unseated us both!"

"Does that frighten you, Hamilton? It shouldn't! Nothing should frighten you more than me!!"

When the two crash onto a conveyor belt, Spider-Man is convinced he will only find goblin debris left. But the two men are slugging it out when he gets to them. Hamilton can't believe that Harry rejected the Goblin identity. "You know the sense of superiority it gives you -- the almost limitless power!" Disgusted, Harry begins to rip off his goblin suit. "It was something twisted inside me -- something evil and demented ... but that part of me is gone now, Hamilton! You made me see myself for what I had become! ... As far as I'm concerned -- the Green Goblin is dead!"

"That's where you're wrong, dolt! The Green Goblin can never die!!" Kicking Harry away, Hamilton holds up a tiny bomb, demanding an apology from Harry -- "or I'll blow us all to so many random molecules!" Too late, Spider-Man shouts a warning; the conveyor belt has reached its limit. As Hamilton is flung over the edge, the bomb detonates. Spider-Man shields Harry from the worst of the flaming debris. When Harry comes to, he appears to have no memories of being the Green Goblin. Spider-Man's secret identity is safe ... for now.

 Posted: 2004
 Staff: Jeanne Burch